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Fareed Zakaria points to narcissism after Trump sides with Kim Jong Un

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria calls it “inconceivable” that President Donald Trump said he believes North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un was not aware of the conditions in which former American prisoner Otto Warmbier was held. #CNN #News



  • hulaGUNZ

    How can anyone who claims to be a proud American support such a weak leader, I mean really if there ever was a reason to impeach a president and hold him accountable for such treason and dishonesty. On a daily basis this selfish egotist has been manipulating the system with an absolute lack of compassion…if American's really want to be proud of something why do they act like cowards and not fix this historical mistake?

  • Ramsey

    Trump meant that Jong Un did not personally give orders for guards to abuse the American student. Guards do that on their own in poorly supervised holding areas. So, once again: Trump tells
    truth, unhip CNN “news” people jump the gun because they want socialism to take over.

  • I find this to be interesting Jarp, jurp jup jup

    CNN just cannot see the logic. Or this is just useless propaganda.
    Better not to say too much. As CNN would expose how Trump is actually doing the right thing, in order to reveal this to Kim to botch the negotiations and to reverse the progress, in order to try and fuel the next election in favor of the democrats.

    This isn't even news anymore. It isn't even their take on it, if it is, they are too stupid to be purveying such important information.
    They don't even suggest what might work… who would of thought, anyway.

  • Jimmy.C

    We have to look at it from NKs perspective, (yes i know, why on earth should we?) But Kim cannot trust the US. He only likes Trump and he knows good and well at maximum, Trump will only be around until 2024. He has to have complete assurance that even after Trump, his country will not be destroyed or invaded or something along those lines. It's a game of chess. At the end of the day Kim still has an entire country to look out for( yes i know hes not doing a good job at that) but lets be real here the US govt can be really shady especially if Trump is not around. Right now just talking to the man is the most progress we've had in almost a century, Trump knows you cant just jump the gun on this its a very sensitive subject. We are so close we cannot blow it now by being aggressive

  • Nancy Selzer

    CNN:  What  clueless, deceitful news reporting.   RE: 1:35 "…Donald Trumps says he takes PUTIN'S side…"  Obviously, a guy who doesn't know shit…It's Kim Jong Un, dummy.  Interesting that Fareed is now a mind-reader telling everyone that Kim lied.  I tend to believe every at his word, giving them the benefit of the doubt, until proven wrong.  Obviously, CNN and Fareed do not.

  • karen Salmoiraghi

    The Dems voting against child protection in congress Monday was supported by all Democrat leaders makes them poisonous and unelectable. Trump has a clear path to another 4 years. The child protection of the BORN has nothing to do with women’s rights!!!!

  • Edmund Singleton

    Fareed Zakaria will be hosting a CNN global special, “Saudi
    Arabia: Kingdom of Secrets”, of which I will pledge to watch if he agrees to
    dye his hair for the telecast…if only to increase and add that much needed marketing
    spark to his credibility…and run adds during its run for ‘Trump Stakes’, so
    tender they seem to melt in your mouth and or on your brain…both at the same

  • I Ate You’re Pye

    Okay so we are supposed to annoy the shit out of Korea for not telling the truth? Like what do you expect trump to do you asked him a Q and he answered you don’t just sit there and call the guy a liar and start a war. We were close to war with North Korea and now we aren’t bottom line. I doubt trump believes and agrees with everything Kim says but you can’t not try and get along for the better. That’s my take on it

  • blue-i

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  • blue-i

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