FORCED PERSONALITY SWITCH CAUGHT ON CAMERA | Positive Triggers | Dissociative Identity Disorder

What are Positive Triggers in relation to Dissociative Identity Disorder and how do they work?? Let’s find out! Chloe and Kyle explain!



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Kyle and i are the most similar when it comes to music tastes. he’s a man of pleasant music, i must say.

My friend currently self diagnoses herself with did or mpd and im quite not sure if she really has it or just desires to have it and mock it since we only get to talk in chat and thinks i easily believe her through a chat? She lied a lot so idk, if we ever meet how can i tell if she really has it and how can i help her?

I kinda want to see more of Nina. I’m new to the channel and I love all of you guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️

“we’re not super hero’s, we’re not monsters we are”


I have a question. Can someone please explain how they managed to get that picture of Kyle?

Okay Kyle has a great taste in music

Who dictates who fronts?? Does a switch happen because an alter wants to front? What regulates who switches/when they switch and how long it lasts?

So is there an original personality, like the one who was born first or do you guys figure out who’s the leader of the group? I’ve never known anyone with DID and only recently learned about it from this character from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures named Diavalo and Doppio and it sounds really interesting and I want to know more about it

mad respect – Lyle & Sara

We love you Kyle, preach❤️ -The Pineapple System

So I’m new to the channel and I have a question where does like Nadia go when jade is “using” the body

I halve expected kyle to come to the front singing "Eh, eheu, eheu, eh, eheu eheu"

Kyle is everything like he’s the best. he’s out here basically like, f- yeah i’ll protect you, i’ll do whatever you want babes

This is incredibly interesting. When the switch happened, I knew right away, and I have to be honest, I replayed it a couple of times. The complete difference in personality and even the accent is just mind blowing. I loved watching this video, and that hasn't happened for a while. I want to end off by saying you are all amazing and beautiful, and that it's great your spreading awareness. I wish forever happiness and comfort for all of you. Also, Happy New Year!

This video is old right but I have never heard Kyle pretending to be anyone and that was so spot on I got physical chills like… Kyle you freaked me out haha be you m8 that shit was weird.

wAit i dont have alters
I just have other personalities..

Wait what-

I have me and 3 other people in me one is the artist one is the angry one and one is joyful I’m the joyful one but when I’m in class they have FUCKING CONVOS in my head and it’s pissing me off I’ve had the biggest headache for 3 weeks str8

kyles analogy bout the weak knee and positive triggers was nice, solid job dude

I wish I could have it for like a week to just know what it was like bc I think three systems (I think anyways two definitely aren’t diagnosed but I’ve done a decent amount of research and one might be diagnosed they only recently opened up about their DID and I didn’t want to pry) but ugh I no matter how much you hear about it DID is literally just a completely different existence I honestly can’t imagine living with it but as someone who wants to go into clinical psychology (a large reason for that being my experience already with all sorts of my friends who have psychological disorders that range from mild depression to bipolar depression to DID to possibly schizophrenia and possibly sociopathy (it’s a wild ride sometimes) but I would love to experience DID for a week bc I know the surface of what depression feels like even if I don’t struggle with it I have mild psychopathic tendencies just like any other person and I can relate to that and talk people through that DID is basically a mystery to me watching this channel helps but it really just helps with terminology and the actual science behind it I still won’t ever be able to truly understand what living with even like 3 alters is like it’s just not something that can be truly put into words but I’m so glad your system decided to do this I think it’s a great educational tool to help both those who have DID understand themselves a bit better and feel like they’re not alone in dealing with this and the people around them who earnestly try their best to understand and help someone they might know who has DID bc it is such a unique and poorly portrayed disorder
Ps. I also wanted to thank the protectors of the system bc while it is nice to see the care free alters front bc they’re just so bubbly as someone who usually takes a protective role towards others I always appreciate the effort you put in and the dedication it must take to provide such a necessary role despite the stress and Id imagine pain that you must go through bc you do often deal with the stress and hard decisions and the more unpleasant side of life so just thank you for keeping everyone safe
(If anyone reads to this point I applaud you and apologize for being so long winded ;p)

Would that mean you're gender fluid because your different identitys are different genders?

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