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Divorcing a Narcissist: How to Co-Parent With a Narcissist

In this episode of “Meditations & More,” The Little Shaman discusses how to co-parent with a narcissist.



  • kool cat

    what a bloody headache aye god need to isort this lot … out ,? we were given emtions mind ,mouth ,tht too we destroyed., lol the human virus .. matrix like….eroding ,the very thing we were here to experience. … 😨

  • Stbrown77

    If you have to talk them because of the kids use Our Family Wizard. It will help minimize the stress of dealing with a high-conflict co-parent, it is great for documenting abusive and other inappropriate co-parenting behaviors.
    Heres a link:

    They wont like it but I was able to show the court in detail what was going on. I now have custody of my Son.

  • Katharine Brady

    I just listened again to this and so many horrible things happened in the last 5 months… I received a temp restraining order and while it was in effect, my ex narc read it outloud over Thanksgiving to my teens and their cousins… including my allegations of abuse… so HE could come off as a victim…. meanwhile he instructed my daughter not to discuss college applications with me and he hijacked the whole process… I had to ask her counselor after the fact which schools she applied to it was so demeaning. Then I lost my request for a permanent RO which the narc saw as a "victory"…. aaarrrgghhhh true evil

  • Jye

    My ex has broken court agreements time after time – written warnings, endorsed warnings – to no avail – the courts don't want to apply any consequences whatsoever – even when all the written evidence has been submitted – all the courts do is give me more time with the children – and when the courts do such my ex only disregards it and continues such patterns. It's a never ending nightmare…it continues

  • Carolyn Anderson

    I wish I had found you 9 years ago. I've lost my daughter who is now 20 I haven't seen her in 2 years and I'm losing my son as well the custody agreement is not followed we are supposed to have 50/50 parenting he puts me down all the time to my son I didn't write everything down like I should have and now my son has a dog that my ex-husband gave him and my son who is 13 cannot leave the dog because the dog has separation anxiety from my son. This is what my son has told me along with all kinds of other things and my ex-husband plays the victim all the time that I'm the one that has hurt him and ruined everything my 20 year old daughter believes him I haven't seen her I miss her greatly I try to find her at her job I've seen her once in two years it took all my strength just to say hi how are you you look good she looked right at me and walked away I wanted to run after her and say love me please I'll do anything. However I did not. My son is everything both my children are everything to me and then just wished I had found you earlier your your podcast are alight to me because I have been unhappy for 9 years and I just wonder where my happiness is after being raised by a narcissistic mother and then marrying a narcissistic man for 12 years thank you. I have been to court many many many times with my ex-husband I did go to court when he kept my daughter when she was 14 for 7 months I went again when she was 16 you have her for almost a year and the one family court judge just pretty much slaps his hand and says follow the parenting plan he always countersuit new with some little tiny medical bill that he says he sent me and I didn't pay half of it less than $100 less $25 bill the last time that I was in court my lawyer who is casual friends with my ex-husband's attorney he had told me that my ex husband's attorney told my attorney and com she had never met a man who hated someone as much as me I just don't know where to keep going I don't know how to find joy in life he's taking my kids away he's taking me he's taking me being a mother away I just want to say I'm thankful for your punk ass and I'm going to keep listening because it's like you're speaking directly to me thank you

  • Florence H. Manswell

    I wish I new about narcissist and this behavior 20 yrs ago…I did everything wrong. He walked out after I told him to for cheating…he told the kids he left me not them. But I stayed in the home and took care of them. I am not appreciated I feel stupid …trying to be better…I try but my kids are cold and uncaring .i am marginalize , it's not a good feeling…My children adults now and he has them on his side. I was the stay home parent. They are turned against me they are now adults and I feel out of the loop. Wish I knew how to behave and protect myself. I just keep my distance.

  • D H

    How can I reach you I have some questions on this subject. Oh you are right about taken the child away that's why I took her to court and I got 50/50. She hates it because of her control was checked. I'm going try to reach you by email or somehow. I like your input

  • Samantha Jackson

    I am going thru this. Just finalized my divorce i have 4 of my 5 kids and he has my son that he adopted. He in in the love bombing/hoovering phase twords my son. (Of course my son doesnt see it for what it is yet) he has no or very little contact with my other kids. And when he does have contact with them he asks they why they havent contacted him. And guilting them asking them if they still love him. My younger 4 always ask me why their dad only wants my oldest and not them. I dont know how to respond to that. Most of the time i tell them to ask him. I dont wanna give them false hope so i just take myself out of it and they can hear his lies straight from him.

  • u unique

    Please advise on what to do. My narc fiance moved out of my house two months ago and she is 3months pregnant. She left because I discovered she was married before and had problem with immigration bcos she was helping the supposed boyfriend she got married to according to what she told me. I asked her to provide me proof of court resolution about the case and divorce paper but instead she became angry and packed out of my house because I told her I really don't know much about her and feel like she is a stranger to me for not telling me about this past issues. I've tried calling her for us to talk after she came to accuse me of tormenting her with my asking her about the case and resolution document which we ended up arguing again. She got angry and left and I followed her to her house to talk with her but she said she doesn't want to discuss anything with me again. Since then I've tried reaching her via phone calls and text messages but she hasn't returned my calls or text messages. What do I do especially because of the pregnancy. Please advice. Thanks.

  • Della Marie

    Can you do a video on divorcing a narcissist with no kids involved. My narc and I are divorcing and he is screwing my out of all the businesses we built over the past decade. He fired me, kicked me out of the house and will not give me anything.

  • Connect2Life

    Thx for sharing this. For almost six years now I have been involved in a detachment process with my sons mother. The last thing that I have been accused of is that I said to my son that I did not love him. She even went to the lengths of saying that my son has told her that he rather commit suicide than to come home to me. In the beginning of our divorce she did awful awful things, she took advantage of me having guilt for wanting to end the divorce so she accused me of bunch of stuff; being a child molestor, being a woman abuser, being a fanatic muslim, taking our child to my country of birth, being violent, being hostile, that she was afraid of me, being a drug addict etc. I had to fight through all this for the past six years. With some help from my family but mosty by myself. Even if it was the most challenging thing I have experienced I am seeing the blessings because I am aligning myself to my higher self. The last two or three years now I have done as you also recommend to only engage in short messages and I just saw that I am somehow breaking the cycle that was started by my mother and father where they were doing the same thing.

    Again thank you for the space and for sharing this video.

    Loving regards

    Fisnik Duraku

  • Susan Ayres

    The fundamental delusion here is to think that allowing a narcissist to have alone time with a child is ok – it's not ok. The courts don't recognize narcissism yet, which means that a protective parent will avoid going to court to prevent the narcissist from ever having alone time with the child. Narcissists endanger children and the courts do not stop them.

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