[ASMR] New Year Positive Affirmations & Peaceful Fluffy Mic Touching

My beautiful Lion cub ~ as we begin the new year, I want to remind you how valuable you are, exactly as you are. Whispered positive affirmations with soothing fuzzy mic touching.

Inspired by Marisa Peer:

#NewYear2019 #ASMRNewYear #PositiveAffirmations


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I was hoping and waiting for you to make another relaxing video ❤❤ such a lovely beautiful woman 🙏

Fantastic! I love this! Thank you.

Dear Sister, I so appreciate this video. Would you please consider making more of these types of Whispered Affirmation videos? Only if it feels genuine and authentic to you, of course. This is a tremendous gift you have. It is so enjoyable to connect with The Divine Feminine through you, and just receive – to receive love and acceptance and nurturing for the journey. Simply brilliant! Much thanks and love. – Your Pride Member for life 😃

You have a very warm and pretty face. 😳☺️

You're so sweet and your videos so relaxing… thank you so much 😍

וואו !!!
Such a perfectly timed theme, you know? It's too easy for me to discount myself. So it's great to relax and re-program, to be reminded of my own power right from the beginning of a new year!

Wait, what did you said? Am I good enough? Maybe not quite? 🤔

I love youuuuu… did you hear that… cause it's really important for you to know that I love you <3 Thank you so much for the video 🙂

This made me cry even when I wasn't in the depths– I can only imagine how deeply it will affect me when I am. Thank you for this. Your emotions tell us that you mean everything you say and every word holds so much weight.

Shiny stuff. Shiiiiiiinnnnnyyyyyy stuff.

I just subbed I love this video, it's my first time here. And is it just me or do you actually resemble a lioness a bit? You're so strong and elegant looking. I'm looking forward to your next videos happy new year!

I think you're great: most artists seem insincere to me but when I listen to your voice I actually believe what you are saying.

Love your vid's. Awsome as usual. =))))

Thank you, I had an interview I was really worried about today and listening to this before I went really helped me calm down ❤️

I thought you might like to know I have watched this video before 2 different interviews now and both times I got the job, thank you for helping me feel more positive and confident ❤️

You are awesome love this video! ❤️😊

Had to sub.
You are good enough.
You feel sincere, honest and caring.i now feel a little better about me.

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