Are You A Narcissist Magnet?

Have you ever wondered: Is there something about me that attracts narcissists? It’s possible that you may have tendencies that draw in the controlling manipulator, so awareness is of utmost importance. Psychotherapist Dr. Les Carter offers insights about the things that can attract narcissists to you.

Dr. Les Carter is a best selling author and therapist who lives in Dallas, Tx. In the past 39 years he has conducted over 60,000 counseling sessions and many workshops and seminars.

Books by Dr. Carter:

Laura Charanza’s book:

While Dr. Carter does not conduct online counseling, he has vetted a group who can assist:

Dr. Carter’s online workshops on narcissism, anger management, and overcoming infidelity:

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Comments (32)

Great insights Dr C!… 🙏🏽🎯

Infatuation is a real pain. 2 years is how long infatuation usually lasts.

I was loved bombed and got stuck in the trap. A month later, here comes the dark side.

Thank you Dr. I wish I saw this before my ex. Gus makes me happy when he joins in.

My roommate is super nice and friendly but now I know and I see the “transaction” side to her now. Now I see everything she says and does is all some sort of manipulation or lie and ploy. It’s very obvious now. It disgusts me actually. Feels like an abomination in my spirit.

Sure wish I had heard your wisdom 25 years ago.

I found the 'habituation' to narcissiatic behavior particularly interesting. I am the only child of narcissistic parents, so my idea of 'normal' relationships was very not so. I once thought love meant enduring harm and abuse.

This is the video to answer the next question I had about this! Now I know! Thank you

Dads set the stage for this nightmare…

I think I knew more as a young person and kept myself away from abusive people. The older I've got and the more times e.g. in work situations, I've had to deal with noxious people on a long term basis, I've become insensitive to my own gut feelings. This is a timely reminder! 5* video. Thank you.

That dog is so relaxed back there just enjoying the talk! 💕👍

Thank you so much for all of your sincere-wise guidelines and advice. These warning signs are already helping me so much, they are a big help. Endless thanks.

Well I had a narcissistic father, for sure… I’m am creative, and others often want me to create something for or with them, and when I see their controlling behavior I tend to shut those avenues down… and naturally they seem to get worse.
It’s good that professionals like yourself can share your knowledge. You guys have been quiet too long as culture has been in a free fall. Good stuff here.

These narcisistric individuals are broken and it is not about their
Victim at all……

I almost feel like it’s too late. My mom was a narc, I married one unknowingly, I thought he was my knight in shining armor but he has ended up being a nightmare, and my mother in law is a narc too that uses pity as her weapon to manipulate and if you don’t buy into it watch out she will turn into the Antichrist. My mom has since passed, I no longer have any contact with my mother in law and that was the best thing I ever did. That was so hard for me because I am the weak narc target.apparently. That you are speaking about. I made every one of 5he mistakes you talked about

Just wondering if a narcissistic person will see another narcissistic person?

Guilty AF, I'm an empath, thanks for the info


Buttering UP! 🌝👀💡💡💡💡💡💡🌞😰👌

Obnoxiously. Annoying ideas. & HIGH PRESSURE SALES. SALES TO GET BITES!!!

I will not allow them to turn me into them!!!

Be wary of someone giving you slimy insincere complements. Go no contact, you are in the prescience of a toxic person.

Big thanks Dr Carter, you are saving lives. God bless you.

Rationalization and procrastination. Two things that should never be part of a relationship with a narcissist. Unfortunately they are. I speak from personal experience.

The empath and the narc are a perfect match because they are of the same emotional vibration. Both are starving emotionally. The only way for the empath to stop being a magnet is to learn how to love himself. Then healthy boundaries will automatically manifest.

Dr. Carter thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey being helped and mr. Gus he did move there a little bit so I do believe play Disturbed this sleep time he was curled up in a little ball then he stretched out then right at the end of the video p uncrossed is pretty paws he's probably thinking these videos I know all this stuff I've been going through this stuff for years but he knows that you do the stuff for all the right reasons that's why he is so patient he has better patient then I I'm actually learning from both of you I think it's time for me to get another dog I miss my best friend so if you will let Gus no he's helped another one realize it's time to get another best friend I'll let you know how that goes I need to bring some love into my life that I can trust and show my love just someone that respects it can dogs do just that man's best friend. Until we see each other again thank you

Dr. Les Carter i just can't get enough of all your intelligence of knowing how some people operate in their minds i don't really know what this person saw in me. I wanted to date longer but he suggested we were old enough to get married like it was nobodies business but as soon as we got married only to discover his complaining accusations, threats, name calling, and blaming it was a real nightmare well we're divorced now only after being married 1yr and 6mos and i forget to mention the outburst of anger towards me only after he left did i look up people with outburst of anger and what was really underneath that character is when i found your videos how I've learned alot or m some human behaviors thank you for sharing your wisdom 🙋😇🙏💟

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