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Can the Narcissist Out Run Karma? Why The Narcissist has to keep moving.

Can the Narcissist out Run Karma? Why The Narcissist has to keep moving.
Can the Narcissist outrun Karma is fascinating. With their grandiose thinking they imagine they can but the reality is different. At some point they dance past the sign that read “Point of No Return” but they were too busy high fiving themselves to notice.
The Narc Free Challenge
Relationship DRAMA? Confused about Narcissism? Are they a Narcissist? Psychopath? Not sure but really need to know? Just need to talk to someone about it?
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I get it – its confusing and scary – but this is IMPORTANT stuff to know.
Think Chris Watts, Ted Bundy, Charles Manson. I could go on but you get it.
My name is Freedom and I am a Narc survivor and Indie Author & Consultant.
Believe me – with my marriage to a Sociopath and working in Community Health for over a decade and subsequent three years independent research in NPD and APD – I KNOW NARCS.
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NARC LANGUAGE – When I first stumbled into the world of Narcs, Sociopaths & Psychopaths I was just so relieved to learn there were actually words to explain what I’d been living through. But then I realized how much I needed to know and I gotta say it feels like you’re learning a whole new language at times.
So, I compiled this list of commonly used Narc phrases or words to help survivors understand “Narc speak”.

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All content provided by this channel is meant for educational and entertainment purposes only. The characters represented are fictional, any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is entirely coincidental.



  • SuperNova

    You’ve described my ex narc perfectly, Freedom. He’s a speech therapist and he’s worked at 3-4 jobs as long as I’ve known him (14 months). He has poor interpersonal relationships with bosses and co workers and finds reasons to use the ejection button. He hates serving others and wishes he was the leader but he can’t get along with anyone. He’s super entitled. It’s really quite fascinating to watch. You’ve nailed them perfectly. I’m the opposite. I’ve been at my job for almost 10 years, save my money like crazy, and make new and keep old friends. Part of the reason I broke up with him is that he hates the fact I wouldn’t devalue my sons father who I have known for 22 years. He was very threatened by him because he was successful. The narc was so insecure. So glad I’m free!!!!! Life really couldn’t be better.

  • Lotus

    His relationships (that i heave heard about from him and exes and his ex BF) have all crashed and burned spectacularly and dramatically. Even his so called three engagements. So funny he always says, “i hate drama,” yet he doesn’t see it’s HIM. He’s the common denominator and tornado of destruction. . When everyone says you have a tail… His career is stable though. All his nice “stuff” -boats, motorcycles, cars etc all are quality but he let them go to junk! He’s too busy with the harem all over the country to take care of anything, including his health. I think it’s all catching up to him nearing 60. He is really like a ship on fire with holes in the bottom! I have been told by an ex of 7 years ago that he is way worse now. I think it’s more desperate maybe and i know he’s aging quickly from the year i have seem him! He can’t get supply much anymore or for long. All his friends are gone, very new of very shallow relationships. Hard to escape is right.

  • mermaidlorelei

    My ex holds his life together on the outside exceptionally well because his image is the most important thing to him and he has to maintain his “golden boy” status. He is a successful business owner and is respected in the community. He’s also a people pleaser and peacemaker…just like he had to be in his narc family cult. His fuck ups are with his significant other or anyone who wants to bond with him on an emotional level. I guess maybe that’s why it took me 19yrs to figure out what the hell was really going on with him. He sees his partner as his personal slave and shit can that should sit quietly on the shelf until he’s ready to get her down to play or serve him. When he needs to self soothe his deep oozing mommy wounds is when he sneaks off to delve deep into his fantasy land of porn, strippers, and whores. I see him as a sneaky, venomous snake! He quietly slithers around and strikes when you least expect it!

  • mermaidlorelei

    Guess what today is Freedom….it’s the onset or first hit of Saturn’s karmic wrath like we’ve never seen before that will be ongoing until the end of January! 😉 Some people’s lives are about to be turned upside down and I feel so strongly that narcs are going to get hit hard this time! Grab some popcorn and a good seat…it’s going to be quite the show!

  • Buzzing Bee

    If it's all an illusion with the new supply? Then why is the new supply so happy and giving the narc what they want? That's a reality he's getting everything he wants. When will it catch up because this has to stop. The only time they're going to pay is when God judges them in the end. I think in order to heal we need to see them pay for what they did to us. I want justice now. That would be healing.

  • Alex


  • 1tundra11

    Lol like dogs…some dogs just need to stay outside! Because you can't trust them inside !is what I told a co-worker after I caught him grooming new supply on fb..when I was keeping a roof over his head with only odd mechanic jobs to pay his minimal bills.what a user..

  • Mar Frank

    My ex narcissist boyfriend played me for his baby mama and she's married👰 but he and his family don't care but his karma is going to be she plays him in her husband finds out in kicks his ass you reap what you sow 🙌🏼

  • Miss Teri

    Excellent Video and 'Channel'. Raised in a 'Family' that 'Specialized' in this sort of thing and lots of 'Criminal' Behaviors. First noticed about 50+ years ago. Watched many relatives go away 'Forever'. No Contact is the 'Only' Way to remember them. Thank You 😍👏…

  • persiamotorman

    The one I know was leaving a huge traceable trail on the internet of all his crimes. He had all that erased from the internet by some company online from what I gather. They must be in fear of their cover being blown all the time.

  • Mike

    I believe they'll reap what they sew my friend . These narcs can't stand too see us living our best lives without them . That's probably why they try sabotaging our reality bunch of low life losers . Most of the narcs I knew were heroin , meth addicts can't trust those drug addicts . Drug addicts act entitled to steal from everyone .By the way it's good seeing you make videos again Freedom .

  • Earth'sHarvester

    How big or how long can you breathe into a chewing gum to create a bubble, and how long does it stay in front of you before it pops?…rhetorical, narcissists can keep creating illusions, blown out of thin air, but eventually, it flops like bubblegum. Narcs create their karma.

  • Eyeswideshut

    Hi Freedome. I like this video, it's so spot on. In the 9 yrs I knew my narc she had 6 jobs. Each only lasted a few months because someone was picking on her. I started telling people that she doesn't play well with others. LOL. My narc has her kids now, go back and forth between them.
    My narc wants to do our divorce ourselves but I'm concerned she'll take advantage of me somehow. She works for her family and doesn't report it to disability and she wants me to agree to not report that. Also, here in the states because she helped make house payments she's entitled to some equity in the house. Now, she hardly worked at all but I think I need a lawyer or this is not going to work out food for me.

  • Robin Martin

    When it comes to my husband, I refer to what he was always doing as “get rich quick” schemes. I don’t know how many of them he was running at any one time, but they always failed. He couldn’t stay at a real job for any length of time either, and would quit so he could find a better one – only there was never a better one. I suspect he burned bridges when he left his country to go to South Korea, and the only jobs there that he could get (at least, the last I knew) were ones that the native residents didn’t want to work, like factory or fishing jobs. I think he planned for me to move there and teach English if he couldn’t make it to the U.S., so I could support him while he no doubt ran around with his useless, scamming foreigner friends and other women. It makes me sick to think I almost did go to him, and what a disaster that would have been. I don’t know how someone can be so evil, yet act so sincere while lying to your face. I know he was like this with everyone, so I no longer take it personally, but damn, what a way to live. You say they do what’s easiest, but that sort of lifestyle would be very difficult for me – it’s easier to just be honest and do what’s right. I will never understand these people, or how they live with themselves.

  • MsPeppersmom

    Mine was a drug addict alcoholic. I helped him recover and he discarded me when he believed he no longer needed me. Now he has a good job and bought a home. He believes he is all powerful and i am beneath him. He said no one at work speaks to him. They learned him. His supply consists of felkow AA members.

  • Rose Carpenter

    You are beautiful and "Lovely". Thank you for the great chat – I truly believe these Narc's deserve to suffer for all the deliberate hurt, betrayal, lies and manipulation they cause others – all because they are jealous, pathetic, boring evil creatures. Amen.

  • Shar Hughes

    They destroy all who come in contact with them, they can't seem to grasp that their the problem, they always play the victim and make the target out to be the villain! So as they get older they start to lose their looks which make them harder to find tangible supply, they get worse with the manipulation and gaslighting tactics, they will up the anty by always using their Predatorial tactics to secure that source of supply! Watch out when they start circling their wagons back to your front door!

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