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CPTSD & The Destructive Force of Longterm Narcissistic Abuse 💔

CPTSD and looking at the longterm effects of narcissistic abuse on a child. Betrayal, abandonment, narcissistic abuse, trauma bond Looking at how different children raised at the same time in the same external environment (town, schools, community culture) turned out so different based solely on what was happening behind closed doors. The difference was that my two sons had a mother who was scapegoated and exiled and their father was a sociopath in a family that wanted to pretend otherwise. My story proves just how serious CPTSD really is. I only just discovered this recording though it was done before my channel was a year old. The information is ever green though so makes no difference for the content.

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Please watch: “8 Things to Do If Your Child is Narcissistically Abusive”




  • persiamotorman

    I just saw the I'Tonya interview series (not the Movie), and it contrasted Tonya Harding's abusive childhood with Nancy Kerrigan's more stable and loving childhood. And you can see how much of a difference it makes in the development of an individual to be surrounded and supported by a loving family while growing up. The only thing about Tonya is that she has never 100% admitted her involvement in the Nancy Kerrigan incident. I also think she isn't completely honest about the abuse she endured in her life. I think part of it is embellished so it can fit the narrative of her story of not being involved in the Kerrigan incident.

  • Igor RAMmusic

    Hi Evening Ransom. its been a while.
    You know I always agree with you, simply because I feel you. Our life experiences when it comes to the family business are amazingly similar.
    I am glad I received the confirmation about my curant situation from you again. You know we are going thru some doubting moments, when we are not sure of reallity andif we are right or might be a bit wrong…! Dangerous weak moments when the shit could of start again….
    In this particular moments I need a confirmation. Listening to your story is breath taking and heart braking… Our family's sabotaging all this has no logic nor reason. But yet it is happening!
    I wonder if you ever thought about your purpose in all that? Because I am constantly thinking and trying to find any sense in it.
    With Love, Igor (from the Netherlands).

  • kookiecanuck

    Disturbing actions from the demonically disturbed..all too familiar…the head spinning scene from the exorcist comes to mind…except your head ends up spinning..and projectile vomiting…and an exorcism won't fix the problem with inherent evil and habitual deception……witch goes way deeper than just the hubs of hell

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