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How I found out that he is a narcissist

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Live Stream: Meet Post Narcissist
Recorded: November 8th 3:00 pm (MST)

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  • Kelly Bayley

    Mine took everything I owned. Raped me of my family friends & my sanity. Left me & my animals homeless & had the ability to convince everyone around me that I was toxic. Until 1 day I realised everybody k we but me. Still trying to find my way back to my now reality. Discarded, lost and confused about how I could be so stupid. I need healing 💝

  • Tammy Justice

    I really felt your pain in this video. Sending you love and healing vibes. I married a covert narcissist on the sociopath spectrum. Married 22 years. Divorced and landed in the arms of a raging overt narcissist. He ripped me to shreds psychologically. To me there is no other answers except purre evil that would allow someone to treat another this way.

  • Tara Lynn

    😘❤️I did not know what a narcissist was until I left him. All I knew was I had to get away from him. I did EVERYTHING to make it work when I realized nothing was going to work. I left without looking back. there was and is NOTHING go back to. Thank you for your story but be glad you got out. Some people are still in and I pray for them 🙏🏽 💛🧡❤️

  • Holly

    Hugs 💖never be sorry for genuine emotion. You are brave and so caring. I had goosebumps when you mentioned how much she helped you with understanding covert narcissism. And I’m so sorry for your grief at losing her. It must of been so hard with everything else. She gave you the gift of knowledge, and then you gave the gift of caring for her. And now you are sharing the gift and helping so many ! 🌈🙏 there is something so special in that
    I too had the within weeks new supply. I had left in the devalue and many silent treatments as my intuition went off despite the persistent love declarations. He was subtly phasing me out and by some miracle I just left. God knows what he had in store for the final discard. The universe stepped in and helped me. But you are right those weeks months years after- it takes so much time to heal from the betrayal and unmasking. But we do heal. With nature sunshine journaling connecting to our own hearts. We get so much wiser and if anything more compassionate. Their poison leaves our systems slowly and we rise 😊
    Thank you for everything 🌻

  • Nayana Ramesh

    Greetings to you in the name of the most High God dear sis, I can understand your painful heartache of going through all the abuses by the narc, as I have gone through the same and still not able to accept what has happened to me as it's really hard even to imagine! Anyways, we have to bear and face challenges. Try to pick ourselves some times we have to drag ourselves it's very easy for people to advice but hard to move on! God bless you and me and all the survivors. Let us seek more strength to be more stronger.

  • Suzana Ok

    I was In Sydney because of him and he’s left me with not money, sick all the time emergency panic attack I cannot even walk and all friends was sick of me and I was alone and still …plus Domescti Violence and after he is came me back But he’s told to all friends that I was lies (: after everything!

  • Chris Toole

    The person that gave me a heads up on narcissism was the ex covert narc girlfriend. She used the knowledge as a hook from being a victim of abuse herself. At the time I was just getting over cancer and the break up of my 18 year marriage. I also knew my ex wife for a few years before I got married. The ex covert narcissist girlfriend was with me off and on from October 2013 to December 2017. She was very convincing about her knowledge of what my ex wife was doing to me. To me she was a God send. She presented as a beautiful, gentle woman. The red flags were flying around and I wasn't picking up as I was gullible. She over time exposed herself with lies and mistreatment. All the abuse cycle stuff. I know exactly how you feel about taking to people about this. Who would believe me about this "nice girl "to be this way. Thanks to YouTube and her showing her cards.👍👍👍👍

  • Carly K

    Thank you for sharing your painful experience its so hard for you and I felt your pain. It’s this action that pulls us together and gives energy for survival.
    It took me 20 years to come to that conclusion and YouTube has opened my eyes and saved me. Than you again for your contribution.

  • mojobliss

    I totally feel for you and thank you for your courage and openness. I was with my ex narcissist for almost 7 years and my last conversation with her was 5 months ago. I guess all of us survivors have lots of commonalities we share. I googled silent treatment and obsessive lieing and discovered covert narcissism. At that point I knew I had to make a life changing decision to leave as my pride and self esteem would not allow any more deceit and mind fuckery. Soon after, I experienced night terrors, claustrophobia. Carpal tunnel syndrome and very irregular sleep patterns.
    I thank you for your brutal honesty, your unique narrative and deep insights. You are beautiful and have a truly loving compassionate spirit. I know you will continue to blossom and grow into something, someone with even more inner beauty, peace and confidence. We are all here to help eachother with our healing journey. The hardest part was facing reality and realizing that we loved someone with all of our being for what amounts to nothing, zilch, a fake, an imposter. There is no other direction to move now , but to go forward and continue our growth. You are blessed, never forget that!!!

  • mojobliss

    I had to get off this train ride of pain, lies and destruction while I still had what little bit of sanity left. I know this situation would only lead to a trainwreck of an existence in so many facets. I am much better now and still getting better with each day. That part of me is dead now and that person who I thought existed is forever gone in my mind. Yes, there are days that I think about that person, the moments and the lies, but I have decided to forgive that person for my own growth and healing. I feel pity and sadness for these beings and am so glad I dont have to live like that or live with them. I started to travel alone and started by hobbies and interests again and feel Alive with passion and a higher purpose. Love yourself and love your life. I wasted so much money, effort, feelings but most importantly my time, which I will never get back. Everything is replaceable, I will focus on what I can and will achieve instead of the loss and know that I have gained my freedom from that wretched situation which I refuse to call a relationship. Sorry for the long post…anyways, smile everyday and find happiness in yourself.

  • Will Walker

    I was in the same predicament with my ex-wife we were married almost 20 years I was blindsided I thought everything was okay she thought the grass was greener on the other side and that relationship fell apart lol I tried everything to make my marriage work to fix it went to a therapist and she told me what a narcissist was and she said my ex was a narcissist

  • J Naylor

    Your story is so simular to mine and I can hear how much you loved your dear friend…I know that it is so frustrating when no one understands or cares to listen to the madness we have gone through….I still study and watch videos on YouTube and I have seen a lot of great people who helped and understand and who have walked in my shoes…your channel is different you make me feel like I am listening to a friend and we are sharing our experiences. Thank you for sharing and I love your channel….

  • Oluwaseun Mabinuori

    I feel total trust shouldn’t be over-emphasized in a relationship. Smartness is also very important. There’s a popular saying that “don’t trust too much because that too much might hurt you so much”. A Narcissist partner shouldn’t be trusted. My greatest disappointment was discovering my husband cheating on me through the help of Cyberhackingsage who helped cloned his cellphone and i was able to read all his messages and uncover his infidelity without having to touch his phone. All i did was share my husband’s number with Cyberhackingsage and i got access to his Facebook, whatsApp and text messages both deleted and incoming ones with a remote link on my phone. Thanks to them, now i have enough evidence for my divorce. In case you need similar help, contact them Via Gmail ( cyberhackingsage@gmail )thank me later

  • Vampire Slayer

    Coverts are the worst. If you are unfamiliar with Cluster Bs, it is easy to get duped.
    Mine was BPD with Covert Sadistic Narcissistic traits.
    It's interesting. I'm out five years now and totally enlightened as to toxic people and codependency.
    I'm manipulation proofed and no longer people please. It took me many phases of recovery to get here.

  • LaRene Taddeo

    TY for sharing your back story. It hurt me to hear your pain. All our stories are similar. Such a painful journey the endless mobs of narcs out there bring to we empathic innocents. Keep the videos coming dear heart. You are helping so many. Hugs to you.

  • It's Showtime

    I really loved my fiancée too. I had no idea he had this disorder until after 2 1/2 years. This is very difficult to detect if your an extra caring person. It taught me a lesson in caring for myself first. I always have been too caring my whole life and never realized that I wasn’t putting myself first. It has changed me. It was the most painful experience I have been through. I never want to go through this again. At least I know, I will never fall for another FAKE person again. My mom has been my rock. I am thankful I have her. When I look at my friendships and relationships, I found that I haven’t been setting boundaries. That is the key…I know it is very difficult to do but it is necessary. Since people with no boundaries are victims to cluster b individuals boundaries need to be enforced. I know it is very difficult when you are so attracted to one of these people but it is the only way to forgive them and let them go.

  • F B

    Same happened to me after 10 years of marriage, having 2 boys, he wrote an email from his office to me, that we are done having a new supply already. I was also in shock a long time… And for I did not know what a narcissist is all about I met in a following partnership the same, now I am healed, thanks to channel's like yours and a therapist

  • vriddhi pardasany

    Hey!!! So I dated this guy for 7 years until I was ghosted a year and a half ago Cas I found out he was screwing around on dating apps, I have been no contact ever since, he’s blocked every where, other than calls, but he too hasn’t tried to get in touch so now the question is : I have never got a closure and I know u might say, with a narcissist one doesn’t get a closure, I really would like him to hoover me, is there any way I could have him do that without me showing/ mentioning it to him that I want it, may be I sound stupid but I desperately want him to hoover me, should I unblock him? please help.
    Awaiting worthy responses towards helping me to make him hoover me

  • Snow Flake

    Mine kept telling me ‘it’s all in your head’ when I pointed out verbal abuse. During the tirades I said nothing, they could last hours without him stopping, then he could forget the entire episode. I discarded by email so he couldn’t talk over me.

  • Judy BW

    Im glad you found out about covert narcissism, but I’m sorry I don’t think someone who has never met someone can actually diagnose. My covert narcissist’s therapist diagnosed me (ca resin she has never met) as the narcissist.I’m glad it helped you, but making judgements about others through others’ skewed perceptions of them might not be correct.

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