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Birthdays/anniversaries with narcissistic parents

A narcissist can not stand anyone else being happy, so seek to ruin birthdays and celebrations.

I dislike my birthday because my father ruined it for years. He couldn’t even bring himself to wish me happy birthday when I was in contact with him. He was like a stroppy child!

I was raised by abusive parents, my overt narcissist father and my covert narcissist mother.

In 2015 at the age of 36, I went no contact with both of my parents. My son was three. I am now estranged from my entire family.

It’s been a long journey and one that took a long time to get where I am now.

The very first step in healing from an abusive childhood is to recognise your own power.

Do you want to know how you empower yourself and accelerate your healing?

Are you fed up with feeling like you take 4 steps forward only to take 10 back again?

Do you feel like you are going in circles with your parents and don’t understand why?

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  • Douglas Wayne

    Happy Birthday on Father's Day from the USA.

    The feminine long hair and the painting on the wall remind me of the mini-series The Tenth Kingdom (2000) and the film The Huntsman: Winter's War (2016).

    As seen from above the clouds as if from an Eagle's Mere is a single tower, spire, or stella to the left and a castle complex to the right of four tower corners and one central tall tower and spire for a total of five elements. The two planetary spheres appear to be moon white and burnished gold. A solitary figure may be standing midway on a crag or rock escapement overlooking the scene.

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