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Destructive Narcissistic Rage

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  • dann hienn

    I love making a narc go into a rage! love it. Love provoking them into rage! I think the best response to a narc going into a rage is to mock them and make fun of them while they are raging. laugh at them. or sit silent, wait till they shut up and then say SORRY CAN YOU REPEAT THAT, I WAS NOT PAYING ATTENTION. That really pisses them off. Just have a weapon like pepper spray if they get violent. if they are a man then look at them ans say OHH THE LITTLE WOMAN IS EMOTIONAL. The goal is to turn a small rage into a huge nuclear blast. Let them see how happy you are and how much you are enjoying watching them rage! Do this and they wont know if they need to shit or wind their wrist watch. Provoke a rage from them, then turn that small fire into a nuclear blast! video tape it so you have fun watching it when they are gone and you have evidence to use against them! Fuck with them! Belittle them when they rage! offer them a box of tissues! then when they are totally raging ask them how they feel? ask them if they are angry! then once they calm down every now and again remind them of how stupid they were acting.

  • Joe Jordan

    I just subscribed to your station extremely good video very informative I have a family member who is a hardcore narcissist that I cannot get out of my house because other people enable him he's a master narcissist maybe you can make some videos sometime on how to get family members out of the house and it disappear I wish more narcissist would really get bad and commit suicide it would do a lot of good for society there's nothing good about them there's nothing anything good about them they're just no effing good. Voice text

  • Avalon

    After Narsissistic Rage and kicking Grandma out of the house after being invited to visit my Granddaughter who is 5. Maternal Grandpa goes into Rage then Grandma gets out alive and calls police and Grandma is given a warning by police of Criminal Trespassing. Hmm.

  • Avalon

    I didn't react and yet the police, child protective services, adult protective services and the Sheriff's Dept all treated me as I was the Criminal. Makes one wonder how many other people and children are going to be assaulted and be falsely accused, my 5 year old granddaughter is still in that situation. No one seems to care.

  • Falcon Britt

    Narcissists are also attempting to energetically cord you. These cords (called sekes, a Quechua word pronounced SEK – A's) hook into you so they can feed on your psychic energy. These cords are permanent until cleared. And their feelings and thoughts can pass back and forth – as can yours – between you ever after unless you cut these cords. (This is why they return to your thoughts often even when you are done and gone.) You have to cut them with forgiveness instead of anger because throwing rage reestablishes them. These cords are formed by emotion being thrown from any person at another person – love, hate, resentment, bitterness, fondness, whatever. So there are negative cords and positive cords (actual love with respect and allowance of freedom). But the negative cords need to be cut and those nasty energies returned to where they belong. It's easy, it's done by intention and statement. Meditate on what you have learned from this experience, try to get in a state of peace and forgiveness, then state aloud with compassion, "As the fractal of God that I am, by Divine Right, I now cut all energetic cords that do not serve me. I command all energies to return to where they belong, cleansed and blessed, to integrate with grace and ease whenever possible. I request that my bodies and fields be cleansed, cleared, healed and sealed against further intrusion and negative attachment. Thank you."

  • Jude Linsell

    Just had another explosive attack …..over a bag….. Nightmare , Iv called the end and today there is 'remorse' all fake, and wants it forgotten, 10 years on enough , ……horrendous … on 0 to 100 …..out of nowhere ! Thank you Iv just had to 'councel' him over this but the blank look tells me there is no understanding of the damage….yes a volcano just waiting to blow again . Very jealous tit for tat yes ….. Wry hard to handle. Iv had enough.

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