Brexit The Uncivil War Dominic Cummings drama causes viewers to switch off | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Brexit The Uncivil War Dominic Cummings drama causes viewers to switch off | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Channel 4 aired a two hour comedy drama yesterday evening which looked into the Vote Leave campaign for Brexit. 

Created by James Graham, the instalment provided a behind the scenes exploration of the 2016 referendum on whether or not the UK should leave the European Union. 

However, by the first ad break, those watching at home were already threatening to switch off. 

Taking to Twitter to discuss the special, one said: “#BrexitTheUncivilWar My verdict so far? It’s a bit sh*t. Switching off asap.”

Another added: “15 minuted in. I’ll leave #BrexitTheUncivilWar.” 

“Well that was 16 minutes of my life I will never get back. I’m going back into my book. #BrexitTheUncivilWar,” one Tweet read. 

A fourth commented: “I won’t be watching anymore. It’s just more biased Remoaners nonsense I bet! #BrexitTheUncivilWar.” 

“#BrexitTheUncivilWar don’t think I can stand over 2 hours of this.” 

Taking on the lead character role of Dominic Cummings was Benedict Cumberbatch. 

And many watching were impressed by the casting of the television show. 

“Casting for #BrexitTheUncivilWar is excellent,” one remarked. 

Another added: “Arron Banks – great casting #BrexitTheUncivilWar.” 

“#BrexitTheUncivilWar have hit the nail on the head with the casting of actors playing Farage and Banks!” A viewer explained. 

One wrote: “The two actors playing Boris and Gove have it almost spot on!! #BrexitTheUncivilWar.” 

The programme was based on Dominic’s integral role as the Leave campaign director. 

Described as a “career sociopath” he was the brain behind Vote Leave’s powerful campaign motto “take back control”. 

Alongside this, he also engineered data which played a powerful role in his vision. 

The campaign strategist employed a team of people to harness the potential of social media to reach disinterest and disillusioned with politics through targeted advertisements. 

And Dominic credited the data analysis company they used following the referendum vote and said: “We couldn’t have done it without them”. 

Brexit: The Uncivil War will be able to stream on Channel 4’s website after the show has ended.

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