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Dealing With Anger, Resistance And Pessimism

Eckhart Tolle discusses the decisive shift from identifying with a feeling and simply observing it in your energy field.



  • All Stuff Tech

    I think the bottom line of what Eckhart is saying about thoughts are, whatever the thoughts one has does not matter. It is becoming the observer that will save you. And, the harder the thoughts are to "accept" the greater the benefit (spiritually, emotionally, physically, psychologically and creating space for productive "problem solving" thoughts). Judging by the gentleman's face at the end, he did not get it. He wants to try to control the thoughts not observe them (observing leads to acceptance). He is looking for a short-cut or he wasn't completely present when Eckhart was speaking, imo.

  • Alyssa Slagle

    kudos to this man who got up and told the world about
    his problems. I am just the same as him, pretty tense and have anger problems. My dad and grandma are just like this too except my grandma is 75 and is very jumpy and stressed out constantly. I honestly feel bad for her, it's obvious what's going on is passed down generation to generation but I want so badly to break this cycle so that my kids don't spend their lives angry and worried over stupid shit. Its so hard not to identify with the pain body when emotions arise. I need to chill

  • Alma Galicia

    I speak now for myself,dont know how others live this issue,but i sense that some people have more impulsivity derived from the biological design of their brains,and it makes them more reactive and less capable for being aware of thoughts or difficult emotions…..let's put an example: if i eat some fresh garlic,it improves my blood support,increasing the blood flow also in my brain,and when it comes to reacting,it makes me more prone to impulsive behaviours,in every field of life….even so,if i am not practicing pressence,or even if i am doing so,garlic makes me more prone to react badly to certain comments,which shows that there is a real connection between awareness and biology,and that biology plays a key role in consciousness,and that somehow our states of mind and emotion are being created by our biology….
    The main problem i have when practicing pressence in everyday life,if that i tend to react too quickly,there is not a lapse of 4-5 seconds as ET puts as an example of his paradigm to witness anger and reactions in general… sounds wonderful when you read in the books "just be aware of your thoughts and emotions as a beholder"…..becouse when i try to do so,thoughts and emotions go so quick and deep in me,that i do no "see the thoughts" or emotions like i was watching a mental movie,but get trapped by them really easily… i find myself again and again having to re-start the practice becouse pressence faded away in me,i reacted,and then i try to fool myself telling me "well my dear, the next time you'll put more effort in the process and you will succeed"….but then i have to face failure again,so i lie again to me telling me that somehow i didnt "give it all",and thats why the process failed in the first place… if i look at the whole picture, i find myself not being able to be as present as it would be needed to prevent thoughts and emotions to gain control so…..i find it discouraging to keep working with pressence becouse the results are not as spectacular as i would like….i dont know if "awereness muscles" can be strenghtened or if they have certain biological limits as i begin to wonder here, but i see that the more operative memory you have to process information,the more able you are to dis-identify with thinking and letting it pass through your mental window while you see it in the same way you see birds flying in the sky from you window room.
    Anyway,i see it is worth trying to strengthen pressence,but no matter how hard i try,at some point i reach my limits and they prevent me from being able to remain present while certain types of things go on inside me…..

  • Paul Anthony Donahue

    If we were to live we had to be free of anger. -BBB of AA pg 66
    My dad gave me his big red plastic bat and said, "I know it sounds funny son but beat the shit out of your bed and release that anger safely so you don't harm others or yourself!" Best advice in healing anger ever given… I love you, dad, thank you for your wisdom and compassion. ❤

  • Reality4Peace

    What if pessimism is justified? For instance, climate change, neoliberal austerity, nuclear war, ie… These are not things I can change alone, but things that are effecting me profoundly. Alone, it is futile, and I could come to acceptance, but together, however, we can change paths. And if I'm not in the group actively fighting for change, then I am part of the problem. I cannot accept being part of the problem that will kill me and my family in the not so distant future.

  • zissou666

    More and more often I become proud of my evolving and awareness of my emotions (anger or feeling helpless). Nowadays I can feel when anger is starting to come and often I directly know why it is coming. If I am aware of this is happening right know I can much better handle this situation and I am proud of my development so far. But in the moment I am proud of myself I feel ashamed for myself because I have to learn this day by day while others seam to have this awareness their hole life already. Why do I have to learn so hard.. why do I have to practice this every day.. sometimes I am just tired of all this training. But on the other side I know what it’s good for. If I feel anger or feeling helpless it is good to have the awareness that this is just an emotion of old times and not me. The result of all this practice is feeling less helpless. Yay.
    Thank you Eckhart for your videos and books.

  • exeuroweenie

    I tried to stay friends with a woman who was a textbook"rage addict".I'm unsure of the clinical/DSM term.She would call me,furious,over the tiniest imagined slight.Once she called me foaming at the mouth because someone asked "what is it now?"after her ranting.Their exasperation at her anger angered her.I couldn't resist joking that she was angry because someone didn't fully acknowledge her anger about something she was angry over.This made her furious at me,resulting in a total meltdown.It was almost comic.I got a mental picture of a dog with worms chasing its tail.

  • lori kayser

    One of the things Eckart missed is that the anger victim needs to connect to the heart and identify the "true" feelings below the anger (fear.) then connect to the heart and have
    compassion on the fear. he is afraid of the anger and he is trying to push it away. instead, he needs to connect to that which is inside of him that needs him to connect to – the
    true feelings.

  • Anna V

    Thank you for your balance and willingness to share with us
    I am a trauma therapist in USA and I refresh with your transcendent balance

    Experience /observe / describe/ determine – freedom free-will !

    Appreciate your enlightenments

  • phil petro

    The pain body Meister Eckhart is refering to, is trauma. A thoughtform, which feeds itself by producing more thoughts of the same vibration. A thought feeds it, believing a thought which this painbody/trauma/demon produces feeds it alittle. Action , ex. angerexosin feeds it much more. Simply be aware more of yourself:) Teal Swan has alot of good videos about healing trauma/pain bodies. By healing/integration you release this layer, which brings you nearer to peacful awarnes, simply because it is weightful energy/low vibration.
    Much love

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