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DAY #2: GRANDIOSITY (30 DAYS OF NARCISSISM) – Dr. Ramani Durvasula

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  • Julia Papworth

    From a malignant Narcissist I had the misfortune to work with; “oh I wrote my PHD in9 months and had to wait the other 2.5 years because academics can’t stand people more intelligent than them”…….. SERIOUSLY!
    Plus other rubbish about coaching world leaders and other ‘I’m so fabulous, I’m the only one, I’m first, I have to put up with all these rubbish people……..”. OMG their list went on and on and on. 🤮 EXHAUSTING and also very destructive to others self-esteem.

  • Lynda

    Thank you Dr Ramini. Best on the internet!! These people are ☢️. Quite amazing how this phenomenon is coming up. Really really mindboggling. I would dearly love to have a video on how/why adult children turn on the good parent and inflict absolute cruelty and unimaginable disrespect including withholding grandchildren. This is my situation. Absolutely heartbreaking and difficult to deal with. If it was only the adult in the situation to cut off… would not be so bad. But not seeing innocent grandchildren really hurts every single day. Dr you said in another video that the children of these types suffer irreparable damage. That is a very bitter pill to swallow. Any advice on how to handle the situation would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for your generous work. PS. Any helpful comments from anyone experiencing this are welcome. Thanks. 🌸

  • TupacLebt ElvisNich

    Yeah, my Ex told me he was a becoming Pilot, but in reality he was a flight attended. He was grandios all the time. Lying, manipulating, charming and charismatic. It made me sick, this relationship felt like a drug addiction. The sex was great, but I was an emotional wrack after 1 year. After 3 years on and off relationship I moved to another city, to start studying. I never saw him again and never heard of him. But it was my rescue out. Watch out ladys!

  • Mila Makh

    Thank you Dr. Ramani. Please, tell us more about healing after relationships with a narcissist. It is good to know how they behave and what their characteristics are but it would be nice to get the focus back on ourselves. After all, I personally let it happen and let my narcissist treat me like that, he is a bad person but I allowed him to be like that instead of building my boundaries and protect myself. It would be great to know how to heal ourselves to avoid that kind of people in the future.
    Thank you!

  • Mary Velliotes

    My boys dad was so grandiose to the extreme!! He was always going on about his album he would create and how he was going to move us to Hawaii and he wouldn’t have to work for the man anymore….all while we lived in a rat infested, moldy mobile home and were completely destitute. I couldn’t even buy my kids underwear and socks but he talked like we were living the high life! It was so disconnected from reality. I look back and I am amazed I ‘drank the koolaid’ and went along for it as long as I did. If I confronted him with our reality then I was an unsupportive and horrible wife and would be punished.

    Thankfully, I got out. I now have sole custody of my children, we are in counseling and on the road to recovery ❤️ Thank you for putting this content out there, Dr Ramani. YouTube research on narcissism was my road get educated on what I was dealing with. I was able to detach from the crazy cycles and realize I was dealing with someone completely incapable of seeing outside of himself. Much love!!!

  • Elayne pallist

    I am now confused about Grandiosity. Is it never a positive trait? Can it be found in other disorders, like ADHD? I was always encouraged by the positive thinking gurus and mentors to think big, be ambitious and to behave as if the sky is the limit. 
    I was happy to indulge my fantasies of extreme future success. In my twenties and early 30's I did talk about all the many wonderful, awesome things I was going to do and become until people began rolling their eyes, calling me names and arguing about what they were going to do to top me. I was in an industry with its fair share of narcissists and sociopaths as well, so who knows? Maybe we rubbed off on each other…
    it took a while before I was forced to admit that most of my goals weren't realistic: that was about 15 years ago, when I was in my late 30's. It took another 10 years to realize that for various reasons, I wasn't equipped to do another 10%. So… just wondering.

  • Gwen13061

    Love listening to you. And you crack me up. Really helpful videos. The narcissist I know reaches many of his goals. He’s got great confidence. But he makes up things when he tells people about what our family is up to. First off he is out of touch with what his family members are really doing, and second, makes up positive descriptions to fill in what he doesn’t really know to make everything look peachy.

  • Natasha Dcosta

    My ex was 31 and I was 23. When I wanted to take a trip together, because I felt we weren't connecting at all – he said – you're not interesting enough to hold my attention on a trip. So we took four other women along with us.

    He would belittle me constantly and record the conversations on a voice recorder and send them to me for my own reference. Be would say things like "You are not inspiring to me. You need to work on yourself. You are selfish. Who the fuck are you? What have you achieved? I have achieved more at 31 than most 31 year olds. You need to up your game to be with me".

  • Deborah Van Walsum

    I love your channel. The way you explain things is so grounded and yet, humorous. My husband is a narc and we have been in couple's counseling for two years. It is a waste of time, I fear. He starts each session with a 20 minute dissertation about how no one in his company can do his job better than him and they will be up a creek when he leaves. It is exhausting.

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