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Dr Phil Season 2019 Best Episode 264

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  • Tracey Taylor

    The three of them need to put their own selfish needs aside and think about that little boy stuck in the middle of all of this nonsense. HE should be top priority. He needs strong role models, not self absorbed idiots behaving like horny teenagers.

  • CeltycSparrow

    This "man" is a coward and a fool. He very proudly tells Dr. Phil that in his perfect world, he would leave Dr. Phil's stage with his wife on one arm and his mistress on the other and live happily ever after with both of these women, but then when he's faced with these two ladies,….both of whom want to stake their claim and sit beside him….he can't tell Dr. Phil which woman he wants by his side. Here's a hint, you narcissistic pig….YOUR WIFE should be the ONLY woman sitting beside you. You are MARRIED. You have a CHILD. Your mistress is also married. She does not belong to you. You made vows before God to love your wife and remain faithful to her until death parted you and even before you married her, you were cheating with your mistress. And the mistress wants to say she "doesn't like it" that her lover is still having sexual relations with his WIFE and his wife offends her…..that is not your business sweetheart. SHE is his wife….not you. If she wants to have sex with HER husband, that is HER right. And I do think the mistress is being extremely naive and blind if she thinks she can be enough for this man…..because Dr. Phil has asked him at least 3 times "If you had to choose just ONE of these women to be with, which one would it be?" and NOT ONCE has he clearly said "I choose the mistress". He keeps saying "I don't know". And I find it EXTREMELY telling that while the wife and the mistress are fighting so hard for this PRIZE of a "man", he is being VERY quiet and not showing favor towards either one of them. And I find it HILARIOUSLY ironic that this pig is perfectly comfortable with having a wife and a mistress and yet when his wife sleeps with his mistresses' husband, he suddenly has a problem with that. .

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