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Does The Narcissist Really Care About Losing You…

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  • Phoenix Dawn

    Let’s hope that one day during one of her classical rage outbursts after contracting a major herpes outbreak again !!! … she trips over her own ego down the stairs after throwing her next victims suitcase 🧳 down at her after writing a note 📝 “always a pleasure sharing myself “ show them how much you really care This Christmas because they certainly showed zero when they were lying cheating gaslighting humiliating framing bruising name calling frauding conning ! I hope 🤞 that piece of shit ends up in an orange tabard serving prison dinners !

  • New Beginnings

    The "blank listening" (which is the only way for me to describe this phenomenon) is incredibly damaging after a number of years. It is as if nothing said is absorbed, recognized or validated. And I mean, nothing. Blank listening in major decisions or blank listening about what to make for breakfast. It's as if something is preventing them from recognizing my verbal existence. It's so dehumanizing.

  • Bradki 01

    It is a game that will destroy your inner being. The intention is and never will be there, moving on.

    Quinn you'll never know how much you have helped me over the past year. I want to say Thank you, from the bottom of my ❤


  • Norma Deluna

    Powerful. I know is a game. I miss him I told him I was not going to see him nor talk. It is very sad I cry and pray and I miss him a lot. I was w him for 8 months . I became really close to him. But this week he told me he was not going to pay for the apt. And is in both names. He knows my situation. And then he acted very cold. Like no emotions or nothing. Also he went to a party and was dancing w a female from the same church steeping and then he told me. This is brutal. I don't tink I am going to recuperate. I already suffer from depression . I was so happy. And now I have to experience this pain and suffering. It is horrible.

  • tami cagle

    So many games , broken relationships in his life ! What a waste of a life to live like this ! They don't comprehend reality ! Mentally or emotionally , tragic , for thoes they involve in their lives , the people that love and care for them !

  • Terry Curtin

    Future faking Geez. That's what got me to stay 8 years. I did all her financial work. Promices of joint retirement. Then told get out when the mission was near done. Destroyed my character. Now I am broke at near 64. I am broke and broken. She lied about everything. I saved her families estate from foreclosure. Her fron lifetime alimony from her X. Now I feel bad about it. He deserved every cent.
    Grest eye opener. Thanks.

  • Connie Howard

    I believe most of them are delusional. They are living in a movie where they are the Star. You are an object, prop, stand-in. When you get discarded it's because it's time to put on another narcissistic mask and get started on their exciting new movie! They are good actors and can be very manipulative yet their desire to inflict hurt on the victim overrides their own productivity in their own lives. They will keep doing bad even when it is detrimental to themselves. They can't change and nobody can change them. Thank you for these videos, more people need to be aware of this disorder. These people are dangerous.

  • SM G

    My narcissist wife pulled this shit all time. Over stepping my morials and standards. She would go to bar's and get shit faced drunk and come home barfing. She is in her mid 40's and we have two kids. She knows I don't care for this and there is no reason for a 40+ year old female to be in bar's. Needless to say, it ended with her cheating.

  • Diane H

    I've been dealing with a narcissist for the past year. I've been discarded, demeaned sexually, emotional abused. Treated horrible. Gone through the back and forth. He disappeared out of my life for three.months and came back like nothing happened.I never stood up to him. Few days ago. He iniated sex me.We were going to meet up. On my way to meet him. He texted saying he can't meet you. Couple days later he initiated again. I said I don't have for your childish games and he really blew up. He said "I will dump you for good" I said that's the only thing you good ! you sorry loser. That felt really good. My point is narcissist are cowards. When catch them off guard they run like rats. They are not that smart. You can knock them down easy .They don't see it coming They have a lot of weak spots. Just figure out which one you want to hit. I was such an emotional wreck. I got into a support group that really helped me.

  • James Obannon

    This information is so informative and is really helping me understand and to cope with all the pain I am experiencing; I became obsessed with this woman and I had a very difficult time letting go the connection I had with her. It is still hard at times, I fall into slumps but I shake it off and it doesn't last for days like it used to. I started with relationship coaches videos trying to get some king of understanding but that only applies to a normal relationship. In the last month of the relationship I was being played (hoovered), a term that is a permanent part of my conscious now. I was hanging on even though her ex was trying to get back with her, and she had me thinking if we moved in baby steps, there might be a change for us. This is a person in their late 40s, with no ability to do the things that you would expect for someone that age, and her inability to keep a job. The 10 months I was involved with her, she had 3 jobs and recently quite the third, and so many other things that I overlooked. The child-like outburst when she didn't get what she wanted and when she wanted or the attempt to shame me for not having the same opinion or having a different point of view. What I realized now, six months ago she had already decided to discard me when she got someone else to maintain her bills because after the crazy outburst that would cause the many breakups during the relationship, not taking responsibility for what she did, just on the reaction. I had got to a point that I wouldn't go along with the degrading of my character and would not offer any assistance to her with anything. I loved her, I wanted it to work, petty things like knocking on the bathroom door when she in the bathroom with the door locked obsessed with her phone, became a make or break for the relationship. Everything lines up with the videos, the behaviors and tactics; as good as it is, it is disturbing what is going on now.

  • Princess B

    Yup my ex narcissist says he loves me and misses me and wants to be with me then I find out he’s sleeping with someone, which I dnt care, I just hate for him to keep saying I love u Nd want to be with u then sleeps with a new women. This has gone on for 7yrs! like dude leave me alone, it’s freaking annoying! I cnt tell him anything at all bcus it goes in through one ear and out the other, Nd he’ll keep saying he loves me.🤦🏻‍♀️

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