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Dating a narcissist. I spend time in America: part 2

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  • keep it simple stupid

    Sounds like a future narc victim in the making. Her new boyfriends gonna learn the hard way. He's probably clueless that these stealth narcissist are out there, like we were. These narcs can't be happy without sources of supply. Anyways how are doing these days Steve? Are you gonna seek a companion or is it not worth the risk? MGTOW? There are plenty of women that are empaths like us. Its challenge to find one that is single at our age but I know they're out there. Victims of narcs themselves likely. I cant decide if I want to go MGTOW or chance finding a good loving empath. It would certainly make my ex narc feel so stupid if she saw me with a better looking person then her and that I and the person I was with was so happy. That wouldn't be the reason I'd find somebody but the thought feels good though.

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