Does He Like Me? How To Tell What Men Want From Their Text Messages

Find out how to decode guy speak.

By Peta Serras

When I was new to the dating world, I took everything men told me at face value.

It took me a while to figure out that although they were speaking English, you needed a degree to decipher what their words actually meant.

After a while, I became good at decoding simple phrases they’d mention on dates and even on their dating profiles.

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To the untrained eye, a dating bio might read as a man who enjoys hanging out and having fun with his friends on the weekend. Seems normal, right?

But the experienced professional knows this is code for the fact that he has at least three side chicks, and even Miranda Kerr couldn’t make him settle down.

You go on a date together, and when you ask him if he wants a relationship he says, “Let’s just see what happens.”

You think this guy just wants to take things slow – and find out the hard way that you should have swiped left when he popped up on your Tinder.

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