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How Are Narcissists Created With Ann Barnhardt Part 2

This is part 2 of a two part video exploring the creation of narcissism. Please be sure to watch part 1.
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  • Roxann Huffman

    They can be oppressed and they can temporarily have the demons pass through their body. Therefore, I believe they can also be temporarily possessed. I think the demons come and go at will. Also, they might have an alter demonic personality that flips on and off. My mother could flip from hot to cold several times within the course of a couple of sentences and it was very illuminating to watch.

  • 86thislove

    I may get some hate but I don’t agree with Ann for all bad people. I’ve heard stories of bad people who had no abuse happen to them. They would of had to have a similar mindset of evil to start out with that pushed them to do evil things easier. If we have woken up to the truth then maybe the truth of who they are is they are born evil.

  • Truth Will Set You Free

    Fascinating stuff. I am convinced my older sister by two years was born that way. She had at it all, beauty and intelligence but she hated me. I was sexually abused and I think she may have been too, but she was dark side from day one. I also had a very vivid dream in which my older sister, myself and my brother came down to where we lived in Ireland in some kind of flying car being driven by our DN father. We had agreed that he would murder us in some way and we were quite resigned to it, I was even making pleasant conversation! At the last minute I bolted and I woke up as the bullets were hitting me and my life force was draining away. Maybe we all sign up for this and our mission is to get out of here? Separating the wheat from the chaff.

  • Giovanni Proietto

    Modern parents harm their children by blowing up their EGO so much that it makes their children think they are gods on earth. They think they are entitled to do whatever they want, thinking it is their right since they are above everybody else. No humility, no compassion, no respect and above all they don’t teach their children the essence of life: LOVE!

  • Giovanni Proietto

    A demon can have horns and and whatever goes with it, but this is a kind of naive understanding. The real understanding is that we live in a world of dualities: light and darkness, cold and warm, beauty and ugliness …etc.
    In the same way there are two natures in this world, the divine and the demonic nature.
    The fact that someone has a human body does not make him a human. It’s about the qualities that a person manifests that makes him either human or demonic. The more divine qualities a person develops in this life, the more he becomes human and closer to God and the more a person gives way to demonic and dark qualities like hate, envy, greed, anger…etc. the more he becomes a demon.
    This is the free will that God has given to all of us and it is up to us to decide which path we take.
    Humanity has turned its back to the light and favors darkness instead. This is the reason why we are destroying Mother Earth, a God given paradise.
    Bereft of love even a paradise becomes a hell.
    Our sick society nourishes demonic inclinations and qualities.
    Guess why we are overwhelmed with so many narcissist ( vampires) and other creatures of demonic nature!?!?

  • kookiecanuck

    Taught that gimme gimme give me always gets by hook by crook and everyway in the book usually societal taught or the narc parent usually the mother in the narc cult dynamic and the bully pathology..OR ELSE..LIE CHEAT STEAL..FALSE ACCUSE…NO BOUNDARIES divide pillage destroy conquer..even murder

  • no narc

    I never detected an ounce of self hatred in my nex. She thinks she sits on the throne, on the lap of Jesus. She thinks she' superior to everyone. She was deified by parents and is deified by her friends. She's a creepy, ugly ,stupid, drug addicted whore. I think there is some demonic spell she casts on others. Now that I'm free, I look at her and think WTF was I intoxicated with?
    Spite is her middle name.

  • mrltavern

    Exorcisms as reinstalling someone's faith. That is really what the film the Exorcist was all about. It wasn't about the blood gore and cuss words. It was about a priest, who was questioning his faith, especially after he witnesses his mother, who he deeply loves, get senile and had to be put in a mental institution because of him not having the money to give her the proper care. The exorcism and him wanting to save the little girl, which comes from a place of love, eventually strengthens his faith so much that he wills the demon out of the girl and then he sacrifices himself by throwing himself out of a window killing himself and driving the demon away. Just look at the beginning of the film After the opening of Merrin in Iraq, they dissolve to a camera POV shot in the sky flying toward the girl's window in Georgetown, DC. To me, that always represented how the demon, Pazuzu of Iraq, flew into her soul and tried to rob it. And the same window is just how he left. It really is a powerful film that has been diminished due the campy effects of the time but it's probably one of the pieces of cinema that has made the case as to why you should have faith in the last 50 something years.

  • Vicky Muniz

    Kim I was free from my narcissist for 2 years unfortunately I had a stroke this was God's way of making me move out of the neighborhood I couldn't climb up the stairs or take care of my my ex narc saw me coming out of the house and he couldn't stop staring at me he suddenly got taller with the big smile on his face acting concerned it was like he was feeding off of me I could feel my energy draining that night I prayed Kim like I've never prayed before and was blessed I don't have all my health back but I have my mind and the Lord provided me what's a safe house to live in you truly are a blessing I don't know you but I love you

  • Krisluvsutube

    This was excellent! Thanks Kim and Ann!! This is exactly what I'm struggling with understanding.. I was abused in every way in my childhood by malignant narcissistic mother and brother an even my father had narcissistic tendencies and would take up for them over me, however I became extremely co-dependent and caring for others while my health wasted away. Trying to grasp mentally that my mother isn't capable of love and why that is. I know she experienced a level of abuse growing up, however I think mine was worse simply because I had more abusers yet I'm not a narcissists???!!!!! That was so great when Ann said "By the grace of God" some of us don't become narcissistic Amen Sister!! Please continue what you are doing.

  • Daring Greatly84

    Some children process abuse in healthy ways because their parents are mature and loving and lead a healthy mental life. The child learns to view the world and process pain in positive ways. Whereas some kids grow up in families who are immature and don’t have a healthy mental life. They learn bitterness, revenge and selfishness. But I believe most of this is rooted in rebellion and not submitting to God. Everyone has a choice.

  • Cc

    Weak fathers do not exercise authority in the family and thereby leave the decision making responsibilities to the mother. Woman are not hard wired to make big decisions and take any accountability for those decisions. When women second guess their decisions, which they always do, a full blown tantrum will ensue. Women need men to take the reigns (responsibility) and when they don't, the children will feel her wrath because they won't fight back.
    Most homosexual men say they had a "strong mother". Trans children are affirmed always by the mother. The Epstein victims were left unsupervised by a working mother. The serpent tempted Eve because Adam wasn't around to stop him.
    Sancta Dei Genitrix, ora pro nobis.

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