Green Book is no masterpiece, but here's why it won Best Picture

Green Book is no masterpiece, but here’s why it won Best Picture

Of all the 2019 Oscar upsets, the one that has caused the greatest shock, teeth-gnashing and Twitter apoplexy has been giving Best Picture to a solidly acted, middle-brow drama with an uplifting message and nice cinematography. 

But is it really a surprise Green Book would carry the day at the Academy Awards? Consider the competition: Roma (a foreign language Trojan horse for barbarians-at-the-gate Netflix), The Favourite (sexually transgressive arthouse romp), Black Panther (a superhero film with horrendous special effects) or Bohemian Rhapsody (terrible biopic about a terrible band – yes we’ve just said that out loud). 

Consider, too, how faithfully the Mahershala Ali / Viggo Mortensen two-hander…

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