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Cognitive Dissonance and The Recovering Narcissist Abuse Victim Movie

Cognitive Dissonance and the Recovering Narcissist Abuse Victim: Cognitive dissonance can have a number of different meanings but for the purposes of our discussion we will define it…



  • KhemistrySet

    Wow. Great video! Quick question: What if you discover not only your whole family of origin, extended family & church community gaslighted/narcissistically abused you? I was discarded by these people after they stole money from a dying relative & I refused to back off & kept calling it out despite being told to be nice! This poor man was getting robbed & his body wasn't even cold. I stuck my neck out & I was kicked out of my community.

    My world shattered – my faith, belief in people & church is shattered. I'm Slowly recovering but it's excruciating. My whole life & people who I thought loved me was a complete lie.

    Thank you for your video

  • Bec Smith

    It's been a year and a half of no contact with sibling narcissists and flying monkeys… but now and then I question myself, "why am I so different" "why are they so great to everyone else but weren't to me" "maybe it's me" "what if it's me" … and I struggle for a couple days I get sad about the ideal I held on to, the great relationships others have with their families yet I know i will never put myself and my kids anywhere near them again and remind myself of all the manipulation, duplicity, lies, implying, character assassination, head messing with stuff they did… My question is.. based on the questions I ask myself in those down times.. what does it suggest in regards to areas I need to work on healing?.. or is this just an old scripts RE surfacing again? Throughout my young life that was a reoccurring script I would think… "that doesn't make sense so it must be me".. then I'd try even harder to be a better sister and daughter.. but things will happen again and the same script would play.. I was always trying to seek acceptance and validation from my family growing up despite being an a student, well liked, but it never came

  • Born of Love

    I am two years out and still having such difficulty with this phase especially as I am living in the US dealing with what seems a Narcissistic country. Safety I once thought I had no longer appears real. People, places and things I once trusted have turned out to be one big lie. Some days I simply wallow in a feeling that I will never be whole, safe or truly happy again.

  • Michael Boyle

    I find that I've uncovered most the layers that were hidden and it was like waking up in the matrix nothing was what it appeared to be. I have no idea who they really were. I struggle sometimes because the right person hasn't come along and my mind wanders to the wrong thing's.


    That was beautiful, James!! The song pick was perfect for this video of healing and inspiration!! I BEGAN with you, James!! Yours was the first video I EVER SAW/HEARD!! You gave me VALIDATION…The priceless gift that opened the door to my/our prison cells and we got free!! First Video: PRINCE: Victim Of Narcissistic Abuse! THANK YOU, JAMES!!

  • 6980MulhollandDrive

    This is literally what happened to me as well. At least now I know what it was.
    Thank God I eventually broke free, but now I understand why I was still quite attached to the Narc (even after going no contact) in spite of his mask slipping off and showing him for the despicable, sick, disgusting individual that he was.
    Now I understand why I was in denial (classic), why I broke a few "no contact" phases, why I spotted many red flags and was so baffled about him preaching one thing and doing the other. He was a major liar, hypocrite and manipulator. Not good enough, apparently.
    I kinda saw through him but I was too confused and torn, also because of the previous "love bombing" phase, that I thought it was just me and that I should be more forgiving and open-minded… what a joke!
    Lately I had been feeling angry and ashamed that, even if the signs were all pretty much there, I still believed most of his cr*p, but now I'm changing my mindset, also thanks to videos like this.
    Thank God I never got sexually involved with him (he was almost 30 years older than I was and married with kids, go figure) and not even romantically on an open, official level.
    We had feelings for each other (at least, I did) but that was it, I never even called him by his first name like he asked me to, physical contact between us was practically non-existent and, deep down, U never fully trusted him (same as above, now I know why).
    Also, I wasn't that forgiving at times (especially near the end, so to speak) and thank God I stood my ground on major issues (basically he was fixated on my – and everybody else's – sexuality and how I "should have" lived it, sorry, but *nope*, buddy).
    Very helpful, thank you. I hope there will be a follow-up ☺️

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