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Its hard to move on from the narcissist if you feel like you owe something to him or her. In this video, I talk about the feeling of owing the narcissist, why these feelings develop and the truth about who owes who, what.

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  • LaShawnda Cooper

    Right on time as always !! Smh ..I definitely feel like I owe him something because of what he did for me whenever I was in a bind. He constantly reminded me of EVERYTHING he did for me and how I should be respectful..knowing full well he was wrong on sooooo many issues!! Thanks for this video!! Love your channel!!! #recoveryinmotion 💯💯❤

  • it's my life

    I have been caught up in the you owe me and the IOU which really has kept me in this discrepancy of a relationship too long. Now I have kids with him and he acts like he loves them by dealing with their school and I'm caught up in this IOU all over again! He makes me feel like I can't handle the problems of my special kids.😔

  • Bintang221

    The thing about the gym is so spot on . I need my gym. He has never even entered one since he's obese and lazy. And I'd have to give up my things to meet him when he had time. And I was afraid to say no cos I knew he would have held a grudge. And I feared him going after his exes. Sex was normal but he wanted it constantly. I agree with the boundaries…… Yes I've been screamed at, pushed and thrown to the ground with his car when he realised that I was 'waking up'. Great video. Thanx

  • Xavier Bovie

    Thanks Kevin needed to hear that I'm a codependent got out of an abusive relationship after five years of abuse getting help trying to move on she called and asked if I'd be interested in just having sex with her which brought back all sorts of bad feelings trying to stay strong man this shit sucks!!!!!!!

  • Tanya Colligan

    Thank you for the video and yes you're right we are not obligated to owe them anything and they owing us. Their behavior and negative actions are not worth our time so we need to be in good company of healthy people.

  • Blessed2BeeAlive

    Thx for all your wonderful videos!! I'm more than all paid up. "All The Free Rides, Weren't Really Free," I have repeated whiplash, from each time I rode with her somewhere: I now have permanent pain, as a result: every time I hit the pillow @ nite I am reminded of what kind of pain (not that I don't feel it during the day, just better able to tune it out), I endured in order to be her friend: she made wild U-Turns that caused me never to want to take a ride with anyone ever again: If I go anywhere in life, I'm driving, as I can't handle anyone else's driving!! This pain I experienced, has also become my boundary: I'd rather meet up with someone, than to take a ride with them. She's not an x-NF for nothing: she drove me crazy with her driving & her abuse, of which clued me in when she started abusing me, that I needed to cut her loose!! I even prayed the Lord would give me an excuse!!

  • M

    Those are GOOD POINTS; and it makes it some easier to let completely go of this terrible monster.  I will be calling you. Thanks for all your good work. Al from TN

  • Lyndie X

    i owe narc devils…SHIT…i owe the most high…creator..everything n more cause that is who freed me, opened my eyes to the character" that was being played the Whole Time. smh Fuck Narcs👎

  • Barbara Brinkmeyer

    Kevin, No! No one owes any Narcissist UNLESS you'd like to punch them (visually) in the head. You don't have to lash out but you can think anything you want and * validate yourself.

    Update: neutralizing Epi-Genetics related to C.R.A.P. , false controls. Criticism/Rejection/Abandonment/Punishment), but the results are very interesting. Never do anything a Narcissist says. Will keep you posted. How to become powerful SHARK repellent overnight. Keep up the fabulous work. I know what these nutcases do. We're clearing humanity, bit-by-bit. BB (P.S., It looks so beautiful in your city! Love your background choices!!!)

  • Jack Alchem

    I was promised id be able to crush more puss =(
    But in seriousness this dudes right. I even found my self doing the same things she did to me not just to her but to other people. Im kinda scared to think "what if i was the narc. What iff all that shit i thought i went through was actually me" like in that movie the island.

  • Bob Hunley

    Ha. After my son turned 18 shes keeping him from me being special needs. Before our son was born i loaned her 100 bucks. So when she demanded to continue on i see my son and take her abuse or " run things" . i told her i wanted my hundred bucks before our son was born. I dont expect it. But i said everything is on my terms. No Respect , well… Then No Contac. 18 years of fighting for my court order to see my son. So maybe im a massa,kissed. I was even wrapped in cellophane. I wont go further. I loved the lovebombing so much that if she came around me i couldnt resist. Although i put it out there if she took me to court im going to,court with drag queens for moral support. Im, not,gay, just delightful. Transwomen are experts too and when passable. I even asked if i was gay , and one of my buddies said " No,Bob you's,be A,FREAK,,LOL

  • Bob Hunley

    Dood , or bro you have healed. Im going through Laugh, cry Laugh , cry. I hope it was cool to open up, thats where people misunderstand levity for seriosness. Im just your average freak from LA. But i love my "Index of Maladjustments" Bob.

  • Susan Mc Cann

    My alcoholic , porn loving, sociopath ex narc…..owes my son and new life!!!! What he taught my one time bright, well rounded son….is nothing more than an extention of himself. I hate myself everyday for bringing this innocent baby into the world with such a liar and cheat. I was a responsible adult and having my son, gave the narc what was needed at the time for him to look normal. Now, at 29….my son is getting married and for the poor bride to be….I feel sorrow. My ex narc has groomed my son from about the age of 12 and he has not spoken or seen me in 6 years. I am not
    invited to the wedding and years ago…he taught my son….to call the police when he did not get his way. So….how do you live a calm life…knowing what my son was taught? Unfortunately, his dad has never matured mentally ( for anyone that has dealt with substance abuse, will understand why the maturity level of my ex is still teen years) and will soon be 63 and as a teacher said to me…..Andrew is such a bright boy, but if…. he decides to make anything of himself… will be later in life. At 29….he is already far behind in life. My Andrew….he has never figured out he was used by his so called…dad.

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