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Fake Empathy From Narcissistic Family Members And Friends

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  • Tyler Wilson

    Yes. I totally agree with this 100%. You know while dealing with the situation at hand, and on my own. I see that all family wants is a handout and more of what can I do for them. I've always been independent, and I know the old saying. In your hardest times, you'll see who was there for you and who wasn't. Got to cut them off too. Once again @Asscdirect. Dropping true knowledge here. Like always. Thanks. God speed.

  • kirmora molone

    Yes you are right Quinn.They (Nar) be talking about you behind your back. Especially when you hear them. And then they try to carry on a cordial conversation with you knowing that they was talking about you behind your back. They smile and be looking stupid.
    Not alone do they talk watch the UGLY BODY LANGUAGE TOO. The nac's I'm referring to is ex and his mama. Both of them are Crazyyyyyyy. So happy I'm not in that toxic chemical environment.

  • sunshine

    my covert narc Dad would act supportive of me with my divorce from narc ex-husband and then I found him all cozy with my exhusb shaking his hand acting all nice. My ex-husband was so abusive. My Dad didn't care at all.  I knew my Narc Mom did not care but she was the overt kind (very obvious) and he was the sneaky kind.

  • Marcella Mcduffie

    Hello !! And thanks sooo very much for liking my comment!! And yes I meant all that I say because we have to stay healthy and that's one way to stay in great health is to steer clear of these people ,much more love . Quinn and I will stop by again soon bye for now.


    They all seem to see it and acknowledge the narcs behavior yet never stand up to them. Whether it’s because they don’t want to get the wrath too or that they just don’t care enough to get involved, I don’t know. To me it’s like watching a bully pick on an innocent defenseless kid and doing nothing about it. I experienced this often when I was young.

  • risingamerica

    It all makes sense! GOT IT! That's EXACTLY why I STOPPED dealing w family like that! Because all 97 percent of them did was ridicule my plans & ideas ; and bring ZERO input or assistance. All they brought to the table was "lip-service" . My next move, zero details. Move in silence!

  • Natalia Vega

    Hey Quinn
    Thank you so much for your videos. I've learned so much from them. Could u please do a video on family enmeshment? My experience w my ex was he and his mother had an emotional incestual relationship where he was the son husband when he was actually my husband. She was his primary source and I,was possibly the secondary??? What was this dysfunction? His family was just like this video u described and they loved…..drama. One moment the mother was talking mess about one of the sisters, then telling the other sibling something else and so on. It was just ridiculous. I blocked them all including my ex and he is furious but I don't care but if he has his primary then why is he all mad about losing his secondary which I think was me?

  • KaskaVenom

    I’m not gonna lie as an aspie that went through psychosis@ the beginning of this year, (im16nlost)during the psychosis my family, ex, fake friends always invalidated n cringing at my feelings n love I gave to them, n left as the one that gets pushed aside because i was holding my emotionally abusive family together all my life they called me the “sane” one but till this point my mind n emotions had stuck with me n It got me thinking I’m the crazy one but I don’t know if I am or those feelings really mean nothing. My mom literally seen me closed off n said “took her heart away” n was talking about accomplishment. I need help. they did accomplish something. Shutting me down into depression.. my dude, ima try to email you🖤🌌

  • KaskaVenom

    If you see this I have a question, I’m wondering what are the differences n relations between narcissism and psychosis

    like, i know narcissism is like psychosis, but are all ppl with psychosis narcissistic ? I’ve heard someone say their narcissistic with no empathy but I don’t think everyone with psychosis is narcissistic .. what are your thoughts/ opinions on this? 💭

  • manfocused

    Everything they say and do is on the surface. It doesn't come from within. It's just a preformance. It's like they're on stage 24/7. If you pay close attention you can tell that they don't feel the way they are TRYING to make you to believe they feel. "It" (the narc I know), would actually shed tears. Then I'd catch her looking at me to see if her "tears" were "working" on me. Mind you, this woman is in her 50s, pretending to cry. The fake empathy from them is their way of trying to control the way YOU feel. It's part of their game. They HAVE to put on this act. It helps them stay in the "upper" position. Their actions never match what they say.

  • Narc Survivor

    Narcissistic family members do not want to support you. They want you to be dependent on them, only so you can never move on and find your own independence. They want to control you. They do not want you to achieve anything greater than what they have achieved, because then you will make them look bad.
    You will hear them talking about someone to you, behind their back. People who do this, will also be talking about you behind your back at some point.
    If someone is capable of assisting you, but only gives you words. They quite clearly do not want to help you, often due to their own hate, envy or inferiority complex.
    If you like this comment, please check out my playlist of videos on The Narcissist Parent –

  • PositifBeautee528

    Thank you sooooooooooooo very much for this video resonates 1000%. I cut off folks left and right, they didn't change, I DID. My eyes opened up and they are the same damn people that they have always been. Miserable, Jealous, Hateful, Spiteful, Manipulative, Sorry Son of Bitches. BYE. I finally have PEACE and IT AIN'T FOR SELL. Thank you , you will never know how much your videos help change my life in an AWESOME AND GREAT WAY.

  • p mgc

    yes my family throws me under the bus continuously. My mom became I'll the overt abuse all started towards me. I may even loose everything if it's up to my brother despite my moms wishes. I cant grasp the selfishness of my siblings. They won't be happy til I'm pushing a shopping cart down the street. I have a hard time wrapping my head around this family dysfunction. I was surrounded by narcs…job, family and ex BF. I'm working on reclaiming my sanity due to all this abuse .

  • joosyme

    Interesting listening to this 🤔. You’re describing my father. And my cousin (female). I had the misfortune to live with her in my 20s. Although “popular” to others, she had a horrible side to her that only I would see because I lived with her/it.

    It was such a stressful time for me. Long story short, I distanced myself from her. Now, 30 years on she’s still the same. We spoke briefly recently and everything I said she’d “one up” me and throw sly digs.. My father – I prefer to text him than speak to him because at times he’s a really stressful, bully. I thought my childhood had a strict upbringing. BUT the truth is it was psychological abuse. My mother fortunately divorced him. Listening to these YouTube videos on #narcissism, I’m finding it really interesting, and disturbing 😢

    I didn’t know there was such a thing as a narcissistic personality 😳. I’m actually finding it out now. And it’s really interesting because unless you’ve had an experience with this type of character, you really don’t understand how manipulative, and messed-up this character trait is. I really don’t know if they do it on purpose – I really think they are unaware of their behaviour.

  • Toi toy Haynes

    I’ve watched other narc channels and there was a guy that spoke on the dynamics of black mothers and their daughters.. At first I denied it because he’s not black but it so true.. Some are jealous of their daughters and it never made sense but it’s definitely true in my case… My mother would clown us when we gained weight .. Now she makes fun of my son but she’s always been bigger than everyone she talks about.. She’s had an eating disorder, got surgery and says she walks over 5 miles in a day and she is still overweight

  • missmeonbs

    When narcs criticize your ideas or plans simple say "so what idea or plan do you suggest"? I bet they have nothing of substance to say or more hate to spew. I've done this several times to narcs and toxic ppl and it works every time. After they either shut up or continue their childish hate rant just start chuckling and walk away.

  • Sootygrouse Boogaloo

    So true. Just outed a narc "friend" simply by setting a reasonable boundary. He had a meltdown and rage quit. All he did was reveal his narcissism, that's all. If you think someone might be a secret enemy? Try setting a boundary (in this case I asked him why he was trying to make me feel bad for something I can't change right now when he sees I'm trying to do my best) and see how they act. If it's a narc, they aint never gonna take responsibility for their bad behaviour or abuse. Never. Good riddance.

  • Belizean Bad&Bruja

    I never understood that I always have to be independent I'm in a family full of narcissists and they're very codependent on each other. I have a child that special needs right and I'll be needing support but I never get it so I learn how to do things myself. I honestly feel like they want to see me sweat but somehow even in my struggles I still shine. meanwhile a wonder why I have the "I don't need nobody" attitude because I don't. Another thing I hate it when you know you not really liking me but you don't want to admit it to yourself because you know the reason is petty but you still want to be around me I never understood that. It's like they don't like you they just like what you can do for them and what you can bring to the table. Through money if I support energy favors just to suck up your personality take up your time. So I stopped doing certain stuff people cuz I know you truly don't like me. it comes to the point that if I'm doing good I don't even want to contact them I don't want them to know anything that I have going on or what I'm about to do. I see the fake family s*** on social media to you can see how they acknowledge certain family members or others and my siblings would comment and like certain family members that I beefed with but not mine and it's not in her care about social media but it does show you but people truly are about by what they choose to get light too. Can you do a video on that about narcissistic your family drama over social media this is happened so many times. how they would watch you to see if you're talking about them but if you post any of your achievements or children or anything positive they ignore it.

  • Meep

    Former coworker narc would always fake cry while giving out fake ass empty apologies after publicly humiliating me on facebook and sending me disgusting insulting messages for over a year. Good thing I kept all the screenshots. Managers got rid of him with the quickness ✌️😄 deuces demon

  • Miss Jackson

    Always pay attention to how a person talks about somebody to you because it's the very same way they'll talk about you to others. This message is right on point. I have gotten soooo much truth and healing and clarity and wisdom and knowledge and understanding through these messages.

  • Worships Cats

    I loved this video. I'll be honest I've prob picked up a couple – although minor – bad habits after coming from a fam of narcs. I can remember telling someone's business to someone else in an innocent way, but as we all know, the wrong person will twist your words and it can get back to the person you talked about incorrectly. I'm going to work on not talking about people at all who aren't in the room. Thanks so much Quinn we can prob all afford to level up in one way or another in order to elevate one another and ourselves after what we've seen and been through! x

  • Issie Parker

    Absolutely true. They are fake and users. Divorce them all and happier. Making more withdrawals than deposits. A lot of envy with these toxic people.

    Guard your heart from these devils. Nothing but gossips and lip service. Stay away.

  • Terravia D Green

    Then you talkin about my mother from early age me and her used to go at it and once I got old enough she's not calling the cops on me she would nit pick fight with me then get out of the house and I have no idea why she used to do it now I know this is stay away from her and I do you guys did that tell us about the kind of people I gave me a sense of Peace where I can live my life without my mother in it and don't feel bad about it anymore.

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