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How narcissist’s words change your brain



  • R Mcnary

    When I broke up with my narcissist, I didn’t realize how bad I had trauma bonding with him until it came to making decisions. Even as something as little as “what am I going to wear”?The first thing that would come into my mind is “would he like it?”Same thing with shopping for food, making any kind of decisions.That’s how well they train you. It takes a lot to get over those bonds.

  • The Nursing Chronicles With Moenique

    Just an update that person who I think is a narc posing as a survivor and expert health coach has appeared to have taken down her horrible insulting demeaning narccicistic rant that horrible community post she had posted yesterday however I still have the receipts as they say on these YouTube streets the screen shots. She must have lost some subscribers or she might be watching Dr. Carmen Bryant all this to say be careful these folks are chameleons. As Dr. Carmen taught words can effect us for the good or bad. Stay woke! Peace

  • Angel Paws

    share the information. I believe in educating people in all areas. but especially this new epidemic if narcissism. I realized yesterday, this seems to be a generational issue. Action vs reaction a lot of this boils down to parenting. Whether good bad or indifferent this is a main factor in the explosion.
    exactly what I had kinda figured out I have to retrain my brain. YES!! sometimes you do get mad at hearing the truth. thank God someone is willing to tell the truth coz we all know the narcs don't. Big Up Queen🔼🔼

  • Angel Paws

    the powershift from the new knowledge we gain is the beginning of recovery. yes you need HG's information is the understanding part, but positive has to be given maybe in twice the measure it depends on how much the narc was able to degrade and belittle you.

  • Always Levitated

    If I'm not mistaking.. the "Auto-Pilot," Depersonalized Zombie Like State I used to go through is actually CPTSD..!! Some years back, I was researching depersonalization and ordinary PTSD, becoming aware of Narcissistic Emotional Abuse made the etiology an "Epiphany" again..!! Jackpot..!! 🤘
    U really are a trauma Victim..!! Nowadays.. "No CPTSD's.. Them Trees keep'em at ease…!!" -MeekMill 🤒..🙄 But yeah, even when u are self aware, the "toxic words" permeate your brain and adversely impact your subconscious mindstate..!! Or the contrary to CPTSD, a Constricted, Hypervigilent presence, where ur Limbic System is always in "Fight or Flight" mode..!! High cortisol levels, Always ready to go zero to sixty from being gaslight 24/7..!! I'm sure y'all know the feeling..!! 🙄

  • Countess Tune

    It's funny because I feel sad and want to cry, but I feel angry because tears don't really get anything done; so you want to get them back (tell them off finally, burn down the person's house), at the same time you wouldn't want someone to do that to you. Especially if it's an elder(s).

  • Brielle Lombard

    I am very sick. Multiple Sclerosis. My heart is broken at it's core. I'm 43. I'm done. My husband died right beside me of a heroin overdose. 9 years ago. Then a boyfriend who was into drugs too, and a narcissist. What is wrong with me? Clutching on to life my threads. I want to die. I have 2 beautiful kids, 20 and 16. Don't want to leave them but what good am I to anyone? Autopilot for years. I can't bounce back. I was always an optimist, now I'm dead in the water. I'm sorry..know you're busy. Desperation makes me a fool

  • imanifest 313

    My ex is a motivational speaker, I'm on the west coast. It's a network of narcissists that are self acclaimed life coaches, network marketers. They're all into these manifesting techniques. They promote each other and bring empaths into these schemes. Use them to foot the bill. Feed off of them by tricking them into believing in these conartist & selling them hope in a bottle.

  • Theresa Murphy

    How u speak & one other dude speak here on YouTube about narcissist y'all speak to help this one white woman Sarah not dogging her but u can hear in her voice she's still obsessed wit who has hurt her although she speaks truth of how NARCISSIST are but the wave I get from her she's still hurt trapped & basically what I get is revenge talking about her narcissist, I think it makes her feel better to talk about it for her & it's not gonna help many

  • Judah Fire

    I love your channel. I’m a veteran myself! My girlfriend uses terms like poot butt, punk ass, creep “when I try to get romantic “ sick, etc…. recently she told me to “get the f**k on” because I was going to leave her house. I came over to bring her something and she could not put her phone down to say hi. So I left… She txt me and said I ask so funny. I told her how I felt and she txt me back and said whatever and said gnite! You get tired…

  • Sonja Bryant

    I love 💕 your channel I have a 51 yr old son I do believe is is narcissistic he has every trait he finds weak people to survive and take care of him he cane back on me when his wife could not and would not support him. He hurt me so bad he stood in my face and told me he he wished I would drop dead with a heart attack that was the straw that broke the camels back he was trying to rule me in my on home and when I got tired of it he didn’t like it I told him to get out and he said he didn’t have to so I left it took him over a month to get out and that was when I turned off the power I love him but I can’t let him rule me it’s a long story.

  • Katie

    Iv been abused by so many narcissists for such a long time Im experiencing nausea and headache when I have to be around them, I'm so far gone I'm worried that I will attack someone if I can't get away from them.

  • Fun2RunUltraSuN

    I feel that you are Spot On! I'm a member of the LGBTQ Community, and I don't get caught up in the Hierarchy, etc in the Community. In saying that, I feel that you hit the nail on the head when you say it's all about the vibrational frequency of the words that we speak.
    Thank you for keeping it real! I appreciate you. 🙌🏼

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