Diversity is us mixing | Letters To Editor

Diversity is us mixing | Letters To Editor

I grew up in a nice little Orange County house for a while surrounded by orange groves and other rural environments.I don’t know the background of who built the house or planted the orange groves. My parents and I struggled to move forward in our lives. I doubt perfect people made early Orange County of the 1950’s but so many people have moved there since the end of WW2 that there must be some major good that outweighs the bad. This is reflective of the U.S. as a whole. The world has had a barbaric history since recorded history about 10,000 A.D.

Most of the world has been non-white and remains so.

Possibly nonwhite and white people migrated to North America during the ice age.

White people 10,000 years later made ships and migrated.

No devil’s hand did this. People took advantage, innocently of the ice age land bridge, and later the capability of the new ships.

I bet there were good and bad ice age migrants and that later migrants were a mix too. AOC and her pals are selfish manipulative politicians who are power hungry sociopaths.

Diversity is us mixing.

The right and left want us to fight each other.

Randy Knapman, Palm Springs

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