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How To Co-Parent With A Narcissist – The Foundation

Co-parenting with a narcissist has the potential to be excruciating, but there are ways to make the situation a lot less painless and allow you to maintain peace in your life.

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I get asked this all the time … and I know that many of you in this Community are dealing with co-parenting with a narcissist, and / or seeing the effects on your sons and daughters after you being involved with a narcissist – whether the narcissist was their parent of not.

The great new is this … we CAN all be a part of a transformational shift, creating a different way of helping our children, so that they can grow up with healthy Inner Identities, not having the fractures and traumas that we did.

That is what today’s Thriver TV show is all about, and it is one dear to my heart, because within it I share about the journey I had with my own son Zac.

If you are a parent suffering the trauma of narcissistic abuse and you fear for your children, then I can’t recommend this Thriver TV episode enough, because I know it hands you the key – the essential foundation – to help our children for real.



  • BhavZ

    Extremely powerful video. Reminds me of the Ho'oponopono story… when the doctor healed himself, the patients around him were healed too. All possible realities of different vibrational levels have happened and are happening simultaneously. The reality where the son is never healed exists, and the reality where the son is awakened also exists. And we are constantly shifting into different parallel realities based on our own state of being. Melanie shifted her reality within herself and therefore shifted into the outer parallel reality that resonated with her new being where her son was awakened too. We are constantly rebirthing ourselves in every moment and creating this story frame by frame by the moment, just like an animation.

  • TM Kan

    Melanie you are a true blessing to this world. I cannot express enough how much I needed to see this today! Please keep sharing more about this topic, it's so very important. Your authenticity shines through so powerfully. Your words have helped me get me through some very tough days. Thank you so very much.

  • David Flurry

    Melanie thanks for sharing your personal story! You are a true light in all of us understanding what and where we need to move towards. Thanks for your courage and fortitude to move these difficult subjects into an understandable way of thinking. You are incredible inside to the outside..God speed!

  • Kim Jorgensen

    The legal system absolutely does not protect your children……  You are the only person who has BROUGHT THIS TO LIGHT… Such a tragedy… I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER…  I look at this now with my EYES WIDE OPEN… I feel FREE……….. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH……

  • Clarie Scott

    Wow Melanie, this is such a great video! Thank you for producing it. This really puts the issue in perspective and your message is consistent. Bring the focus back to you, heal you and through this the changes you want to see come. Beautiful. ☺

  • Iva Tijan

    I don't have children, but do have the NARP program which aided me in creating a thriving lifestyle of inner wealth and all-around abundance. So am just stopping by to send you loving blessings, say thanks for all your guidance and I absolutely LOVE your T-shirt! 🙂

  • Susan Potter

    I knoooow…those are 'tears of joy' darling!!!
    I am sooo very happy for you BOTH !!! BLESS YOU♡♡
    I am looking forward to our similar reconcilliation …in God's perfect timing.
    Our son..has always been 'wise beyond his years' !!
    His Dad…is gradually unlearning his son of Narc.behaviour by Gods grace…he is treating me far better…being very low contact to his parents.
    There will come a time that he will be able to he a decent Dad…to our son.♡♡o/

  • Abid mamagoogle

    you are a blessing. I was going to divorce my narcissist. but after my spiritual awakening everything changed. I'm still healing. but I have taken back my power 100% and it almost feels like I'm the narcissist now just because I am so in charge of my life and he seems scared. it takes one partner to heal and life becomes beautiful. Namaste

  • Cal Caudle

    Hi Melanie! My mom is entangled with a narcissist. I'm wondering whether or not sending her your videos would be helpful in this situation. You've helped me tremendously in coping, thank you.

  • Gabby Flying Chef

    I'm on the edge of my seat, listening. You keep mentioning something sounding like (strong accent) "quantum healing"? you mention it so often but never define what it is (so far). Please, please, elucidate!And I don't mean a dictionary, how about some examples, pretty please! So grateful for your wisdom!

  • Tea Time

    I just cried so much watching this. My son is only 3 years old, and I am constantly worried about how he is dealing with trauma from his father. I have been working hard to release my own trauma about his father. It's very hard because his Dad keeps trying to lure me into fighting with him or says very hurtful things and just take me back to square one.

  • Robert Painter

    Dear Melanie or anyone from this beautiful community: I don't want to take advantage of this channel, because it really means a lot to me, but I am asking if this is a correct thing to do: Is there someone out there, who also left a very young child and separated your ex by going far away? It has been four months now, and I would desperately need to talk to someone. How to make a contact, how not to judge yourself, how to be love, how to make correct moves, how not to be afraid of your ex – because I am terrified of her, and totally frozen – can't make a move in that direction. I did my best to stay connected as long as I could. But then, I just couldn't anymore. It was too abusive. Too abusive for me. Maybe for someone else it wouldn't be at all. So, if there is someone with a similar situation, of leaving a very small child behind, I would really appreciate a talk. Thank you Melanie and others.

  • Grejegando

    I thought this was about "co-parenting with a narcissist" There's no co-parenting here. All you talked about was single-parenting without the narcissistic partner being involved. I am married to a covert narcissistic wife and I was hoping to hear some tips on co-parenting with her.

  • Liana Riccardi

    Thank you so much, Melanie for these videos. This one touched me to the core. I have been listening to your videos all week, I hold so my fear inside due to my divorce with someone who has lived unconsciously for years and has narcissistic tendencies; my fear is to how he parents when I am not around. I am learning I cannot change, or control anything, only heal from the inside out in order for things around me to change. Thank you so much.

  • Eduardo Martinez

    Hello Melanie… I will have to listen to this over and over and I am still struggling to get myself together. I left my Narc ex-fiancee and I have always thought and put our 5 yr old son first during the last 2.5 years since I left her. She evicted me as well; and I have had to step as a first time father and never thought I would have been a victim to such an evil person. Like you said: it is like waves… I call it High tide and Low tide. When it is low-tide; it is peaceful and quiet and the Narc is so beyond nice; but then High tide also comes again and it never ceases to amaze me the craziness they put me through. I am having a hard time getting well and I know I can do better; then I have so many other external factors that begin to wreak havoc on me like my boss changing my work schedule from day shift to evenings. And having to work every weekend and having less time with my new wife and the 50/50 co-parenting custody that I have with my son. Thank you, and I am proud of you for pushing through your difficulties with your son – Zack; but to share and get emotional is how much sadness I go through like ever other day. I cry so much because I yearn for happiness: for myself and my wife and son; who I wish I had FULL Custody of and would not have to deal with his Narc mother. God Bless you Melanie and keep up the great work.

  • Isa'Bella Escoviché

    Thanks for your help!!! You, Sharing is Monumental… Thanks!!! I, feel like I'm drowning… Not, Scared However, TIRED OF THE PSYCOPATH NARCISSIST!!!! ANY, OTHER ADVICE?!!! True. It, Starts With ME. TO, HEAL ME AND, MY 3 CHILDREN!!! READY, TO START… SUBBED4LYF 💓🌠🎆

  • Kathryn Nicholas

    This really hit home. Our narc left and never came back. While I tried many times to help my son open up about it, he refused. I focused on inner love and tried to stay on that path. When my son took a year after high school to work at a minimum wage job, I visualized each day, his love, joy and light. I don't know if it had an effect, but after that year he chose to return to school, get a degree, and is making a solid living. But he's engaged to a girl who seems distant…and I'm back to focusing on self love and clarity. I wish I'd found you sooner.

  • Dj Gill

    I just woke up and came to this video after seeking you out yesterday online. you are an Angel . Thank you so much for this incredible powerful post. I have two amazing little children with a narcissistic mother and we have been taking a beating . i know understand why . Thank you so so so much . Very cool.

  • Kamara James

    Awesome video. My son is 4. I left his narc Dad 8months ago after discovering the word ‘narcassist’and my healing has soured massively and I also realised my mom has been narc all along now didn’t wanna believe it! I know and am encouraged watching this that as long as I am healthy strong brave loving kind compassionate to myself internally he will reap what I am sowing in myself.

    As the years may get more testing he is co parented some of the week- I am confident that my empathetic character from the day he was born will keep Him secure strong and accepted no matter what his journey throws at him. Thanks Hun. X

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