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Codependent Responses to Dysfunctional Family Problems

Codependents respond in certain ways to their dysfunctional family problems. These responses affect their lives negatively. Learn about what these responses are to better understand the dynamics of codependent relationships..



  • Maple Flat

    Worse of all is the enabler expects everyone else to enable also, including adult siblings, and it becomes really disruptive to all relationships and can lead the sober and sane to walk away from the addict and enabler.

  • Laughing Waters

    Once our marital counselor told me my spouse was abusive because he is a narcissist, I did all the things you mention; focus on myself, allow the narcissist to do his own thing, let go of my expectations for a healthy family, etc. It wasn't that I could not focus on myself, it was just that I had 5 children and had no financial resources. So after I made the changes, things got MUCH worse. He quit his job, started smoking pot 9 times a day and was increasingly abusive. I finally filed for divorce in a desperate attempt to regain my sanity, because it is VERY hard to be around someone who constantly sabotages you. There ARE consequences to this. I have no idea how I will even pay my bills and my younger children have suffered. I am no longer available to them because I have to work nonstop. It's really not as simple as "you WANT to be codependent." It's very hard.

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