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How the narcissist destroys your physical health

In this video I share my observations about the typical destructive physical health effects being in a long-term relationship with a narcissist has. Watch to learn more about the two main physical effects I have observed and how the narcissist invariably uses these against their partner.

Abdul Saad
Clinical Psychologist




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  • Farida Aali

    It is so true I have been for 33 years with a abusive husband he phsicall ye use to beat every other days for nothing for the sake of it as if he enjoyed also bully me emotional mentally financial for everything n anything very controlling n then say sorry I forgive him because loved him so much until next time. from 2007 I lost all my hair in just 10 days had alk the test it was due to chronic dreprssed stress thank goodness my hair grew back then after few weeks had a nervous breakdown then slow got better then I knew I have dreprsseion . from then on my health has been detorioting now I hav so many health issues illness. I hav dreprsseion anxiety blood pressure rheumatoid arthritis ear nose prob kidney disease high cholesterol animic off on body exema tired alk the time hedace now recently so bad stomach problem I am always ill. I am a empath. I feel worthless hopeless I am only 50 I am really afraid I keep getting a different new disease I hav already so many illness despite being ill he still abuses for no reason he is a very evil man with no compassion or empathy towards me.

  • AriesSun LeoRising

    I’m no expert but I personally have had this narc theme since birth and 4 decades later was enlightened by my therapist- ex is true CNPD …yes I AM diagnosing. My point is I’ve had fatigue even as a little kid – I slept til 10 or later when I could and requiring naps …adrenalized from childhood so that’s my chemical addiction…I’ve been taking MACA ROOT , an adaptogen that supports the pineal gland hypothalamus and adrenals …balances hormone levels etc. My need for caffeine has dropped off and sleep improving daily right off the bat. This is a food not a synthetic supplement from Peru …I don’t find it to be that expensive honestly and it’s benefits for me personally are almost immediate…just putting this out there

    Thanks Doc for the great intel! Watching from Merica 😎👍

  • MrKillswitch88

    This is the big reason for me to avoid the thought let along doing it that being marriage as the last thing I want to suffer is some parasite that will when the time comes trade me in for a newer model while taking me to the cleaners. Marriage in general is a bad deal for us guys as relationships these days are increasingly one sided to where it is take take take and give nothing back. Fortunately I've never had to suffer this but seen too many people get wrecked because of it.

  • M CP

    The same happened to me. I started having daily migraines and fibroids that had to be removed. I also had thyroid problems and even had a cancer scare. I was in bed a lot of the time towards the end and felt so guilty from being so weak and such a burden. Glad those days are over.

  • Boss Lady J

    Thank you for posting I really do appreciate it two of my most serious relationships have been the most damaging and I realize that they have been narcissist which is why they've been so damaging emotionally draining and you know everything you kind of listed the good thing is that I've tapped into and started on my new spiritual journey which is allowed me to meditate practice my breathing and the biggest one of them all working on really truly learning how to love myself! I am truly ready to leave I am working on keeping my heart full of love but very strong boundaries and yet they are hard I have stayed two additional years longer than what I should have trying to support his children that I love like that they were my own. Their biological mom I think is a narcissist from spinning 9 years with him and being lost and then seeing that he is a narcissist I know that the kids will be the parent where his daughter I'm not so much worried about it's his son that I'm worried about. Do you have any tips or tools that I can use to help prepare the kids because once I leave there's no more Parental Guidance they're like kids living with adults doing adult things in their own world. The daughter is very strong very creative and overachiever so I have no concerns with her except for teaching her how to emotionally validate herself because I think she is an empath and self-validation as a whole. his son on the other hand is doing a lot of self sabotaging, he's so focused on image, and has no self discipline at all whatsoever. The sad part is that it's not his fault the male figures that he has in his life they are very much so narcissist which would be his dad and his uncle and everybody only seems to care about image image image money women that's it nothing else no discipline no teaching of discipline no guidance of parenting none of that I have been doing that. So please help if you can and you have any ideas for how to help children with narcissistic parents. Thank you

  • Karen Gaetano

    Great information! I'd like to think it's not too late to reverse the physical symptoms of inflammation and lower metabolism, both of which I know I have. Outside of good diet and exercise, which I have incorporated in my life, what else can be done to reverse these physical side effects? I was married to a narcissist for 20 years, divorced now for 9 years.I'm also an empath. I'm open to any suggestions. Thank you!

  • bee tee2

    A month since going no contact with my ex narc. Altho I have zero desire to contact him & I've blocked him everywhere, I still am suffering emotionally & just within past few days started suffering from joint pain. Hoping as time goes on I heal

  • lee curtis

    I don't think that the narcissist even knows how selfish or hurtful that they are being. To them, they are the center of everything and the rest of us are just on the sidelines. They will lie and brag about things they never even accomplished and will try to belittle you. But I don't think they plot about doing it. I think they just do it and they don't even think they did anything wrong

  • Carson Stout

    My ANAis positive. Lupus borderlining on MCTD. I think its your ESR that shows inflammation(if Im recalling). I have chronic infections. Headache. Joint pain gastrointestinal issues and fight or flight.insomnia.High BP.

  • Marie Sanchez

    I am trying to survive the effects of my
    Narc abusers
    She is a Nurse who has used many forms of
    Abuse on me.
    She has provided me with very large quantities of Narcotics for over 8 years
    She gets her own Prescription monthly and
    Gives has been providing me with her own
    Then there is my monthly Prescription of Pain medication Narcotics
    And she also buys
    Very large quantities from people whom
    We both know.
    She has also taken or (stolen) expired
    Diladed from her workplace
    To bring home to me
    Which i never asked her to do
    Nor did i want to be Hooked on Drugs
    And become a Drug Addict
    I am so Sick Literally from the
    Abuse and Addiction
    She has also willingly admitted to
    Drugging my food with her Father's
    Anti psychotic medication
    I Even got her to admit to that in front of my
    Therapist whom
    I no longer see anymore

  • Leah Justyce

    My mother is Narcissistic I am an Empath. I understand I was not in a relationship as you are saying but all of these things you are saying still was with me. I grew up getting my Energy sucked out of me. She would never understand this but for me to understand why I felt like I did I had to study a Psychological Science degree. You explain it all to the average person so well. You are brilliant.

  • LadyAnne

    I flat out told the long time NARC he was the total cause of my ill health..which included severe Graves Disease.. I have blamed him to his face for ALL AND ANY ILLNESSES I HAVE HAD.. HE LAUGHED.. .. I said you will be taken care of by GOD…. and he has been….. 2 open heart surgeries. And need for a 3rd procedure to correct 2nd open heart… I have become like a block of ICE regards him his health.. just as much as he has done to me for decades!

  • c V

    I developed a horrible case of inflammatory uveitis 4 years after being with my narc. I had to even change my ringtone because a tone I associated with him still makes me jump with fear

  • Valerie Griner

    Do you have a recommendation as to where to purchase GOOD mineral supplements? I just noticed that my GNC Magnesium….is Magnesium Oxide. I would like to get some good Vitamin C, Potassium, Zinc…and some quality anti-oxidants, too. I live alone and my diet is rather poor. Thank-you.

  • deborah anthony

    You have just described my volatile marriage to a covert narcissist. After we separated within a few weeks many of my health issues had resolved. I thought for a long time I was going crazy and developed a rampant inflammation throughout my body with all kinds of terrible things going on. I am thankful my health and mind are back on track. Thank you for this video!!!!

  • Sophie Bee

    I think there is damage done by Narc. through friendships between females can be extremely harmful. Though the Initial Narc was a stalking love seeker he was able to turn others against the empath. The empath seemed to crack after many years of this narc. stalking and him using flying monkeys and infiltrating the empaths main support system. Due to the strong need to people please and giving care to others.

  • Donna Knudson

    I am still burnt out from taking care of my narcissist boyfriend for 9 years. He not only had NPD but also was very ill and handicapped. He is in a nursing home now and having him go there was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I was falling apart. I couldn't do it anymore. He took it as abandonment and railed at me. He could not understand how hard it was on me. He could not understand that I did not want him to go there, but that I just could not do it anymore. The guilt was unbearable. But when the nursing home told me he was one of the most difficult patients to take care of there because of his combined health and psychiatric problems, I felt at least a little redeemed. I took care of him because I love him. What I did not know was that all the love in the world can not give you strength you just don't have.

  • Casey Corbett

    Wonderful video as always!
    I think the reason empaths have trouble focusing on their own needs is because from a young age they have been barraged with the feelings and emotions of others, and they have almost needed to drown it out as a defense mechanism so when they hear their own it just doesn't grab the attention. That's at least my own personal experience, but I'd love to hear if others agree.

  • Liz Prine

    Thank you so much for the spot on, drama free videos. And as the empath, I totally agree that I kept giving and expected that at one point he would be open to my needs. I have expressed my needs very clearly though, but also recognize the rage that came from them never being met. One wonders why we empaths don't figure this losing position out faster, why we don't value ourselves higher and leave. I'm going to continue watching some more of your very insightful videos and want to thank you so much, again, for keeping it to the point, useful and drama free.

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