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The narcissist robs you of your self-worth, self-esteem and even your sanity. Years of degradation can leave you feeling worthless, and in some cases, where you don’t even want to live. Is healing possible? YES! Join Laura Charanza and Spiritual Healer and Life Coach Rebecca Lynn Pope as they discuss the importance of healing and how to kick start the process.

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  • Riva Boone

    I find myself REALLY scared when my narcissist has to reach out to me because we have children together and I recently just ended our relationship of 3 year 13 years and I just want to know do you have any suggestions for me to get past that

  • Stacie Ruyle

    I started to heal after I made my health my #1 priority. Admittedly, I did not do that for the right reasons. I did it because, after nearly a decade of triangulation tactics and this guy making me feel like he was ashamed to be seen with me in public, I eventually decided to lose weight to "win him over". The good news is, once I started losing weight and gaining confidence, the dynamic changed. I started thinking clearly. I started educating myself on healthy behaviors and unhealthy behaviors. I also noticed that I gained a magnitude of personal growth while this "guy" was still going nowhere with his life. It's true that we all mature at different points in our life. However, I don't have time for grown-ups who can't take responsibility for anything, who manipulate others, and can't hold a rational conversation. Once you step aside, you will see how annoying it is to have to deal with a narcissist. They are wasting their own lives. Don't let them waste yours, too.

  • queenjahneen100

    I ended up homeless sleeping in my car in Los Ángeles behind narcissistic abuse (an ex I tried to get away from who was stalking me from city to city and my biological father) and almost took my own life. I prayed to God that if I was meant to be here to give me a sign and when walking up the street to buy razor blades an acting student came out of a building and asked if I wanted to watch their rehearsal… that dude saved my life… my sign from God. Spiritual warrior… I’ll take that. That’s a fact! ✊🏾

  • 0 neven

    Turn to Jesus Christ for truth healing, NOT OTHER PPL. Always a book to sell, you are no different then the pharisees of the temples of old. Self love and self etc etc etc, thats the problem with narcissist, hello, its about helping others, love of others and first live of God and his holiness, forgiveness is key, all the things Jesus taught, GO TO CHURCH PPL, CHURCH THAT TEACHES TRUTH, the one and only truth, Jesus Christ crucified for your sins, repent cause time is short, Jesus is coming soon, Jesus is telling all his Bride/the church, he is coming soon. Seek him while he can still be found, his love is the only one and true love, stop selling books and read Gods word, pray pray pray, focus on God/Jesus Christ, not yourself.

  • KatLat

    Wow! Utterly awesome! Thank you SO very much for this! I was struggling today. It has been 2 months since I ended the "relationship" with the narc and have been no contact. Today was one of those days I kept remembering how wonderful it was at first. He got into my heart and head and learned how to portray everything I wanted and needed in a man. (He would have won an Oscar if it was a movie!) That acceptance, and trying to come to terms with the fact that it was a fantasy, is very difficult. I needed to hear this and the reminders! Thanks so much again!

  • Speaking Bee

    You two are the best. A really good movie to watch is called Fatal Honeymoon where an American in Australia murdered his wife after driving her nuts. Total Narc on display. Poor girl. Thanks for all your hard work xxx

  • Mrs.C At the Creek

    Great Video.. ❤️❤️ Would love to see more of Rebecca.. This last blowup from my narcissist really gave me that ahh..haaw moment. Why am I doing this. I cut all ties immediately. I didn’t even know myself anymore. I am no longer a victim.

  • Barbara Brinkmeyer

    No one knows. FTD can hit during teenage years. 2/3'rds of this other person's brain has gone bad at some point, earlier in life. Often, by the time they're in their 20's … the nastiness is well underway, it the mind is already gone…, by a protein self-replicating within the DNA, killing off healthier cells. (This is what's not understood about NPD). However, Alzheimer's is one typical understanding… as there are many forms of Dementia. Extreme Narcissism is a symptom of a brain long dying (quite possibly Frontotemporal Lobe Dementia … FTD, Google, Mayo clinic. It's better to know what you're dealing with). NPD's pick STABLE CAREGIVERS. They know that they aren't "right". Kindly, PUT YOURSELF FIRST AND FOREMOST. Dissolve the trauma by altering your own narrative (which is you matter greatly because you're here on Earth). You have purpose and meaning. Place your rehabilitative steps ahead of all else – even sometimes ahead of your children (because the entire family falters if you falter). No one can afford to falter … so yes, visualize removing a tattered coat. Then, start to dress yourself up!!! Yes, you're working on yourself: hair cuts/exercise/good food/pets/exercise/laughter/loving your children/decent clothing/decent work/fragrances/music/entertainment/medical coverage/$$/ (notice: these are the very things that the NPD steals from you. * These women are telling it straight. Tackle the inner work (unconscious mind). If not, you'll attract more abusive types to you because your "picker is broken". Don't date for a while … avoid dating websites. Reprogram some of the upside-down thoughts instilled in you by the NPD … which is, "You'll set yourself on fire for me." NO. Every abuser is responsible for himself/herself. (If in crisis (with the permission of these kind ladies), also consider Melanie Evans a try, if inclined. Her free seminar will Spiritually shift you out of traumatic freezing. Melanie Tonia Evans, YouTube, 3-hr seminar. If religious – God & Christ. If atheist – anything that keeps you moving forward in positive ways)). Again, NPD's teach children to actively undermine your success so be aware without being fearful. Yes, check all of your beliefs with others who will tell you honestly, "That sounds about right or is level … or it's off and needs revision." However, NPD's fully plan to rob you of your home and all of it's contents/friendships/business connections (through what's called "Loss Transfer" of their pain). Therefore, change locks frequently. Run to the bank for assistance. Work with an attorney & CPA. * If you cannot afford an attorney, see the financial advisors at your most trusted bank or credit union. Of course, banks aren't perfect, but at least, they're watching out (in part) for you. * You become your own advocate. *You can do far better alone…, without the NPD!!! Do not discuss new connections with anyone. RE: Your locks can be re-keyed without having to buy new hardware. A locksmith can help — as your first step (once the NPD has left the home… $7 – $14/rekey) … and change your locks often if children are living with you. The Narcissist will attempt to circumvent all security by using the child or young adult (sad but true). Because an NPD's brain is dying and is on fire, naturally, they don't want a Psychiatric examination as their only choice in life is to put on false fronts. If people know that this is an extensively-demented person, no one is going to give them anything. That's why they pretend. * So as you release the Narcissist, you don't have to out the Narcissist. They're already experiencing "no" daily. Rather, move from survivor into thriver directions over time. Keep working as persistence beats resistance, and it's true that as you make positive choices, you will move forward and your life will become very peaceful, far more stable, & much happier!

  • Fresita G

    I stopped talking about NC with friends and family and I'm feeling great. My anxiety is gone and keeping myself healthy, exercising, and in outdoor activities alone or with friends. He went to jail for 5 yrs and I never left him, very bad of me, know is too late for an amendment. He is free now for 3 yrs and deported to his country and still never left him and he appears to enjoying our long distance relationship. I provided him with $8,000 to invest in a car, huge mistake of mine. In my last trip 9 months ago I was able to expose him after I found out he was holding another relationship for the last year and 1/2. I was devastated and heart left in pieces. Now he doesn't come up with a solution to pay me back my money. Which I think he never will pay me back. I feel free and happy for just letting him go and be in peace. Thank you ladies for the video.

  • Vi Johnson

    I've had an entire week from not hearing from the narc.  I guess she's angry with me because I don't do things her way, like getting the type of car she wants me to have.  One thing….I got a new phone and her number did not download!

  • Chamomile Tea

    I feel so much better after listening to this. I lost many years of my life giving my heart. Now I have a new life and am finally out of harm's way and able to express myself. I did the work and am still processing things and learning about life, myself, and others. I have that one special person who believes in me now and I will never take him for granted. Listening to this gave me a huge boost. Thank you.

  • Caveman Spongebob

    I'm 13 and I'm not sure but i think I have npd what should I do I've never been in a relationship and I don't have any friends and I actually have social anxiety to my parents don't believe in mental health and a pschyiatrist pychologists or therapists so what should I do?

  • Genette Leigh

    A question: Due to an increase in violence by my stbx that led to a big rage last November I have been able to escape my 25 years of a so called ‘christian’ narcissist. There is a no contact order in the court so he has to stay away from the house and my work. My question that keeps coming to me is will my memory return? I have black out moments or in the middle of a conversation I will completely forget what I am talking about. Other things I will forget basic things like appointments or what order of events actually happened. Right now I want to heal that part of me. Is that possible?

  • Cyber Surfer

    Gaslighting hell today . No choice.. homeless with my dog. I can't do a heart attack .. beyond sick .. felonies.. and police will do nothing and I will end up looking the fool to be homeless so . evil narcs win.. coverts almost always get their way until the bring physical harm. Duped deceived and not a relationship Go figure this one . Whew

  • josh

    Just want to be loved and that can be bad wanting something good because narcs see that and that’s when they strike when they use you and they know where you are in like what your like and when your vulnerable they strike

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