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Do You Feel Like an Alien in Your Own Skin?

Do you feel like an alien in your own skin? Do you feel dissociated from the self? Do you constantly feel alone and like you don’t fit in? If so, that is not your fault and it is evidence that you experienced a sense of alienation from those who were supposed to help you feel connected and bonded to them.

When we feel like aliens in our own skin, we have to ask ourselves if we ever felt bonded or connected to our parents, and especially to our mothers. Our parents are supposed to help us feel like humans on planet earth and this is done by connecting and bonding with us. The maternal bond is essential to our emotional, psychological, and social development. Without feeling bonded with, as adults, we experience this disconnection as a hole in our hearts.

The good news, if we are determined to stay conscious we can rewire our subconscious minds and even integrate with the Divine Inner Child.

Children of narcissistic parents, who are now suffering from codependency symptoms, may be struggling to learn how to love themselves after narcissistic abuse. Narcissists tend to attract people pleasers, or codependent personalities. Because codependents are eager to please, because they seek outside validation, they are easy targets for narcissistic lovers, and friends.

It is not easy to learn how to love yourself after narcissistic abuse, but with the right codependency recovery tools, it is possible. It is even possible to find love after codependency.

Lisa A. Romano is a world-renowned Certified Life Coach and bestselling author who specializes in codependency, narcissistic abuse, the law of attraction, and mind shift training.

Her books are;
The Road Back To Me
My Road Beyond The Codependent Divorce
Codependent Now What? It’s Not You-It’s Your Programming
Loving the Self Affirmations 1 & 2
Quantum Tools To Help You Heal Your Life Now

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