ASMR Preparing You for the New Year (Soft Whispers + Positive Affirmations)

ASMR Preparing You for the New Year (Soft Whispers + Positive Affirmations)

Happy New Year everyone! Celebrating the last video of the year with some positive affirmations, preparing you for the new year, and giving you some positive affirmations to fall asleep into January 1st with. I hope you guys enjoy. 🙂

Mics Used: Rote NT1

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You should do a speaking Spanish video

I subscribed to your channel after the soft talking doctor interview. Any chance you’ll make more videos with your voice instead of whispering? Your voice is beautiful and very triggering. Thanks.

Happy New Year, Jazmine!! Much success to you in 2020! 👍🙂

Love the mics. Oh… and I fell asleep about halfway through this video. 😴

This is actually perfect 🥰 so many tingles. You tube put you in my suggested an I'm really pleased…. amazing thank you 🙏

She is just simply gorgeous, part of the way and I needed a roadmap. I got lost in her eyes.

She also reminds me of Yennifa on The Witcher

I’m sobbing ! I was born 1990 so the decade going from 20 to 30 years old feels like I needed to hear everything you are saying. Thank you 🌹

You look Indian or possibly Pakistani or Middle Eastern perhaps. Great video 🌹

I know I'm late af but now is better than never cause u never know if the sun will shine 2mrw so if u can lend me a dollar than holler at a brother. Nah jks thanx again 4 tingles when u mingle, imma just gonna pop them pringles and release this as a single. Nah just messin' witcha. Seriously thanx again. Hopefully you don't get this. 💤💤💤

Victoria's Secret Model doing asmr, that's new.

i have a great feeling your gonna own the ASMR society this year.

Could do this in sign language to make it more quiet.

Aww I’m so happy you started an ASMR channel. I’ve been watching you and Nikki for years. So when I saw you started ASMR I was like hell yeah girl 💕💕 are you still in LA?

OMG!!! I’m so happy I stumbled on your channel !! You are so soothing and your mouth sounds are heavenly!!!
I slept like a baby AND felt better about myself! I love you already! Thanks ❤️❤️❤️💋♾

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