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How I Forgave My Narcissist Mother

How I Forgave My Narcissist Mother

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What is narcissistic personality disorder? Narcissistic personality disorder is a warp in the personality that doesn’t allow the person with such a disorder to feel empathy or remorse for any wrong doing. In addition, someone with narcissistic personality disorder will get a high and rush from doing evil deeds to another human being. This rush or happy feeling they get we call narcissistic supply. It’s odd isn’t it? We are normal people become happy for doing something good. Narcissist get happy from doing something evil. While doing such evil, the mask their true intentions towards their victims luring them in for abuse. This ability for not feeling empathy or remorse, allows them to easily lie and con their victim. They have no restrains on them, there for they can so and do anything and it’s all right in their eyes. The enjoy lying and getting away with it. This provides them an additional source of narcissistic supply.




  • ThePlummer Speaks:

    First… haven't watched the whole video.. but just remember Forgiveness is for YOU… That doesn't mean reconciliation… Don't ever reconcile with anyone that doesn't show a deep sincere desire to recognize and apologize, then demonstrate different behavior.

  • ThePlummer Speaks:

    Your mothers narcissism is merely a defense mechanism… Check out Dr. Craig Childress's work in parental alienation. He articulates that successive generational narcissistic tendency's are like ripples in a pond, when a rock is thrown into it.

    I suspect you, as I, suffer from at the very least CPTSD as a result…. Dr. Richard Grannon has some very helpful videos on healing from the phenomena.

  • Lamont Young

    Real talk, I forgive my mother because I know she was horribly abused herself. However, I’m unwilling to take any more abuse. I love her from a distance. I’m not putting my physical and mental well-being in jeopardy for anyone. Not even my mother. I agree, James I cannot receive God’s forgiveness while withholding it from my mother. But forgiveness doesn’t mean torturing yourself. I just can’t do it. I think about reaching out to my mother sometimes but I know it would not be good for me.

  • Theresa Gross

    What a great video – Forgiveness- I harbor no ill feelings for those that have hurt me –
    Thank you James – I've only learned of What a narcissist is over the past 3 yrs actually from your Chanel I wasn't aware of some of those ppl in my life were called Narcissistic had no clue what they were called I' just knew / know my spirit got / gets uncomfortable, restless around certain ppl , I've realized and come to understand it's because my spirit Can recognize a narcissist and oh man, I've gotta get away from them, I even get Physically sick and I'm not a sickly person – extremely healthy …

    Have a great week – it's cold here in the Ozarks, it's been a long winter however soon it will be Spring 🙂
    Peace 🕊

  • John S

    Forgive just means forgo revenge. It doesn’t mean forget what happened and open yourself to more abuse. I’m no contact with my parents and will stay that way. Unless your mother starts writhing on the floor and demons are cast out of her by the Holy Spirit, you’re never going to be safe around the malignant narcissists.

  • king James

    When you forgive you are "pouring hot coals on their heads" according to st Paul. So forgiveness is clearly not the same as compassion or wanting the perpetrator to forfeit their punishment, as it's written in the scriptures.

  • Keith Freeman

    Forgiveness is so important. When we take a look at how God defines forgiveness, then it is something we can do.
    Forgiveness is freeing ourselves from the other person, by acknowledging that they don’t owe us anything. In Matthew 18:21-35, Jesus explains that point clearly with a parable about a man whose debt was mercifully cleared, (forgiven), but then he began choking a fellow servant who owed him money. (He, in turn, needed to forgive that debt.)
    To forgive someone who has wronged us is to walk away, and say to ourselves, “they don’t owe me anything”. Don’t forget the “walk away” part. In addition, it is important to stop trying to get back at them, even if it’s only in our mind. Let God punish them. He’ll do a much more severe and painful job on them than we ever could. The Bible says, “It is mine to avenge; I will repay, says the Lord.” (Romans 12:19).
    When we release them into God’s control, then we are free. We can actually feel the peace.

  • A Anders

    I'm so proud that you have layered forgiveness into your most important message. I too have had to forgive things as a child as memories return. There is one memory I still can't retrieve as a young adult…but when I came to understand the horrific situation from people I trusted…well, I really don't want those pictures in my mind anyway. ….But because I know for sure they were raised by a tyrant, I am able to forgive them…but now understand that haunting feeling of being unsafe. I trust God to keep me safe. Thank you for your work. You have helped me a lot. Suzie vids are so off the charts…they are funny! Thank you.

  • 2010sjay

    If your enemy is hungry feed them, if they're destitute clothe them, if they're in need of help give it. That's what your Father in heaven expects of you; but forgiveness does not automatically mean reconciliation. No where in scripture does God tell you to keep dangerous people in your life

  • lh cheng

    Maybe you are using the wrong word, and wrong word leads to mistakes. God don't forgive unrepentant sinners, he will render great judgement on evil doers, and that will be our hope and joy.
    God is a long suffering patient God. he is merciful and willing to forgive IF we confess our sin and repent. there is no scripture saying that God forgive unrepentant evil doers, nor did God ask his people to forgive a unrepentant enemy. but we show patience, and do good to them, waiting for their repentance, that is our love toward our enemies.
    Forgiveness means reconciliation, communion, and fellowship. only Christian is forgiven by God. unbeliever is under the wrath of God.

  • Marie B

    Forgive, just don't forget- ever
    If we don't forgive others you become so bitter and hateful, it eats away at you. It becomes like a cancer.
    I'm still trying to forgive the monsters that destroyed me
    It's not an easy thing to do, but I'll keep trying…. I will find a way

  • Santino Martinez

    My grandma pretends to be sick she gets money when she has 3 million stuffed under her bed she gets Chinese food free TVs and she abused my mom so badly mom tells people how she walks on needles she always lets my older brother shit on me but the moment I protect myself I’m wrong

  • FITNESS MAGNITUDE Pamela Gilbert

    Excellent video James and you are so right about everything you said about the narcissist and about us forgiving…. and about the devil wanting us to be angry at God for what happened to us. It's not always easy but it's not God but it's the devil working through people trying to hurt us. Thanks James. 👍🌹

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