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Feeling guilty for going no contact with a narcissist parent? Watch this.

Feeling guilty for going no contact with a narcissist parent or family member? If so, I made this video for you. Maybe you need to see this from a whole new perspective. Let me show you.

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  • nae-lynn187

    I seriously LOVE YOU. I’ve dealt with a couple narcissistic relationships. And have learned so much on narcissism these past few years. And I love watching your videos. You’re an amazing person and love your spirit 😀😀you remind me of Penelope from criminal minds lol. Bet you get that a lot

  • Jennifer Hollingsworth

    I am beyond sorry that your mom did that to you. I know how it feels, my mom did the same thing to me. Her timing was awesome too bc she did this right after my dad suddenly and unexpectedly died, then my newborn son died in my arms in cardiac NICU and I was trying to help her clean out her house to put up for sale. My brother and his "wife", bc I have other adjectives for her but this one is polite, took my mom's side. What she thought was she wasn't going to see my young girls daily, so her idea was have cps take them and place them with family, hahaha, bc she was going to live with my brother, then she could have "her babies". Horribly, after she passed away herself about a year after this, all I felt for a long time was relief, it took awhile to mourn. Sorry so long, much love to you and everyone else out there trying their best💜💜💜 thank you Angie, you've helped more than you can know

  • Ame3thyst3

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ANGIE!!! No Contact with my NM for 44 days now. I've had some UNNECESSARY guilt.
    My NM smeared me at our family church. Very TRAUMATIC. (I only go to church when I sub for the pianist)
    On Mother's Day she actually left BRUISES on my upper arm as we entered the church. My C-PTSD kicked in immediately.
    Everyone treated me like I was on leave from a mental ward. I DISSOCIATED in front of the entire church.
    I have been a nervous wreck since then but getting better. I am 62…omg. Better late than never. Bless you Angie!!! <3 <3 <3

  • my enlightenment

    It took 55 years for me to have that snap moment. Although a lot of drama ensued, I thank God it happened or I would still be on the hampster wheel of insanity with my NM and enabling father. My only regret is I didn't do it years earlier. As all good narcs do, she turned my 2 siblings against me. So in essence I lost my whole family because of one psychopath that enjoys causing pain and suffering to her child. I grieve a lot over the fact that I had such a horrible mother and didn't land on the lap of a loving, nurturing mother like so many of my friends did. 2 years now no contact. I live overseas now but her smear campaign continues. I'll breathe a sigh of relief when this woman is in her coffin.

  • Be happy Be free!!!

    I blocked my narc mother in law from Facebook a few years ago after she posted a big rant on my wall saying i care more about my dog than my kids. I was avoiding her calls too because all she does is nitpick and complain about my parenting skills and the kids, drives me mad. Eventually I started answering some of her calls, only now and then, and she was a bit 'nicer' . She would cook for us and send us food because she said I wasn't feeding the kids properly, I eventually gave up protesting and just accepted all the food so I didn't have to cook, made it easier for me and probably confirmed in her head that I'm a bad housewife,this was towards the end and I stopped caring what she was saying and just smiled and said thank you. Now I have left my husband and blocked him too, which he's not happy about, but I'm still letting him call through Skype to talk to the kids. He's doing all this " I'm sorry, come back, I'm not going to shout at you any more, I can't live without you " but I don't believe it and I'm ending the call when he goes into that. i don't want to go Full no contact because he's their father and I'm hoping we can stay on good terms. But he lays on the guilt trip every time during calls so I'm just ending the call quickly with a smile at th at point hoping he gets the message. I'm just waiting for him to turn nasty once he realizes his love bombing isn't working, I hope he doesn't but I'm sure he's a narc so I'm prepared.

  • Joseph Fridley

    I went no contact (NC) in January of this year. The road has been difficult, but also extremely rewarding. No contact is not an easy decision, however, it was the best situation for me and my family. If you are going to NC then I suggest keeping a journal of your thoughts and emotions that you can review. As time passes you might forget why you went NC in the first place, especially as you let go of the memories and trauma from your childhood. In these times I would debate about breaking the NC, but having the journal and a supportive spouse helped to remind me of why I went NC in the first place. At the same time, if the narc. breaks the NC do not be discouraged. Though unfortunate and stressful that piece is just part of the journey you are on to recovery. For example, my father broke the NC by calling my work, and later my mother broke it my Emailing my personal Email and later my work one. Both of these situations were stressful at the time, but through it I learned to keep moving forward and it just reminded me why I went NC in the first place. I just blocked the Emails and kept on living my life.

  • pg 2019

    In the beginning stages after I broke up with him , I felt bad for going NC but did not feel guilty. But today having a New Life I don't regret it at all. On contrary it is the BEST thing I have ever done for ME!!!!!!

  • Dandelion Greens

    Oh WOW Angie! You just described the dynamics and behaviors of me with my parents and brother—-shudder. To say I relate is an understatement. Because my ex-husband is a toxic, in-cahoots, flying monkey to my narc parents, and because our young adult daughter is on the autism spectrum and not independent, going No Contact, to the extent that I'd like, is unfortunately not really possible. Thus, I am in limited contact, but it is stressful.

  • doublewideslim

    My mother called CPS on me as well, and had my older sister roped into the scheme.
    Over he last 10 years, I’ve watched her carry her behavior on to her grandkids. I look at my nieces and nephews, I can spot her new scapegoat, her GoldenChild2.0, the sequel to the lost one.

    I just thought she didn’t like my children. I thought she had favorite grandkids. I didn’t understand WHY DONT YOU LOVE MY BABIES??

    Well, my kids have no use to her. Damn. 😂😂

  • LoveN Hate

    Run away from the guilt! Oh my lanta! Day 2! Only TWO and she said her mother was in the hospital.
    GUILT packed my bags and I went for the trip.
    Oh boy did that go horribly. Immediately I was attacked and given a huge list of everything I have ever done wrong.
    I went grey Rock and exited the "conversation." Following up with a complete sweep of all social media accounts. Once again,… No contact.
    By the way…. Her mom is already out of the hospital… Constipation. Wth?

  • Alexander Beaverhausen

    I am so sorry to hear what your mother did to you. It never stops amazing me what our loved ones do to us. My mom pretended that my partner, who had been killed about a year prior, possessed her (she called it 'jumping' as in the ghost show with Amy Allen). She spoke like she was him, apologizing to me for leaving; she even made up lies about what 'he' had wanted for us… I just stood there in shock, wanting to believe that my soul mate was finally reaching out to me… But then she asked me as if it were him, to give him a kiss goodbye… I remember the exact words from my mouth, "I can't kiss you, your talking through my mother"… Then she turned around and walked away…it's strange – what comes back to you and when 🙁

  • N Fisher

    Holy cow. Your personal story of what flipped the switch and made you go no contact is incredibly similar to mine. My parents went to my children's school and expressed "concern" about my ability to parent my children, and that they believed I should be committed to a mental hospital. This was in retaliation for my saying no to an unplanned extended visit… My ability to tolerate the bullshit ENDED that day.

  • Delicate Damsel

    Hello Angie! First of all, Thank you for having your channel. You have been of great aid to me. I went no contact as well with my mother 2 months ago and am feeling healthier to be honest. My heart racing at all times stopped and I also now have a new number she will not have. She has a google number she can call and leave a message if she pleases. I’ve also removed her pic from my Facebook. She’s decided to hide where she lives now but now we know why she’s hiding it. It’s because she moved in with a cousin that tried to get me to slip off a steep mountain when we were kids and much much more. I truly believe this is clearly demonic possession at its finest. She would open her eyes huge at me and those cold uninterested gazes will always be my way of reminding myself what I went through all my life as a child and even as an adult till now. It’s best to just bury the whole situation and everyone involved as they have a way of finding new flying monkeys that will perform tasks for them. Specially when money is involved.

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