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Controlled Healing After Narcissistic Abuse

We have control over the way we feel, we can reprogram our minds. Positive thinking is a game changer.
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  • jes sea

    So inspiring 🙏 just got materials to create some art as it is the only comfortable way in for me. I come from generations of every possible type of abuse, sometimes feel I will never be free or healed. I've watched some of your channel over the years but should have been more diligent bc if you are not completely aware of yourself and surroundings you can fall back into self defeating patterns so easily. Sometimes you might say, never again! And somehow find yourself trying to heal once again. Constant battle for me I guess, will be a relief to feel just going with the flow of life.

  • Sue Coombs

    Great to see you posting again kim, and I get exactly what you mean about taking your power back and controlling how your life moves on after the abuse. Would like to hear more about exposure and campaigning to change the laws on this abuse in the future and how we can all join forces wherever we are in the world

  • kookiecanuck

    well at least..whatever one pursues after the identifried narc that was a blister on your ass throwing a monkey wrench into everything you did or might least you know those demons and witches…hopefully to never cross your path again without full assault weaponry

  • kimmy stanzel

    Kim you sound like such a smart, beautiful, strong woman! You give me so much hope, your story is incredible and it was very severe for you, it gives me so much hope to hear how much you have recovered and to hear how happy you are, and I am proud to hear you say that you have came back from such immense abuse, and I'm happy to hear things are looking so much better for you!

  • Claire Gordon

    It does take years to get over a narc and it's very difficult but if it wasn't for you Kim I would never know what I experienced was narcissistic abuse I started watching your Channel about 2 and 1/2 years ago and slowly learn Trevor was exactly like my ex a demon monster child devil. Being discarded over and over being verbally psychologically physically abused over and over again being triangulated with another with mind-games the whole relationship but my advice is when you feel down and unworthy please look in the mirror and say this is not my personality disorder the abuse was not my responsibility but my responsibility is to move forward and never look back and to pick up the pieces and hang out with good positive people. Find some hobbies too

  • Doc Vega

    Kim, in a nutshell, the baggage carried around by so many women over what men in their past did to them so that the new man gets to be the target of her anger is at epidemic proportions! Let's add to this formula what many women bring to the table to their new husband or lover when they suffer abuse such as sexual incest, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and in may cases all three! Let me tell you, I'm an expert after 3 failed marriages of just how the victimized become the victimizer! But, I also add that for what many men have suffered for in this twisted wreck of human relationships is that most women carrying this toxic baggage developed it from what men did to them originally! To make matters even worse, let's add Bi-polar depression to this Big Picture of contributing factors where the patient, the lover, the spouse, does things to undermine their life by driving those closest to them away with their incessant mood swings, inappropriate anger, and hostile outbursts coupled with having a short attention span, unpredictable behavior, and being totally unable to understand how they affect others! And you have a maddening set of relationship sabotage arsenal!

  • Doc Vega

    Kim, I know how devastating being in love with a narcissist, Bi-polar, dysfunctional, woman can be and how they can tear an entire man's world apart just as men have done to you. I realize how much you must have been in love with this idiot who did what he did to you. The message should be to get out of the situation all together! I lost my youngest son to suicide because he was bullied, mentally abused, and constantly at the mercy of a sick women who had a history of mental illness, domestic abuse, prescription drug use, and child abuse in her past. He was 26 and still a virgin when this predatory bitch latched onto him as he was a personal trainer at a national fitness center club. He didn't have the emotional tools or experience to get out of a destructive relationship so taking his own life seemed like the only way out to him! Being his father I was not allowed to visit very often even when I would cook for them or have them over to my place and he hid the violence and discourse from everyone in the family out of shame! This bitch even showed up at his work, and they have security camera footage of her screaming at him and the employer when he later got into very profitable real estate sales! I am afraid that perhaps my own kids witnessing some of what I put up with while I was raising them may have contributed to my youngest son emulating this response to female induced abuse. The damage from these toxic individuals is far reaching!

  • Blue Snow


    Glad to hear from you again. I am not sure what is healed suppose to look like. He never was able to destroy my value and confidence. I function as normal if not better. But I just can’t forget. When I was alone, the memories, the happiness and sadness still there. It’s been three years. I am not sure what will another year do…

  • kookiecanuck

    no matter how you lok at it narc wars are still battles within a non tangible garasp but narcology screws eveything when they bring their shit with their corruption into i said before..chasinf narcissim is chasing dark shadows with a butterfly net

  • Karla

    Kim, you and I have traveled this path together from the beginning.. I fully understand what it happened..why it happened.. I'm very happy and as you know my sewing business is going full bore.. I have one problem.. I don't think I have the capacity to fully love someone in a relationship.. I've tried and it just isn't happening.. maybe Mr Right hasn't come along.. but I don't know if I can put myself in the position of vulnerability again. ..

  • Anna K.L

    We fellt it coming you are ready for the big next step on the the same , we are done with rehashing about this creatures and want to move on. We would like to see some nice vlogs about your restoring live and the surroundings of Mexico…the foodies etc. Looking forward 💫💝 it's about time for lots of us. If they see you move on ,lots will follow.

  • Gods Child

    I think it depends on the severity of ones situation. Its mich worse for those born into a family of narcs where everyone you know really is out to get you and sabotage you. The worse part is finding so.ewhere to go and I still havent found a satisfactory place. Seem to just keep attracting these demons and have cried out to God to send help. We are just about to flee to the mountains where we are. I look at them everyday and everyday its more and more enticing to get a tent and move there to be truly free so these narcs who are in the school system, housing system, family system, or better known as the beast system cannot control me and my children! If you decide to homeschool well even if you do everything to prove what you teach, your kids intelligence shows that or you dont want some doctor carving into your child cause you feel it in your gut something is wrong they will threaten you and say do what we want or we will just call cps and take your children and force you to have to. WTF! What has this world become. It s totally backwards and I just cant except it! Sorry but their are a lot more bad around every tree than those who truly want to see others do well. I have no issue with no contact, I dont feel sorry for them, I dont care whatsoever for them and am glad to get away, they dont cross my mind but the false calls they make, the physical danger, and destroying my record, forcing you to deal with courts if they know where you are, and using kids as a weapon that is what the issue is for most. Most victims need a safe place of refuge and we need to be using donations for this as the only other option suicide and more children victi.s who will become narcs themselves or commit suicide. Sad world we live in now. It wont get better so better start sticking by each other and protecting each other instead of trusting our government and doing things we are told are what we are supposed to but only benefit the government and abusers not the victim or children. These videos, ramblings, therapy, will not stop the abuse and it will only get worse now that they are exposed unless we actually fight back, not sit behind a screen and talk a big game. Where is all the protests. Trump just reversed a bill obama put in to affect that defined narcissistic abuse(control, emotional,coercion, manipulation , etc) as abuse finally. Trumps bill says only very extreme physical attacks are considered abuse and punishable plus if one calls both go to jail and let the judge decide. We know what that means then, nobody their for the children who cps will then have to take so hm basically they are again sending a msg that if you say anything you will be punished. I am disappointed as I thought better of Trump and less of obama but looking into this it is a fact and I think our whole system is both on the same side playing us for fools. No offense intended just truth! Thank you that's all.

  • dryvur

    With the massacre of the Mormons that happened recently, does that scare you? Do you worry about your safety?
    What about all of the children? Do they worry about themselves, since children were massacred, also?
    I know it would bother me. If it didn't, I wouldn't be human

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