Former Big Brother contestant Sallie Axl responds to 'scissor attack' video

Former Big Brother contestant Sallie Axl responds to ‘scissor attack’ video

Former Big Brother contestant Sallie Axl says she was “in a dark place” at the time a video which allegedly shows her attack an ex with a pair of scissors was taken. 

In a series of Instagram updates she said the footage was from more than a year ago and she was on multiple medications at the time. 

The glamour model claims she had been laughed at by her former boyfriend after she had self-harmed, which prompted the outburst, that was witnessed by his daughter. 

The Mirror reports that Axl, real name Sally Pryzbeck, wrote: “I was on a high dosage of anti depressants and anxiety tablets! I’m shocked he could post a video of his daughter.

“This video is from over year ago… I hope you all are never in a bad place like that. I was videoed and made fun off. 

“I was at breaking point this was not now.

“As you can see I have self harmed and he is laughing at me.

“Mental health is serious this is why I have been so open about coming of those tablets! Look at my hair it’s from start 2018!! Not now.”

Axl, who was in the 2013 series of the reality show, writes that she is a “personality disorder sufferer” on her Instagram page. 

Merseyside Police is investigating the footage which has been spread online. 

Anyone affected by the issues in this report can contact Samaritans on 116 123 or by emailing

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