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DON’T tell the narcissist that you think they are a narcissist! – Tip Tuesday

Very often people who are just learning about this type of abuse, will quickly inform the narcissist that they are guilty of this type of behavior,
DON’T tell the narcissist that you think they are a narcissist!

For those asking questions such as:
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What are the 9 traits of a narcissist?
Can narcissistic personality be cured?
How do you stop a narcissist?
Can an empath become a narcissist?
Do narcissists feel pain?
What does no empathy mean?
Are most narcissists sociopaths?
Is narcissism inherited or learned?
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What is Gaslighting for a narcissistic person?
How do you deal with codependency?
What does it mean to be codependent?
How do I deal with a narcissist?
What does narcissistic supply mean?
What causes narcissistic injury?
How do you handle a narcissistic boss?
What causes narcissism?
How common is narcissism?
Who is a narcissistic person?
Are Narcissists self aware?
Are Narcissists sociopaths?
Do Narcissists know that they are narcissists?

Hi! My Name is Tracy A. Malone, founder of Narcissist Abuse Support and I’m here to help! 🙂

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All statements made in this video are expressions of the opinion of the speaker, and should be regarded as such. The video is made to serve a therapeutic purpose for the speaker or speakers and to assist others in recognizing and dealing with matters in their own lives which they believe may be similar.

I’m a survivor of Narcissistic abuse and my goal with this channel is to educate other “victims” as they transition to becoming a “survivor”. I believe that education is our best way to heal, and the best way to not become a victim or supply to another narcissist.

Please note: I am not a therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist or coach so use this information as my own personal journey of healing and the information that has been shared with me by friends, other YouTubers, groups and community. This video is not intended to treat or diagnose any condition, if you believe you or a loved one is suffering from narcissistic abuse please use seek any help from your community.

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  • Dawn Elizabeth

    Hi Tracy, I haven't told him and I don't intend to.I've learned enough from these channels that's it's not worth it. I've called him out on his shenanigans, that ends up in dramaville traumaville sabotageville and chaosville lol.Take care and thanks!

  • Jo

    Too late for me. I told him 2 full years before I managed to get him out and divorce him. There were many instances of violence during that time. BUT I’m free and safe now! Good advice!

  • Torri Howard

    Hi Tracy
    I'd like to meet with you to discuss, one day about writing a book on common people's PTSD experiences. I believe alot of Readers need to know how real these Fake narcs truly are.. using the term lightly; exceptional.👍

  • Welcome To The End Of The World

    In my experience, just my little world. Exposing them actually did some things. I know one narc that now is looking into and researching, and get this……She admitted to being one. She wants help for it. Another one that I exposed as a narc got back to me and reached out. She asked questions about it. Now that's were it stopped and she's still the worst human being I ever met. But she was interested in what a narc was. It was only a couple of very quick questions so…..was that lovebombing? Not really. I just remember when she was asking these questions she sounded defeated. I know exposing these people to themselves could possibly be a way to HELP a narcissist. Oooops did I say help? Oh boy I'm probably going to get a bunch of hateful comments but hold on. Most of us are helpful type of people. We love to help others. I see a lot of people hurt by narcs that have terrible things to say about them. And yes they can be terrible. I look at the spiritual side to this. Now I know that demons are real and I don't care what anybody says or thinks because I have experience with real demons. Oh and hell and Jesus are all real too. I do separate the person from the demons controlling them. But only to a point. The person still needs to take responsibility for their behaivors. They choose to act on what the demon tells them. There is spiritual side to this that is the bigger part of it that a lot of you all just dont look at. If you just look at this you can tell there is much more going on here than just a real asshoke choosing everyday to just be an ass. I could go on all day about what I see. Here is just one. Why do you think they are all the same? Narcs all have many of the same things as if they are all one person. Well they are controlled by one thing . Satan.

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