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Copy of Narcissist 5th Flavor – Bitterweed. Chris Watts is Narcissist called THE PUNISHER

I follow up on 4 flavors of narcissistic discard by adding a 5th. I also suggest the greatest Christmas gift possible at the end of my video. Merry Christmas!



  • Juanita Richards

    I know that case. There is a very sad videos on YT where the wife of that man who killed their children knew he was going to kill her. There was incest in the husbands family – her father in law secretly filmed her – he was obsessed with her, and he was caught filming little girls in their bathrooms in their neighbors homes. Ans this poor wife was dead 18 months after she made her video for YT. She seemed to have given up…..

  • theresa W

    Thank you for all you do…
    I was with a narc for 5 years. I had the courage to leave with NO CONTACT. The life was sucked out of me, I was exhausted mentally and emotionally.
    I love listening to you speak 💕💕

  • Juanita Richards

    They grey rock method, which I used with my ex before I even knew what narcissism was. I just tuned him out and stopped reacting to anything he did or said. This made him really really made – enraged even and the attempts to provoke me into a reaction became indescribable.

  • Juanita Richards

    I never forced my kids to do things that frightened them. When the older 2 were toddlers they didn't like having their hair washed and would scream in panic. So I used to get in the tub with them and let them wash my hair, and slowly they started to let me put a little water on their heads and day by day they got better until they were over the fear completely. My youngest one loved the water and her bath. I couldn't get her out!

  • DJ

    Hi Jewel, my name is Dana, and I love watching and listening to your videos. I am fascinated with each of your subjects so far. I was hoping to find you on Twitter to send you a direct message, but couldn't find you. I know you gave out your email the other day when you were looking for "light of life" (I am not certain I remembered that name correctly. But I wanted to ask you if it is okay to email you? It is about a topic in your video entitled "Immediate correction…" If not, I certainly understand. I know you must be very busy. I am retired early and sometimes still busy!! 🙂

  • cinnamon hot hot

    I pray for Susan Cox Powell family. She was an amazing lady & a fantastic momma. There will be another mass search for her body in April if your near the utah area please join if you want to help. You can find information on family and friends of Susan Cox Powell facebook page. Thankyou

  • Texas BK

    – My narcissist kept my discard cloaked in secrecy. I've been apart from him now 10 years and even this conversation about a narcissist has the veins on the side of my neck feeling restricted and my heart racing.

  • Kelli R. Adkins

    I was in a 7 year marriage to a severe covert narc and was devalued and discarded for years but the last discard the week before I found out about my replacement and confronted her. She acted like I was wrong and crazy. She had been married 5x before and 2 was affairs like this. He love bombed me so hard the last day… day I came home from work to find his wedding band on his nightstand and a note in the kitchen that asked me to leave his good clothes hang till she made room for them. 2 days later he was living with her. She was the 2nd affair in less than a year. The first was with a drug prostitute and he brought home STD Trich😭 before I knew it….I was taking all the blame…had I been a better wife then it wudnt had happened. I grew up a mile from him. Became neighbors and I was not interested. He had spent 5 years in prison for First Degree Attempted Murder on his 2nd wife……cut her up but she lives. 😢 breaks my heart. I knew about it but you know how great the are at smearing so yea. His huge family all lived within 2 miles of a lot of my family. They was a clan. Constantly devaluation and triangulation. He triangulated me with anything and everything. Where I live therapy is non existent. Im a year and a half past discard and Ive come a long way. Chris Watts case has captivated me. I too had 2 lil girls, biologically they was not. There dad….4 years into our marriage became mentally ill with Schizoaffective Bipolar Type I and I stayed another 6 years with him. 3 mental hygiene warrants and 3-30 day stays at state facility and after separation and divorce he had another 4 taken on him. He thot i was a government spy and had microchipped him and was withholding classified info from him. Then after 2 years of that he realized it was God and Jesus. It was hell. I’ve been thro more than most. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Reynauds, Anxiety Disorder C-PTSD, found out I am INFJ. I am very emotional and sensitive and live in total isolation unless a must to go out. I dont know what to do sometimes. I chose to not have cable and Zi dont watch movies. My heart cant take it so I watch youtube and you help me so much. Thank you for taking time from your busy filled life and do this. Without you all I’d be doomed. 🖤

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