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Exiting Hell Alive / Preparing for the Narcissistic Storm. Summarizing Upcoming 7/14 Chicago Seminar

In this video I explain/summarize the first three hours of my 7/14 Chicago Seminar. Register here:

In this seminar, you will learn how and why people with SLD’s – Self-Love Deficients – consistently and predictably fall victim to narcissistic abuse, and why it is nearly impossible to escape the vice-like grip Pathological Narcissists have over them. Not only is Stage Four: “Preparing for the Narcissistic Storm,” essential to this Rosenberg’s Ten Stage Self-Love Recovery Treatment Program, it is essential to the success to the most difficult of all stages – Stage 5: Setting Boundaries in a Hostile Environment.

Stage 4 proactively prepares the SLD to succeed and overcome the debilitating and frozen nature of their SLDD and their narcissistic adversaries. Its primary purpose is to empower, educate, and guide an embattled and often gaslit SLD so that they are prepared for the most difficult and consequential challenge of their life: to escape narcissistic abuse and to neutralize their unconscious and predictable patterns of self-sabotage. In this stage of treatment, a therapist teaches their SLD client a great deal of information about the struggles caused by SLDD, as well as those caused by his/her partner’s pathological narcissism – and how they interact.



  • Beth Rini Scott

    Saw what you did there…."the SLD has SLD…" (self love deficient has shame loneliness and doubt…) Thanks for your helpful videos and explanations!!! I can fully understand why you dont want to teach on the road anymore…Im a home-body too. Can enjoy travel, but always home more…Namaste

  • Dale Woodland

    Wholesome and detailing accurate information you distribute in the many areas of this world of psy Mr Rosenberg, thanks for sharing the information in many of your presentations, they have helped me maintain clarity within a continuous cycle of varying narcissist abuse by those in positions of current power. I was equipped with a toolbox of psy myself thanks to a combination of experiences and directed teachings. I see through awareness many underlying issues on micro and macro paradigms, but as any genuine practitioner will readily and happily admit, giving great advice unto others and applying cognitive practice in ones own happenings can become quite more problematic for clarity and applications.

    I am honestly surprised regarding the quality of the content you put out there on YouTube does not significantly have more views and thumbs up etc. When the shit hits the literal out in the open air fan in the sociology spectrum's, the content you share will be a crucial element 'Mental Health Food' which value will indeed inevitably soar in the social society sectors, whether it be for profit or not. Thanks again from down under Australia for sharing, for not only myself, but the many who are not given any opportunity to learn such nourishing accurate information to enrich their own lives in a den of wolves upon the sheep politically driven madhouse world.

  • Elizabeth Anderson

    Divorced one narcissist only to marry another. I have learned not to have expectations of a normal communicating relationship. When there is a moment the conversation seems normal I'm ready when it goes bad to become silent. I have learned to respond with okay or say oh and nothing more.I know when he's trying to lay a trap to get me going. For instance, he'll ask me silly questions to make me look dumb, then I start defending myself, sure enough the conversation goes bad. I now answer, yeah right I was wrong. I leave the room. I have learned, thanks to many YouTube's, what I'm dealing with. It ain't worth the fight because he can go Non-Stop not even make sense what he's arguing aboutI It's like arguing with an adolescent. I do make my point but then I walk away. If he follows me and provokes me to talk more I just refuse to talk. He walks away when he realizes I'm not going to get into it with him. Saves me peace of mind and emotional stress. One time I turned on my beautiful maranatha praise worship music and sang at the top of my lungs to the Lord Jesus! He didn't know how to deal with that, he walked away. I refuse to jump into his circle of anger and yelling. Took me a long time to learn this but I know now he is trying to rob me of my energy. Not going to happen anymore, God has given me the tools I need to outwit him. The Bible says silence is golden!

  • Jana Kovariova

    Unfortunately, I am not able to come to the seminar and I am not as much familiar with your work. However, it has been clearly said to me that I am codependent to my mother. She has destructive tendencies towards me meaning mentally abusive. I really want to move on but I know I feel weak and anxious about it. I feel I am about to do a crime if I leave. I am thinking about changing a lock for a start? Where do I start? Is there support group please?

  • Bubble Boxy

    I’ve been through Hell! The Devil came looking for me again about 18months ago?

    And it was a Demon from my past? Over 23 years ago when I was 16 years old.

    The last 6 months were like it was my fault for letting the Evil back in?

    The last 3 months I have lost my job and probably ended my professional sales career? I had spent the last 18 years climbing to where I always wanted to be? Which means I had achieved a life goal and had it all!

    The career, the car, the salary, the whole package! And with K25 in the bank?

    I had arrived? Ok?

    Within 18 months I am now unemployed for the first time in my life, since joining the Army as a boy soldier at 16 years old I have never been out of work or asked for government hand outs? I am living back with my elderly parents, who are also financially supporting me! They are both living off state pensions and are in poor health? I’m K12 in debt, my closest friends have turned in me and cut me off after 15 years of friendship and I was his best man! I have attempted suicide 3 times in 3 months and every occasion my COVERT NARCISSIST was present and left me for dead in 2 occasions when I had overdosed with prescription medication and alcohol in front of my COVERT NARCISSIST and the last thing I remember hearing was the key turn in the lock as she went out socialising during the day and got drunk? She actually snuck back in the house 5 hours later “to check in me” ummmmm?

    I’m alive and receiving help from a NHS CRISIS TEAM and after my last attempt to take my own (4 days a go) I know I have cut the head off the serpent “I AM NOT OK RIGHT NOW! BUT I KNOW NOW I WILL BE!

    I win?

    Please please please take this beautiful mans advice.

    I have no idea why this has popped up on my feed? But I know I’m praising God and Myself for attracting this guys channel?

    Firstly it’s saved my life. And secondly the way he presents this amazing very clever video, is everything that I am wanting to say to friends and family about my experiences and the TRUE DEFINITION AND UNMASKING OF A COVERT NARCISSIST.

    God bless you my new friend and yes I’ve subscribed! But I’ll be sharing this video and many more I’m sure within my contacts and social media platforms.

    Dam I may get a bumper sticker too🤔

    Any suggestions for a slogan?

    Answers below

  • Simone Cobb

    Ross, you are wonderful, I have gotten through a lot of these steps by myself. Believe it or not, I DO go to a therapist, but we talk about a lot of my past issues. The narcissist in my life has stayed away unless I want to visit with him for a dinner or whatever. Thank you for your knowledge and love. Simone

  • Charles Foster

    First time "hello" and thanks. I appreciate your willingness to build on what you continue to learn…all of life is a journey. This can even be recognized in the way our Creator's plan to redeem mankind and restore us to His Family and intimate fellowship is a journey of successive covenants that each build on the success of one before to be able to even understand the next, much less walk in that Light.

    You are the first to refer to the key role that attachment trauma plays besides Dr. Craig Childress who has done more to help victims of ABPA than anyone I know. My four great kids have been alienated from my whole side of the family after a divorce that I never even fought since they were their mother's weapon of choice. I'm a recovering classic enabler…but not fast enough to protect my alienated 21 yr old son from suicide while under his mother's twisted dictatorship. So sad!

    I would like to drill down with you into this because there is another step or two that are needed to take us from what you call "self-love-abundance" to a higher and more spiritually mature form that reflects our actual purpose.

    Toddlers love themselves and are healthy when they do, but that requires two loving, strong and united parents to do all the heavy lifting for the toddler to survive…literally.

    To mature to the point of BEING a loving, strong selfless spouse and parent requires that we step down from the throne of self-orientation (which is more like a plastic potty chair than a throne) and recognize the many things that are much larger than us: healthy relationships, marriage, parenting and our own heavenly Father and His eternal Kingdom which we are invited to enjoy as His faithful, healthy and loving family members. Maybe there are 2 more steps? Abba seems to like the number 12. ")

    I say this because I have been blessed by my subsequent/2nd marriage (in Jerusalem) and while we are both experiencing more love than we have ever known, we both recognize that our love-abundant marriage, while much larger than each of us independently, is not the largest issue in our lives. Only our Creator can sit on that throne, and we must coronate Him thus, ourselves, if the order and maturity we were made to enjoy and bear fruit within is ever to become a manifest reality. But, there are so many obstacles on this road, eh?

    We must remember not to attempt anything spiritual in our natural ability but by faith in God alone to do what is spiritual, through our obedience. Nor can we attribute things to our Creator that people must break His Instructions/Law to do! We wrestle not with flesh and blood, but with the spiritual rebels who were cast out of the presence of our Creator in Heaven and their spiteful deceptions designed to drag us down into evil, judgement and destruction with them. May all who proceed from and sojourn on the path of Abraham live as he lived and return to the instruction (Torah only) that is the ketubah of the blood covenant ratified at 3pm on Pesach, 30 AD. Isaiah 7:14 and 53:1-12…then John1-21 makes sense. It's just not all about us, but our Father, YHWH Elohim and Yeshua the Messiah of Proverbs30:4.

    Still on the sojourn…shalom †

  • Victor Kroud

    Wish I could attend the training. Narcissist Whisperer is good. Your information has allowed me to not only expect the reaction but react much more calmly when I didn’t take the time to anticipate the gaslighting. When it comes I recognize it, and say, “ whoa, I should have seen that coming!”

  • Corry MB

    Trama child, healing, self love recovery, excellent. I had always wondered why I always ended up with those types of personalities. And why I keep going back. Sounds, and looks wonderful, sorry couldn't hear you live, at your seminar. Thank you for these YouTube video's.😇💖

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