Home And Away Alf's heartbreak!

Home And Away Alf’s heartbreak!

Reunited at last with Martha (Belinda Giblin), Alf (Ray Meagher) hasn’t been able to wipe the smile from his face. 
But the Summer Bay stalwart’s happiness may be short-lived.

In a stunning development, Martha devastates Alf when 
she announces suddenly that 
she is leaving the Bay.

Earlier, Martha becomes increasingly panicked when, after trying for a short time, 
she is unable to reach Roo (Georgie Parker).

Unable to work out why Martha is behaving so irrationally, Alf finally understands when she explains the real reason for her distress – she has Borderline Personality Disorder.

It’s best, says Martha, that she farewells him and the Bay. She needs the stability of her own home, she tells a gutted Alf, and her mind is made up.

Will Alf allow Martha to 
walk out of his life again – this time for good?

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