Brittany Hockley found out her fiance was leading a double life.

Brittany Hockley found out her fiance was leading a double life.

“He love bombed me,” Brittany explained to Mamamia. “He loved me so hard and so fast and it was so all consuming that I thought I was the luckiest girl in the world.”

The pair met at work, and within three and a half weeks, he was telling her he loved her. It was an intense relationship from the get go, with 70 to 80 messages flying between them a day, all by different mediums.

“He’d contact me via phone, email, pop-ins at work,” Brittany said. “I thought no one could love me like he did.”

But amongst the big romantic gestures were the downsides, negatives that Brittany would always let slide.

In hindsight the 31-year-old says she always had a gut feeling certain things weren’t right or didn’t seem normal, “But the age old saying ‘love is blind’ really did ring true to me. You believe what you want to believe and ignore the rest,” she said.

“I had so many signs that alone weren’t red flags but when you put them all together it’s like shoving a big loud alarm on their forehead,” she told Mamamia.

“But he was convincing, charming, manipulative, intelligent and handsome all rolled into one. A formidable combination indeed.”

Brittany found out about the deception at a dinner party after dating Luke for two years. Image: Instagram/brittany_hockley.

One day Brittany put up a photo on social media of her in a bikini with friends at the beach. Luke didn’t have social media (or so he told her) but within half an hour he was messaging her asking about the picture. “He forwarded me an email from someone saying the most horrible things about what they wanted to do to my body after seeing that photo.”

“How do you think that makes me feel, Brit?” he asked her.

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