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Asperger's Syndrome vs. Nonverbal LD: The Same or Different?

Asperger’s Syndrome and Nonverbal Learning Disabilities share many characteristics but are not the same. Watch and listen as NCLD’s LD expert, Dr. Sheldon H. Horowitz, offers a detailed overview of these disorders in one of a growing library of “Ask the Expert” videos at



  • Shadi Pahlavi

    thank u for ur video  i was misdiagnosed for a long time as borderline personality disorder -they  kept insisting i like cutting myself    when in reality my nr problem was non verbal communication specially eye contact walking down the street felt like a nightmare becuse i didt understand    non verbal cues 

  • mary tormey

    The big difference is latin roots, I know a lot of words. I can hear things in the next room, I can see in the dark, hook my hands behind my back and perceive sound as painful. My handwriting is not readable. I am good at logic, programing and picking the right answer out of a group of 4. Some of my relatives seem to hear a different world of sound, The frequencies they hear don't always quite add up to speech. I learn very quickly, but have enough difficulty with motions to be re-taught. I have both Asperger's Syndrome and Nonverbal Learning Disability. Family members who just have Asperger's Syndrome simply haven't been taught latin roots. 

  • Martin Beaudoin

    I'M 31 yrs old and I've been recently diagnosed with NVLD and, quite honestly, I'm losing hope with social interactions (i,e durable friendships and relationships) and my perspective in the job market. Anyone here can give me any tips on how to deal with the disability? I'm honestly very lost as I have cognitive behavioral problems and hoping to change that.

  • Anabel Bachrach

    i was recently diagnosed with NVLD, but my nonfunctional repetitive behaviors and fascination with detail are some of the characteristics I have that are more towards the ASD, and I'm also a writer. I also have bipolar and panic disorder though so I dont know how much these impact everything. I would greatly appreciate aid in clarification if possible haha. With warm regards, thank you for your research, though.

  • Alex Zorach

    I found this an interesting video but it was uncomfortable to watch because you talk so slowly, repeat unnecessary things, and sometimes pause unnecessarily at times. I feel like you could have covered the same amount of material in half to one third the time, and I think it would have actually been easier to follow this video because when you pause too much, it makes it harder for me to concentrate because I get bored. If you were to remake a more concise version of this video that communicated the same information in a shorter amount of time, I would really like that!

  • Madison Longley

    My diagnosis was weird because I was split right in the middle. For NVLD, I’m good at reading and great at writing (according to my family and teachers, and even a few of my friends). For Asperger’s, I struggle in Math, and I have interests in quite a few things (writing, DC comics, forensic science, and learning languages like Spanish and ASL). I am sensitive to some loud things (like yelling or fighting), but not with other loud things (music, especially). I’m not the greatest at social communication, like anyone on the spectrum, but I try to show my empathy, even when it’s too much, despite what many people think about others who are on the spectrum. I know it’s different for everybody on the spectrum, but sometimes I feel I have to figure which one I lean closer to in order to understand myself better. Maybe you guys understand what I’m talking about..?

  • Carson cat

    I was diagnosed with Nonverbal Learning Disorder when I was 16; however, nothing this man is saying applies to me…..I scored in the 98th percentile in the verbal section and the 21st percentile for my perceptual reasoning. Every other section was slightly above average. I was also in the 99% for my spelling/vocab. I have VERY poor attention skills and poor social skills. I find it hard to comprehend what a professor is saying in class during a lecture (I stare off in to space and get distracted easily). I get lost all the time, have no sense of direction, and I am ALWAYS late. I attended an Ivy League University for 2 years before withdrawing for a couple semesters (mental health/depression/anxiety), and would consistently earn the highest scores in the class on philosophical/ debate/ creative writing papers. However, I am not very good at structuring business-style papers or adhering to set formats. I am decent at certain types of math (excluding geometry), terrible at sports, and terrible at physics. However, I feel like I'm decent at verbal reasoning problems…….

  • Mighty Nerf

    This isn't a very convincing set of differences. A visual vs auditory thinking style and attributing attention to detail vs fascination feels like a stretch. Sensory differences are also not addressed here. This feels like aspergers adjusted to perhaps a more "female" presentation.

  • Famished Nintendog

    I was diagnosed with NVLD when I was 12, but I am decent at math and scored 780/800 on the old SAT (out of 2400). I also believe that I have strong logical reasoning skills, as I scored a 178 on the LSAT and found the logic games portion of the exam to be the easiest section. However, I have a lot of trouble with spacial relationships and organization. I struggled with physics in school (often regarded as an empirical science), and I believe this is due to the fact it is quite an abstract subject, which requires a great deal of visual thinking. My main issue with English is related to my inability to organize/format papers (as opposed to reading/writing abilities). I also have social issues and tend to ramble/lose my train of thought/am hyper-focused on certain topics (to the point of obsession in some cases). I hate physical contact, I have no friends and I wear the outfit every day (I have multiple pairs of the exact same trousers and shirts). People find it strange and they used to make comments when I was in school. People think I am rude and unemotional. I do feel a great deal of empathy, but I have trouble expressing it and often come across as cold/ unanimated/ depressing to be around

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