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Dr. Henry Cloud | Giving to Those in Need vs. Giving Out of Codependency

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Dr. Henry Cloud explains the neurological basis for giving and why we’re happier when we give to others who are truly in need.


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  • Susan Lumen

    Thank you dr. Cloud for all your giving to us! Because of your videos and I have found more strength and peace because I have been able to set necessary boundaries with my loved ones. Not easy but simple, ;-), so thanks again for all you do to help us along life’s pathway.

  • Michele Seven

    Celebrating thanks at Bless Fest, I was given un unsolicited hug from a gentleman who'd just gotten prayed-up; a fun time with 2 playful and sassy gals who gave me 30 minutes of nonstop smiling; and a wonderful playtime with little Amos who lives in a car with his parents who really need a break and are trying so hard. I'm so grateful for the opportunity Pastor Brandon from Calvary Chapel LV provided inviting me to the event when he heard I was passing through town. I think I got more than I gave.

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