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How the Narcissist Play People

Increasing Emotional Maturity:

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The Narcissist and Social Media:

Understanding Codependency

5 Reasons to Use Silence With Narcissist

Videos on Trust…Increasing Emotional Maturity
Increasing Emotional Maturity:

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Understanding the Trauma Bond

Long Term Victory vs Short Term Discomforts

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Debunking the Love Bomb Stage

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Why You shouldnt Be Jealous of the New Supply

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Is Your Masculine Energy Over Powering Your Femininity

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5 Signs You Are Recovering From Narcissistic Abuse

Long term vs Short term

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  • One Tough Cookie

    I used to play a lot of chess with my narc.. and not just as a figure of speech. He couldn't stand losing all the time but then he couldn't keep off trying again and again. That final Saturday morning I left the chess board with his king down for him to see when he wakes up (he DID see) then I went to the police to file PFA and criminal charges. It was final check mate that he will not forget ever. 4 months no contact. "Know who you are dealing with" Law 19.

  • Wanda Craig

    See the look on their face the day you walk with kiss, gbye baby, and without a trace. what's understood need not to be explained… exit๐Ÿ‘โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’• but you know narcs are everywhere and the only way to protect my heart โค๏ธ is to remain single friends Only. For those that like to play with toy boys and toy women ???play it safe and double-rapit k. Call me selfish but I prefer a committed relationship or none at all, love loyalty honesty trust respect and the real but! in relationship I learned by now, so long ago, to guard your heart. Keep your eyes opened and never be surprised by the unexpected. Discernment and Redflags are Blessings in disguise ๐Ÿ‘โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’•

  • Wanda Craig

    Due to x-periences and The blessing of knowledge I have come to conclusions to love and embrace the days that God has given me to enjoy for myself and not xpecting another to make me happy being free is much better than being in bondage of fill in the blanks…

  • The Queen

    So true. That cloud in your head starts to clear when you do no contact. I'm going through the anger part because I started to see the truth. I know it will fully pass. I just give myself time to heal because that's all you can do and come out not bitter but better and give myself the credit that he did not break me. I love your channel. โ™ฅ๏ธ Thank you.

  • Tanisha Campbell

    Oh my God… The worst 3yr relationship ever! I knew something wasn't right from the jump, because I wanted out; yet, I was stuck in a codependent (low selfesteem) phase, his looks, and love bombing tactics. 6mos in, we would break up every 2.5 months. He'd convince me with surprise rose's on my car (2x), begging to take him back. Throughout the relationship I'd catch him on 2 separate occasions with new females in his car, saying they're just friends/customers. I would forgive, then he'd treat me nice again. Repeat the same setup. The final discard phase was with his 3rd new supply female, I confronted him in front of her; he questioned her for my dismissal, disclaiming me like I was just some stranger on the street. To add insult to injury, our breakup was less than a week. The new supply was already hooked within that same time of meeting him, because now she's spending time with him after all of that. Good luck, I'm finally done! I feel so much lighter now. His excuse…I wouldn't make love to him raw! I guess not, after your nice then shitty treatments.

  • Janice Murphy

    Girl you are so eduational and witty with it!!!!! I play solitary and love it !!!!! my ex played chess he may still do. But isn't it ashame that life has to be stratigized , people just love being selfish and manipulative I hurt for all of NS I thank you for keeping it real I for some reason seem to always have to deal with a toxic person!!!!!!! My problem is I get angry for them being there easing thier way into my world and trying to use me and I call them on it!!!! the problem is I forgive easy but you would think they won't try that again but wouldn't you know it they try another tactic!!!!!!!!!! sometimes I hate being around people!!!!!!! I could say more!!

  • Jim

    I have to say that I wasn't in quite as deep with my narc as many others. The relationship was up/down, in/out, hot/cold and looking back I was certainly emotionally unbalanced by her for all of 2018. I didn't understand it as 'narcissism', something I'd never come across in my life before. Then she made a mistake. She unfriended me on social media, ghosted me and entered into a period of silent treatment that has been ongoing for months now. I started doing a little bit of reading and watching videos about 'the silent treatment' and suddenly a whole new world opened up before me. It all made sense.

    The thing is, because I wasn't as fully emotionally invested as some of you may be, that action of ghosting me didn't unsettle me. I'm made of stronger stuff, and in that moment the spell she cast over me was broken. I realised that the act of ghosting wouldn't be something I'd let anyone else do on me, such as friends that I'd no romantic involvement with. So why would I treat her otherwise?

    I began to go out at the drop of a hat, had a great time that I hadn't been having with her, laughed a lot and had more great nights out. I went no contact, deleted her phone number, but I DID allow my FB to be 'public' so that she could see that I was having a great time without her (we all know that in these circumstances narcs (and even ex's who aren't narcissistic) WILL stalk your social media, right?).

    She could see I was having a blast, something that will have unsettled her, expecting me (as many victims do) to fold up and break down. I didn't. And I won't. I was possibly giving her nightmares due to my show of inner steel. I was out having a good time, working on myself and readily, easily forgetting about her. And then…once she could see I hadn't folded up…I then blocked her entirely on social media. Hitting that 'block' button on FB felt like the final victory for me.

    Oh, I'm expecting a further round of lovebombing and hoovering imminently (next 4-6 weeks, I reckon…we'd already bought tickets for summer, outdoor concerts and I imagine there'll be some contact as those concerts grow closer…if only for her to snaffle a free car ride and concert ticket) but there'll be no return to her. Besides, I'm taking a new female friend, and she makes a budding romance feel as good and easy as the narc made it difficult. I have no need to go back to the past.

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