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Custody Battles and Child Custody Evaluations

Child custody evaluation are an unfortunate part of a custody battle in high conflict narcissistic divorces. You may be forced into one of these evaluations when the toxic parent is making serious accusations about you and you’re left trying to defend yourself and prove they are untrue. This video goes through the various stages of a custody evaluation with important tips to help you prepare for your evaluation.

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  • Kevin Hornbuckle

    You are providing a lot of helpful advice here. One thing that I would disagree with is the likening of a custody evaluation to a job interview. A job is something you either get or don't get. That is not the objective a custody evaluation; or at least should not be the objective. A parent who looks at custody as an either-or proposition either better have entirely convincing facts about the other parent's unfitness OR be aware that the judge and custody evaluator will see that she/he is unable and/or unwilling to encourage the child's relationship with the other parent. That is very important to understand.

  • Covert Narcissist Awareness

    Very true been thru it year after year it never stops and never will even when kids are all grown up and left Home however bad the allegations are if it ain’t true then u got nothing to worry about simple as that the truth shall prevail by rising to thier malicious allegations makes u look as if u have something to hide and that’s what they want cos they will flip it on a whim and accuse u of exactly what they were accusing u of in first place because of your reaction best thing to do laugh it off cos they will expose them selves this way soon enough and it will back fire on them 😏

  • J T

    It is egregious that the mental health industry has not put information about Cluster B's in the public media. We have to wait for people like you to give us information about this situation on YouTube. These "professionals" are not protecting the public.

  • Shane

    Great video Duane.! In NY, I believe these people are called an "Attorney for the children". They used to be called "Guardian ad litem" or "Law Guardian". It is an attorney who represents your children in court hearings with the lawyers and Judge. In my case, I motioned the court for an attorney for the children and it went very well for me. It is expensive (not as expensive as your divorce lawyer) but in my case, well worth the money. I was battling my ex in Supreme Court for a year and a half. Once the attorney for the kid's did her evaluation, my ex settled 1 month later to 50/50 custody. My only regret was not motioning the court sooner. Something for people in that situation to think about, especially if there is a stalemate or the other side is playing a "stall tactic". God Bless.

  • Adam Russo

    Ours is called a P.R.E. parental rights evaluator. Which is a lawyer and a mental health professional. We already had a CFI (child and family investigator) do an assessment and report. Hope the truth really comes out with this one. A PRE can cost 5k to 12k in my area.

  • JR AM
    Duane…Your work is the some of the best out there. As a father, I was/am willing to spend tens of thousands to protect my daughter, and pay for a custody evaluation, as you did, bless your heart. I read this article, and I was completely shocked of what it had to say by Dr. Craig Malkin. I thought I’d share it with your channel, and all of the people you are trying to help. This DOCTOR has been on Oprah, if that has any value. Your the best man. Thank you.

  • KEK Freedom Heritage

    Questions of Psych Evaluations & Rights To Privacy, Presumption of Fitness, or Sanity: There are debates, and various assumptions about evaluations, and warnings as well. So, can anyone please provide any formal papers (i.e. peer reviewed), or case law on the subject of evaluations and/or psychology testing used for either custody or parenting time? For example, this type of evaluation could be ordered, or strongly suggested by a judge, and can involve both the child(ren) and the parents, or possibly just one parent. Likewise, can anyone name legal case laws which clearly state that a parent has the right to refuse such an evaluation, and that action should not be used against her or him? Or is there any case law, or paper which clarifies when it is appropriate to refuse taking an evaluation? These are important since some key persons act like evaluations are either huge factors, or the only factor to make a decision about custody, or parenting time. Any help shall be appreciated. Below is a paper that was printed in a journal for judges.

  • Biff Bifford

    Be very weary of these "professionals." The evaluation (which was a strategy brought on my my ex's attorney) where the evaluator was to be in my home with my child for 3 1/2 hours, really took place in an indoor recreational facility with my child running around and jumping on trampolines for 40 minutes. She was able to witness me speaking in close proximity with my son for 2 to 3 minutes. Despite having no problems or issues with my son, she mandated 3-6 months of therapy for everyone involved — with me not seeing my son until all of this is complete. As a result, I have not seen my son in 2 1/2 years. Heed my warning: do everything in your power to stay away from these "mental health professionals." I have already paid THOUSANDS, and I am paying someone $125 an hour to have them ask me how my day is going and if I miss my son!!!

  • Captain Danger

    Quite frankly this is all in violation of our civil rights. The reality is our children are viewed, by the courts, as 'property', which extends itself to the enforcement of the 14th Amendment. To allow others to dictate how it is we raise our own children is criminal in nature. The court has no interest in what is 'in the best interests of the children.' The video, while insightful, only serves to polarize the corruption that exists in the Family Court system. Their only objective is to divorce people from their money. These 'therapists' are in on the scandal. Allowing the court system to dictate your life to you is akin to indicating they are the executors of both spouses and the children, stripping everyone of the personal freedoms guaranteed to them by God, maintained by the United States Constitution. If you, however, did receive increased custody, good for you.


    Thank you …. Your video was very helpful … My wife is accusing me of being abusive and mentally ill… She called the cops on m and they told her to leave .. I don't need her anymore … Meow do I handle this she took all my kids idk where they are she won't let me talk or see them . She wants to come back home but I refuse her bullshit. I want my kids to be safe and to stay in school .

  • TashBabi16

    Hi Dwayne,
    I’m in Prince George’s county, Maryland. In our custody hearing the judge ordered a custody investigation. I was fine with that. However this weekend my child’s father (who is a narc) was told to leave supervised visitation because of his on going nasty attitude with staff. He has also violated my mother’s protective order against him, he has also been using my image on social media and creating a smear campaign for about a year against me. Our child turns 2 in January. Question: With all this evidence against the father is there a way to get out of the custody investigation?

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