Former Saints coaches from ‘Bountygate’ back together with Jets

Former Saints coaches from ‘Bountygate’ back together with Jets

Two names well known in New Orleans are back together again in the NFL.

A pair of former Saints assistants who became well known in the so called Bountygate scandal that led to multiple league suspensions were both hired by the New York Jets, that organization announced.

Gregg Williams will serve as the defensive coordinator and Joe Vitt as senior defensive assistant and outside linebackers coach in New York for the 2019 season.

Williams was formerly the defensive coordinator for the Saints while Vitt served as assistant head coach and linebackers coach during the time when the NFL accused the franchise of putting bounties on opposing players.

The subsequent scandal resulted in Saints head coach Sean Payton being banned from coaching the team for the entirety of the 2012 season.

The NFL suspended Williams indefinitely after determining that the Saints paid bonuses for injuring opposing team players, but he was reinstated after sitting out a year.

Vitt testified against Williams in the NFLs investigation against the Saints, and was ultimately suspended the first six games of the 2012 season.

Now, both coaches are working together again for the first time since the scandal.

One wonders how they will get on given how things ended up between them. Back during the investigation, Vitt was reported to have called Williams a liar and a narcissist.

“I want to show you here the situations where Gregg Williams is a liar, where Gregg Williams is narcissistic, where Gregg Williams has lost his mind in situations,” Vitt testified to the National Football League’s investigators in 2012, according to The Athletic.

“So you tell me what we’re going to believe and what we’re not going to believe. We’re going to believe this but we’re not going to believe this? It’s okay for you to believe this at one time, but no, we know he was lying at this time?”

In his testimony to the league, Vitt said Williams seemed interested in discussing only himself and never commanded the full respect of the Saints players on defense.

“He’s got this insatiable desire to talk about himself,” Vitt said, according to the report.

“He’s got this insatiable desire to talk about how good he is and his family is. And in the course of all of the bullsh-t stories, you’ve got to work your way through it, you’ve got to, you know, you’ve got to try to get the meat and the potatoes of what’s true and not true. But after a while, that just gets to you. It just gets to you.”

Vitt also claimed that Williams leaked the Saints’ draft picks to the press and how that ultimately resulted in the team wanting to part ways with him.

In the end, both Williams and Vitt left New Orleans. Now, they’re back together in New York. How that turns out only time will tell.

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