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Episode 2 – Part 1: What Is Narcissism? (The New Science)

Welcome to Episode 2 of this special “Rethinking Narcissism” Podcast.

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People ask, “Why rethink narcissism?” and sometimes they get a little confused from the title that somehow I’m talking about how great narcissism is – that’s not what this book is about at all. In fact, it draws on many of the most promising and recent research findings that we have in understanding narcissism and includes my own research in helping people understand narcissism in a different way, which gives you a much clearer path through all of this than we’ve ever had before.


If you haven’t already done so, I suggest you go to The Narcissism Test on and take the brief online version of the measure my colleagues and I have developed (The Narcissism Spectrum Scale) to see where you or your loved ones score (if you want to take it as if your loved one was taking it; many people have).

I really think this will help you make the most of what I’m going to be revealing over the course of the podcast and I hope you’re as excited to tune in as I am to share!



  • Dafydd ap Rhys

    Thanks for sharing:     Childhood survival…   conditioned to 'Echo' to keep the peace or conform.   Would this be similar to being conditioned in early childhood as with the 'People Pleaser syndrome'.  To Echo the Narcissist is to mirror back what he/she wants to see or hear?

  • A Sad Soul

    my husband love's to be seen as the hero to other people, gives money, time etc, he brags to me about how nice he is, well not to me, but l relpy (no honey, l know who you really are, tell it to some one else, who doesn't know you. l can never get sick or have a need, want, it actually infuriates him and he calls me childish and selfish, and to get up and clean the house, especially if i'm pointing out his mistreatment of me. you are not allowed to have any feelings, just need to cater to theirs. it's too late for me..!! when l found out about this disorder and tried to get a divorce. l discoverd first hand, how violent they can be. i'm trapped relating in a unauthentic relationship.

  • Lark Shelley Crudele

    My ex narc didn't care about his appearance. He's a slob. This was interesting. I was under the impression there was only unhealthy narcissism. Unfortunately my ex narc is an unhealthy narc. Waiting with bated breath for the day my son can get out from under his thumb.

  • R

    I score very low on healthy and extreme narcissism and very high on echoism, yet i have a narcissistic traits diagnosis,
    it doesnt make any sense
    Who the hell is the culprit in this
    Answers from all are welcome

  • corsican lulu

    so basically ur saying that anyone who doesnt have relationships for whatever reason, is in danger of being a narcissist? if u dont trust people because since childhood they have always let u down, or u just dont like people very much then its always unhealthy? always? some people are just loners i feel. just like some people are asexual and are not attracted to anyone either. i dont think people are so cookie-cutter

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