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Hope and Borderline Personality Disorder

I made this video to provide much needed information on borderline personality disorder (BPD) and it is intended to clarify many of the myths of BPD that are on YouTube and the internet. If you, or someone you know, has been diagnosed with BPD, he/she should have hope that treatment works and that he/she can overcome this disorder. In the video I will discuss the prevalence of BPD in the U.S. and the world, the variability of traits in BPD, how often it is studied and the likelihood of treatment success, and what individuals diagnosed with BPD need to have and do to overcome this disorder. Please provide your comments below and feel free to send me an email with any questions or comments you have.

Daniel J. Fox, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist in Texas, international speaker, and award winning author. He has been specializing in the treatment and assessment of individuals with personality disorders for over 15 years in the state and federal prison system, universities, and in private practice. His specialty areas include personality disorders, ethics, burnout prevention, and emotional intelligence.

He has published several articles in these areas and is the author of:
The Clinician’s Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment of Personality Disorders:

Antisocial, Borderline, Narcissistic and Histrionic Workbook: Treatment Strategies for Cluster B Personality Disorders (IPBA Benjamin Franklin Gold Award Winner):

Narcissistic Personality Disorder Toolbox: 55 Practical Treatment Techniques for Clients, Their Parents & Their Children:

The Borderline Personality Disorder Workbook: An Integrative Program to Understand and Manage Your BPD –COMING SOON–

Dr. Fox has been teaching and supervising students for over 15 years at various universities across the United States, some of which include West Virginia University, Texas A&M University, University of Houston, Sam Houston State University, and Florida State University. He is currently a staff psychologist in the federal prison system, Adjunct Assistant Professor at University of Houston, as well as maintaining a private practice that specializes in the assessment and treatment of individuals with complex psychopathology and personality disorders.

Dr. Fox has given numerous workshops and seminars on ethics and personality disorders, personality disorders and crime, treatment solutions for treating clients along the antisocial, borderline, narcissistic, and histrionic personality spectrum, emotional intelligence, managing mental health within the prison system, and others. Dr. Fox maintains a website of various treatment interventions focused on working with and attenuating the symptomatology related to individuals along the antisocial, borderline, narcissistic, and histrionic personality spectrum (

Dr. Fox’s website:

Thank you for your attention and I hope you enjoy my videos and find them helpful. I always welcome topic suggestions and comments.



  • rainbow girl 76

    Ive been struggling since 2005 when diagnosed bpd. But dbt treatment has only just become available to a few in my area of uk. Apparently i am no longer ill enough to qualify for dbt treatment and yet my life is ruled by my bpd. I cant get on in life past stuff because of how i think and feel all the time. Ive done so much on my own with a counsellor but now feel i cant change anymore and im very much without hope that my quality of life can improve

  • Malaika Rose

    Can you get better without treatment? I was diagnosed borderline a few years ago but stopped treatment. Anyway I'm not physically self destructive anymore but how I view myself and relationships are hard. And that feels like something that won't change.

  • Glossy Bubble

    I DO wanna get better but it's so hard with CONSTANT rejection out there and no acceptance. I've been looking for another job and the one I have is falling apart in front of my eyes. Nobody wants to hire me and I'm desperate and it's killing me cause with BPD it just rubs it in over and over that I'm wortless, unwanted, ugly, unqualified…I can't LIE to myself when I see everything around me is telling me there is no place for me in this world. It's so so painful and even finding access to therapy has been a road of many closed doors or half open windows. There's no DBT available where I live and it's all up to me to "pep talk" myself but I just can't cause I it's all lies. I know nobody wants me so I can't pretend to believe otherwise. Just venting, sorry:( There's just no hope.

  • Marjorie Murphy MMurphy

    My ex seems narcissist. I hope with all my heart he can be helped. He is my daughter's father and she needs and loves him. She is a 3rd year Psychology student at university. We know he is disordered but not how badly. What do you base a diagnosis of bpd on? Thanks for your help. I really need it.

  • Show me that big booty now !

    when you google BPD most of the results will be “overcoming toxic BPD people” “abuse from borderline spouse” “how to spot a borderline and avoid them” and as a fellow mental health professional it’s honestly disgusting. Yes, they can be manipulative and prone to abusive behavior… but people need to understand that
    A. Personality disorders are often on a spectrum and not all types behave in such a way. Many people with BPD are self aware, have empathy, and genuine want to function normally and be happy and overcome the distortions that make relationships hard and:
    B. Even extreme cases aren’t that way because they enjoy hurting people or being difficult. Most clients have experience trauma or abuse during key developmental stages that change the way they think because they were essentially neglected are abused as babies, children, and/or adolescents.

    Nobody is a bar person. People do bad things for reasons that make sense in their head. Fortunately our brains our plastic and with patience and therapy they can flourish and overcome their cognitive distortions

  • Rose Helean

    I was recently diagnosed with bpd, and find your videos very helpful, but it just doesn’t feel like there is any hope. I just can’t imagine a life without the thoughts, feelings, and coping mechanisms that I’ve used for as long as I can remember. I want it to stop, and am actively seeking treatment but it feels like I’m putting myself through so much pain and anxiety dealing with it when I don’t think anything will really change.

  • Kim C

    .. I was diagnosed Bipolar 5 yrs ago by my MD… I know I have been misdiagnosed. My father had a BPD diagnosis, and I have sought out every bit of info about my signs and symptoms… I score 10 out of 10. Self Harm, Lack of emotional control… violent rages… alcohol abuse… promiscuity… a line of disastrous relationship… lack of self… clinging fear of abandonment… and most importantly SPLITTING…I mentioned this to my Dr… "You are not a Borderline, they are creepy"… she sent me to a shrink (whom treated my grandfather, my father refuse treat even after diagnosis)… put me on meds and called it a day… I'M SO EMPTY… down at the bottom of this hole… I'm exhausted from trying to crawl my way back to the surface… THANK YOU FOR BEING CARING AND EMPATHIC… WE ARE NOT UNLOVABLE DEMONS!!!

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