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Codependent Recovery -Changing Our Reactions to Abuse – part storytime

Codependent Recovery — How to Control Your Reactions to Toxic People and Situations that might trigger you. Sharing some anecdotes of every day kinds of interactions with my father to illustrate how a codependent is trained to ignore their own needs. These examples were taken from regular life leading up to my having a heart attack and subsequently being abandoned by my family. I didn’t know this neglect and emotional absence was abuse. As recovering codependents we are feeling our emotions for the first time. We aren’t suppressing our feelings, nor are we denying or ignoring what we think, feel, believe, or experience. In childhood we were not allowed to express all the emotions if one or both of our parents had narcissistic personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, or was codependent. We most likely have complex post traumatic stress disorder or cptsd and even if we are estranged from our narcissistic family now as adults we are healing from narcissistic abuse and trying to stop our reactions to triggers. We were shamed or punished for feeling sad, angry, and sometimes even happy. If we are a child of narcissist. Today’s episode is all about recovery from codependency.

NOTE: THIS VIDEO WAS RECORDED LIVE. This means that I had to make the best of what happened the first time, and my husband was apparently not supervising our dogs so they broke in just a few minutes in and kept me on my toes. I did my best to edit out their interruptions for the re-broadcast on youtube, but it is clearly a live video. Hopefully that’s the authentic appeal of live video that people love!
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  • Evening Ransom

    2 notes:
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  • Ame3thyst3

    Thank you so much for sharing. Your father is cruel. My father enabled my NM. I cannot believe that you drove to the hospital.
    At 3:23, I noticed that your NM is at least resting her hand on your brother's shoulder, while her other hand is just hanging off your shoulder. No hug there.

    "Why" is the most painful part, after the many smear campaigns have been believed anyway.

    I think we learn to live in a false reality. I constantly rationalized during my childhood and that continued until I learned about narcissism two years ago. The only thing my NM cares about is any information that she can use in her smear campaigns. Dressed up with lies to guarantee that nobody will want to associate with me.

    Bless you Evening. Sharing your life with us gives me hope. Thank you so much. <3

  • sun beagle

    In 2013 there was a flood in Boulder Colorado. My basement filled with water and the narc that I am no contact with called to invite me over for birthday cake. He did not offer to come help with the water situation and he got angry when I told him no to the invitation.    —-No contact is the only thorough solution to dealing with these a-holes.

  • Claire

    I just would like to say , thank you so much for taking the time and heart felt care to share these videos with us. They help me so much . Although painful at times it's such a comfort to not feel so alone on this journey of healing and recovery.

  • Tamara Young

    Once the smear campaign is in full effect, nothing makes sense cause you are made to be the villain. So they are merely tolerating you and any disagreement is evidence of you messing up again. You can't win.

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