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How The Narcissist Hypnotizes You

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Narc Survivor is no stranger to narcissistic abuse. With 30 years of personal experience and psychology research, he is someone who truly understands what it is like to fall victim to a sadistic emotional predator.

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  • Worships Cats

    Such great description of the illusions they create. Esp. the false confidence they display. I have run into 2 coverts recently that I was able to detect somewhat early. I'm starting to understand how outward "goodness" "perfectness" is almost a foolproof sign of a narc. One was able to get certain info out of me in a very sneaky way. I started to realize she had indirectly asked me some very personal things. I wasn't sure about her b/c she was beyond sweet. But when she pulled the silent treatment in an extremely obvious way (at a time when I told her something awful that had happened to me, and received crickets – a complete stonewall), that along with the confusion I had been experiencing already due a certain hot and cold from her, made it crystal clear. The thing that is so surprising – is the strong feeling I had to reach back out to her again, to double-text her, and also a distinct impetus to forgive her. Incredible

  • Sam Charters

    They take you hostage with thier intellect and word you to death, never leaving opportunity for escape, slanderous bastards when you cut them off, leaving thier victims defenseless against thier incredoulous smear campaigns! All in the name of "God"!

  • Daniel Zaborny

    true they keep you from seeing what they are doing and by the time they are done brainwashing you you are there, lackie totally thinking it's the right thing to do because they love you and you love's all about them and what they want and need you are drained of your inner self and they have adopted who you were, strong, happy self-assured and confident, and you are like they were, lost week and broken cut off from your self, your heart and mind are disconnected ,you hate yourself ,and you don't care about anything .they mess you up totally and steal from you,you teach them how to be like you and they teach you how to be like them (wheres my key's ) haha funny when you are with someone for a long time you start acting like them and they start acting like you, it's ok if you are a good person, and they are a good person mostly .but if they are sneaky people, who are attached to other sneaky people thats not good for you . at some point, they are going to get you in trouble and take everything you have, even your life

  • steady pace

    The narcissist has zero empathy so they are unable to operate from their heart space. They can only use their minds, that's why they love the mind games,that is all they know.They live in denial and therefore become delusional people.Projection is a well used tool in their magic toolbox and they like to transfer this delusion on to us.We have become deluded in our thinking, that this mean,horrible monster is our knight in shining armour or most beautiful girl in the world.We have to emotionally detach from these narcs and strengthen our minds to fight against their mindset.Keep your empathy and be discerning in who to give it to.They are after our emotions that is what they thrive on,getting us emotional!Starve them of narc supply,don't react to them.

  • Hey its me

    Their most common trick is to praise you about certain things you are good at – even if not – in order to get it for free from you. But after a while they denounce you about the very same thing but allow you to keep your free service for them. Nobody except the trauma bonded would serve them anymore.

  • Hey its me

    "I'm a jealous God!" says the narcissist.
    "You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, on the third and the fourth generations of those who hate Me…" says the bible in exodus 20, 5
    Ummm… holy crap, that speaks for volumes and explaines much!

  • Myra House

    People use the word Narcissist when it actually isn’t, it’s like nothing you’ve ever ever known in your life….it’s phenomenal what they do to a person who gives genuinely. They are addictive! They hook you it’s very difficult to stop loving them but all that love bombing was a magic trick.

  • Wendy Drummond

    They do the gaze to control your Oxytocin levels and Dopemin levels and Seratonin levels these are what the brain craves in order to be happy it's our brains drug of choice it's like an addict and the narcissts know that that's what happens when you get love bombed or kissed but if you don't let them Kiss you or love bomb you or flirt with them you can psych the narcissts out it's our chess mate move because genuine people who really want a loving relationship won't come in and sweep you off your feet I don't want to be drugged into a relationship I don't mind telling my brain it's not going to get it's way today

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