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Empath's Guides To Healing After A Narcissistic Relationship Breakdown With Dr. Christiane Northrup

Empath’s are special souls with so much Light to offer the world …

But sadly, we can be a ripe target for narcissists. And, when it comes to healing after a devastating breakdown, it can feel like we are living on an emotional rollercoaster.

This topic is very dear to my heart and that’s why I decided to interview my dear friend and colleague Dr. Christiane Northrup – to share with you the vital steps to healing the pain, taking back your power and putting an end to attracting toxic people who suck you and your life dry.

The great thing is, you don’t have to stop being an empath to achieve this!

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  • hicham spoffy

    My problem is that I understand clearly what I should do with my narcissistic wife that I suffered so much from her for 6 year's now… I feel like a Zombie now.. and I know that she doesn't care about my feelings since .. month 3 of our marriage. And now I hate her so much.. . I believe she's the only person in the world that I experience the feeling of heat with.. but ….

    I really can't hurt her very hard to hurt someone very very hard ..I can deal with being the victim. . But it's hard to deal with guilt. ..
    Who's really an empath .. they ll understand what I meant 😶😶😐😐😐

  • Snigdha Borah

    That's so true… I was in relationship with a narcissistic person. I feel it is such a disgrace for such people who are either born or become on of those to hurt their own kind in such a wicked way. And it is horrific to see them happy and joyful after all the hurt that they do to those innocent sensitive people.

  • Donna Woodford

    How can I expose a narc in court with antidotal truths when the judge is expecting facts? I listened to my attorney on a couple of incidences, thinking he's the legal expert after 30 years in the business, only to give the husband more power/evidence to use against me. Final hearing is in 16 days.

  • Angel heaven

    I am psychic, in the spirit realm I say as a survivor that these are dark workers who are stealing us lightworkers energy, they dont feel nor do these narsassists have emotions do they even have a soul, I just left one, they are not damaged they are a bad soul born to hurt others, they cant be loved, they are very evil maybe not all but mine was, they lie and steal and can kill animals and as mine did he is evil to me, the thing is I ignored my intuition and wish now I had I am very broken, but when I saw his true colors he turned on me.
    I am a light and these dark workers are here to kill and damage us lightworkers they may not even know it but I feel mine did, he knew how to lie and hes convincing. I am not like that. watch the movie Harmony its about this stuff. I need to say that do not let these be your partner and in your life if somone gives to much to you dont let them they will own you. the moment he knew I was leaving he stabed my car tired and got violent with me and was out to distroy me, I now have an avo on him and need it. they are evil. we first think no one can be like this evil but beleive me they know exacly what they are doing to us they injoy it very much. they dont have empathy and feelings , they send you crazy and then go onto another partner, no guilt they dont feel it, Iv nearly died from my last one and he shows to others he is loving and caring and nurturing, but its for them to look good, they do it to own, your owned not loved, they cant love. but by God they can hate and torture you.

  • P C

    Yes its in the bible….Jesus talks about them…he uses different words. Smakintosh channel describes the biblical teachings that warn people from narcissists. PS if you are a christian supporting people being killed, you're not a christian (just thought id add that in to the narcissistic christians who think they are ok supporting genocide…Jesus , if he ever does return is taking you nowhere) 🙂 Have a nice day all!

  • Susan D

    Wow, such a great take on Narcs and healing from your perspective Dr. Northrup. I appreciate everything you're saying about empaths, and I too worked as a health care provider for over 30 yrs..Thank you for sharing your expertise on this devastating mind fuckery that is so perplexing and hidden among the masses..Thank you too Melanie, <3

  • Donna Parks

    My sis d has targeted my friend in and email & I don't know what else they all under estimate her she has her own stratagies I realize sis d will target anyone she sees as my friend. Anyone any where including on line family friends acquaintance she dose what ever she can possibly think of to devide. Them from me & to control & to manipulate me unreall!!! I'm not over reacting like some think. Thank u GOD BLESS Y'ALL

  • Donna Parks

    Thank y all so much for ur information my sinces are being sharpened for sure I know GOD is with me & led me to this resource though don't like what I'm dealing with I know GOD has a purpose for all thingi i thank u & GOD for this resource

  • Michael Keeble

    Iv known im an empath from a young age. First time I noticed I could feel other peoples emotions was watching kids play with lego etc. It was as if I could feel their brains thinking and I could feel there imagination. Then as I got older within a second I could tell if someone was not happy inside when no one else could tell. Then of course iv meet people that actually drained me. I see being an empath as a strength but also a weakness. All my adult life women and men used to find me if they had a problem and would use my shoulder but it got to much hearing everyone elses problems more so when they were petty problems compared to my own. I see most people as clueless to other peoples emotions and needs etc which is kind of sad. I used to go out of my way to help people even at my own expense but wont be doing that again as most people take take take and when you need a little help there no where to be seen. I do not see much team work in people either. Being ex Army it was all about team work and putting your mates first but I do not see that in civi street which is sad. If someone is in trouble now days people get out there phones and record it not help them. I want to go back to the 80s. Well they had good music then as well. 🙂

  • MsOrganic1

    I LOVED this video. So many things your guest said I've been saying to others on the smaller scale. My heart was fluttering from beginning to end. Listened to it multiple times. THANK YOU for putting words to what I feel and how I've done my healing in one place!!

  • Holly Klassen

    I get an intense shortness of breath when my energy is being drained, like someone is sitting on my chest;it's very uncomfortable. I'm realizing the more intune with my body I am, the worse these kind of exchanges become. I have become quite isolated in order to protect my energy. So thankful for you ladies bringing attention to this topic.

  • Missy Hardin

    I totally am just still in complete shock .. looking thru pictures.. he looks so different.. that’s what I don’t understand how I never saw this coming .. I think I made excuses for what he was doing .. it is obvious during the big events of our lives he was over the moon.. so happy sharing his experience of being a grandparent.. in btw he seemed lost as I see now.. I was always trying to uplift him.. I’m a horrific empath as I listen to all of this, I’m still wanting to help him even now.. right this minute.. I just blew up his phone with message after message
    I’m so heartbroken and just don’t understand.. his new person, his second affair.. the first one was while I was so sick in the hospital.. this one during the exact time of my brothers death
    I agree I can not believe someone would treat me like this, manipulate me, make me feel like I’m crazy constantly
    I’m a nurse. He adored that when he meet me.. I’m trying to survive this.. a black hole is what he is.. oh me

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