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Growing Happiness After A Malignant Narcissist/Psychopathic Relationship

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  • Barbara Brinkmeyer

    P & H! Dear!!! Hello, hello. Confirm – higher self-esteem translates into very powerful you. Let's call a spade a spade. It takes time to realize that you don't need these types. An NPD is a False Self. It is an aspect of you but he or she is not you. Therefore, tackle the Inner Child. P & H. I set my recovery date. You can hit the reset button on your life. When I just listed the past 4 years…, wow. I've been busy but didn't think about how extensively I had been working. In a fairly short amount of time, you will see that you are a Golden Heart! You can't be anything less. After all, you are Universes apart from a Malignant personality. Take care of yourself and if others are meant to reappear in your life, they will.

  • India D

    I talked with an aunt over the phone day before yesterday. I havent spoken to her in years except for once in 2016…..Boy I tell you I was in physical pain after talking to her and all your and others videos came flooding in….She love bombed me over the phone and then throw quick subtle knife insults, then love me up and come with another jab, then brag about her grandson whose this "phenomenal anomaly" in Italy. I purposely got back under her skin but I realized I am happier just keeping a permanent distance and it's better if she just stays out if my energy field and consciousness. The whole "can you top this" conversation and attemted grooming to see if I would take the inferior stance is irritating but Im not required to even know her in my life anymore, THANK GOD!!! I have every right to love myself and smile at my accomplishments. I dont need this lady nor is she in any position to chip away at me when Im extremely valuable to God.

  • Duane Outdoors

    It is a struggle gaining happiness, i have moments thay are getting more frequent. Whats strange is when i start feeling happy theres a part where you feel like if i get too happy something bad is going to happen or a feeling like i dont deserve to be happy and i know where its coming from, years of being brought up of it being stifled, an example would be bringing home a B on a test and being told it should have been an A or getting an -A and asked why didnt you get an +A, its intertwined with not being good enough and it carries with you and you attract the same people in relationships. Its been a struggle and its something im working on and the self talk. I think it takes awhile and repeated incidences of being happy and seeing nothing unforseen bad is going to happen. Its like relearning life and rewiring your brain. Little by little i can see the change in myself for the better. Theres an underlying somber feeling that comes with all this and I use it to reflect and search inside. Im gaining more awareness about myself. These videos and tools and your help really does help. Thank you.

  • Marcia Noren

    Great message, P&H Thank you! After going NC, grieving the losses and processing N abuse (for some of us, multi-generational) then we have to do the most important inner work of all, reclaiming our joy of life! Wanting that back, it helps to reaffirm it every day. Glimmers of joy begin to happen. Celebrating them by appreciating them multiplies them. Eckhart Tolle's YouTube channel provides lots of help with this.

  • Robert

    Love you. You are such a beautiful soul. Thank you for all the work you are doing. If I weren't so broke, I would donate to your channel. Sending good wishes and prayers your way.


    Here's to all the cruel monstrous beings, especially mommy dearest, called a "family": I was born an angel. All you all ever did was try to destroy me in every way, and it only got worse with time. The knife you all used to stab me in my angel back all my life will be the same knife that cuts the ties with all you wicked psychopaths ouf of my life forever. Forgiveness is BS, and not "TO MAKE ME FEEL BETTER". Such evil creatures do not ever deserve forgiveness for their evil. Vengeance against evil against the righteous is mine, sayeth the Lord. I will wait on the Lord. The hurt is so deep in the core of my being, there's no words to describe it and why I keep finding myself with this same type. I want to donate, but still homeless and forced to still live with one of these monsters so myself and my pet aren't on the streets. Thank you for this and all your beautiful soul teachings, dear Peace and Harmony.

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